Can Apple Watch Series 3 Go In The Pool

by Barbara Wilson

The Apple Watch Series 3 is renowned for its robust features and durability. Among its many attributes, its water resistance is particularly notable for users who enjoy swimming or other water activities. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Apple Watch Series 3’s water resistance capabilities, the specifics of its design, and practical tips for using it in the pool. We’ll also cover common questions and concerns related to the device’s performance and longevity when exposed to water.


Understanding Apple Watch Series 3 Water Resistance

Water Resistance Rating

The Apple Watch Series 3 is rated with a water resistance of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This rating indicates that the watch is designed to withstand splashes, rain, and brief submersions in water, including swimming in a pool or ocean. The 50-meter rating suggests that the watch can be safely used for recreational swimming but is not suitable for high-pressure water activities such as scuba diving or water skiing.


Water Resistance Standards

The ISO 22810:2010 standard, which the Apple Watch Series 3 adheres to, measures the watch’s resistance to water penetration under specific conditions. The rating ensures that the watch can handle typical water exposure encountered during daily use and activities like swimming. However, it is essential to differentiate between this type of water resistance and that of watches rated for more demanding water activities.


Features Enhancing Pool Usage

Built-in Swim Tracking

One of the standout features of the Apple Watch Series 3 is its built-in swim tracking capabilities. The watch includes a swim workout mode designed to monitor various metrics such as distance, laps, and stroke count. This functionality is particularly useful for swimmers who wish to track their performance and progress.


Water Ejection Feature

After exposure to water, the Apple Watch Series 3 has a built-in feature to expel any remaining water from its speakers. The water ejection feature is activated by turning the Digital Crown, which causes the watch to emit a series of sounds designed to push out any water trapped inside. This function helps maintain the watch’s performance and prevents potential damage.

Practical Tips for Using Apple Watch Series 3 in the Pool

Ensure the Watch is Properly Sealed

Before entering the water, verify that the Apple Watch Series 3 is correctly sealed. Ensure that the watch is snug on your wrist and that there are no visible gaps around the edges of the watch face. While the watch is designed to handle water exposure, a secure fit helps minimize the risk of water ingress.

Avoid Using the Watch in Hot Tubs or Pools with High Chlorine Levels

While the Apple Watch Series 3 is resistant to water, it is advisable to avoid using it in hot tubs or pools with high chlorine concentrations. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and harsh chemicals can potentially degrade the watch’s seals and materials over time. Stick to regular swimming pools or open water for optimal performance.

Rinse the Watch with Fresh Water After Swimming

After swimming, it’s a good practice to rinse the Apple Watch Series 3 with fresh water. This helps remove any residual chlorine, salt, or other substances that could affect the watch’s finish or functionality. Gently dry the watch with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water spots and maintain its appearance.

Regularly Check for Damage

Periodically inspect the Apple Watch Series 3 for any signs of wear or damage, especially around the seals and buttons. If you notice any issues, such as cracks or peeling, refrain from using the watch in water until it has been assessed by a professional.

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Common Questions and Concerns

Can I Wear My Apple Watch Series 3 in the Shower?

Yes, you can wear the Apple Watch Series 3 in the shower. The water resistance rating ensures that the watch can handle exposure to water from showers, rain, and splashes. However, it’s advisable to avoid using harsh soaps or shampoos directly on the watch to preserve its finish.

What Should I Do If My Apple Watch Series 3 Gets Wet?

If your Apple Watch Series 3 gets wet, ensure that it is thoroughly dried using a soft, lint-free cloth. If water gets into the watch’s speaker or microphone, use the water ejection feature to expel any trapped water. If the watch shows signs of malfunction or water ingress, contact Apple Support for assistance.

Can I Use the Apple Watch Series 3 for Scuba Diving?

No, the Apple Watch Series 3 is not suitable for scuba diving or other high-pressure water activities. Its water resistance rating is designed for recreational swimming and similar activities, not for deep-water exposure. For scuba diving, consider a watch specifically designed for underwater exploration and with a higher water resistance rating.

Does Water Resistance Decrease Over Time?

Water resistance can degrade over time due to wear and tear, exposure to harsh chemicals, or physical damage. Regularly inspect your watch and replace any damaged seals or components to maintain its water resistance. If you have concerns about the watch’s performance, consult with an authorized service provider.


The Apple Watch Series 3 is well-suited for use in the pool, offering reliable water resistance and useful swim tracking features. By following best practices for water exposure and maintenance, users can enjoy the full range of the watch’s capabilities while safeguarding its longevity. Whether you’re a casual swimmer or an avid fitness enthusiast, the Apple Watch Series 3 provides valuable tools for tracking your activities and staying connected, even in the water.


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