Can Apple Watch Series 3 Measure Blood Pressure

by Barbara Wilson

In the evolving landscape of wearable technology, smartwatches have significantly enhanced their health-monitoring capabilities. Among these, the Apple Watch Series 3 stands out as a popular model due to its blend of functionality, style, and affordability. However, as health-conscious consumers seek more advanced features, one common query arises: Can the Apple Watch Series 3 measure blood pressure? This article provides an in-depth exploration of this question, examining the Apple Watch Series 3’s capabilities, limitations, and available alternatives for blood pressure monitoring.


Overview of Apple Watch Series 3 Features

The Apple Watch Series 3, introduced in September 2017, is a robust device designed to cater to various fitness and health tracking needs. Here’s a closer look at its core features:


Design and Display: The Apple Watch Series 3 features a 38mm or 42mm case with a Retina display, offering clear visuals and easy interaction.


Health Monitoring Capabilities: It includes heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and an altimeter for tracking elevation changes.


Fitness Tracking: The watch tracks various workouts, including running, swimming, cycling, and more, providing insights into performance and progress.

Connectivity: The Series 3 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and optional cellular connectivity, allowing for communication and data syncing without a phone.

Operating System: It runs on watchOS 4, which includes enhancements for fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring.

Blood Pressure Measurement: The Technical Feasibility

To understand whether the Apple Watch Series 3 can measure blood pressure, it’s essential to delve into the technical aspects of blood pressure monitoring and the capabilities of the Series 3:

Understanding Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure is typically measured using a sphygmomanometer, which involves inflating a cuff around the arm and listening to the blood flow. This process requires precise measurements of the arterial pressure, which is not feasible with the sensors available in smartwatches.

Sensors and Technology in Apple Watch Series 3

Heart Rate Sensor: The Apple Watch Series 3 uses photoplethysmography (PPG) to measure heart rate. This involves using LEDs and light-sensitive sensors to detect changes in blood volume in the wrist.

No Blood Pressure Sensor: Unlike heart rate sensors, blood pressure measurement requires a different set of sensors and technology, including the ability to apply pressure, which the Apple Watch Series 3 does not possess.

Limitations of PPG: While PPG is effective for heart rate monitoring, it is not designed to measure blood pressure. Blood pressure measurement requires a cuff and the ability to measure arterial pressure directly.

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Apple Watch Series 3 and Blood Pressure

The Apple Watch Series 3 lacks the hardware necessary for direct blood pressure measurement. Apple has not integrated a blood pressure sensor into this model, and the technology required for accurate blood pressure monitoring goes beyond the capabilities of the sensors included in the Series 3.

Alternative Methods for Blood Pressure Monitoring

For users seeking to monitor blood pressure using wearable technology, several alternatives and complementary approaches are available:

1. Blood Pressure Monitors

Traditional Monitors: Devices like automatic wrist or upper arm blood pressure monitors provide accurate measurements and are commonly used for personal health monitoring.

Smart Blood Pressure Monitors: Some smart blood pressure monitors sync with smartphones and offer integration with health apps for tracking blood pressure over time.

2. Integration with Health Apps

Third-Party Apps: While the Apple Watch Series 3 itself cannot measure blood pressure, users can integrate it with third-party health apps that support manual entry of blood pressure readings.

Apple Health App: Users can manually log their blood pressure readings into the Apple Health app, though the Series 3 will not provide these measurements directly.

3. Future Technology

Upcoming Models: Newer Apple Watch models, such as the Apple Watch Series 4 and later, have introduced advanced health monitoring features, including an ECG app. However, as of the Series 3, blood pressure monitoring remains unavailable.

Emerging Wearable Technology: The field of wearable technology is continually advancing, and future devices may incorporate blood pressure monitoring capabilities.


The Apple Watch Series 3, while a versatile and valuable health and fitness tool, does not have the capability to measure blood pressure. Its design focuses on heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and general health insights, but it lacks the necessary sensors and technology for accurate blood pressure measurement. For those interested in blood pressure monitoring, traditional and smart blood pressure monitors remain the most reliable options. As technology advances, future models of smartwatches may offer this functionality, but as of the Series 3, users must rely on alternative methods for monitoring their blood pressure.


1. Can the Apple Watch Series 3 track other vital signs?

Yes, the Series 3 tracks heart rate, workout metrics, and elevation changes but does not measure blood pressure or perform ECG.

2. Are there any Apple Watch models that measure blood pressure?

As of now, no Apple Watch models offer direct blood pressure measurement. However, future models may include such features.

3. How can I monitor my blood pressure if I use an Apple Watch Series 3?

You can use a separate blood pressure monitor and log the readings manually in the Apple Health app or other compatible health apps.

4. What are the alternatives for monitoring blood pressure?

Traditional blood pressure monitors and smart devices that sync with health apps are effective alternatives.

5. Will future Apple Watch models have blood pressure monitoring?

While there is no official confirmation, future Apple Watch models may incorporate advanced health monitoring features, including blood pressure measurement. Keep an eye on announcements from Apple for updates.


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