Does Apple Watch Series 3 Monitor Sleep

by Barbara Wilson

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a popular choice for many tech enthusiasts and fitness buffs due to its robust features and affordability. However, when it comes to tracking sleep, potential buyers and current users might have some questions. This article delves into whether the Apple Watch Series 3 monitors sleep, explores its capabilities, and provides insights on how sleep tracking can benefit users.


Introduction to Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch

Sleep tracking has become a critical feature for many smartwatches and fitness trackers, as understanding one’s sleep patterns can contribute to better health and well-being. Apple, known for its innovative technology, has incorporated various health and fitness features into its smartwatch lineup. However, the Apple Watch Series 3, which was released in September 2017, has certain limitations compared to its successors.


Overview of Apple Watch Series 3 Features

Before diving into sleep tracking specifics, it’s essential to understand the core features of the Apple Watch Series 3:


Processor and Performance: The Apple Watch Series 3 is powered by the dual-core S3 processor, which provides adequate performance for most tasks.


Display: It features a 38mm or 42mm Retina display, offering a clear view of notifications and apps.

Fitness Tracking: It includes a heart rate monitor, GPS, and an accelerometer, making it suitable for various fitness tracking applications.

WatchOS Compatibility: The Series 3 initially came with watchOS 4 but is compatible with later versions up to watchOS 8, depending on the device’s capability.

Sleep Tracking Capabilities in Apple Watch Series 3

Native Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch Series 3 does not include native sleep tracking functionality. Native sleep tracking refers to the built-in sleep tracking features provided by the watch’s operating system. At the time of its release, the Apple Watch Series 3 lacked the native sleep tracking capabilities found in later models like the Apple Watch Series 4 and beyond.

WatchOS Limitations

The Apple Watch Series 3, running on watchOS 4 or 5, does not support native sleep tracking. Sleep tracking became a native feature with the introduction of watchOS 7, which is supported by the Apple Watch Series 6 and later models. Since the Series 3 cannot upgrade to watchOS 7 or later, it lacks this functionality.

Alternative Solutions for Sleep Tracking

Although the Apple Watch Series 3 does not have built-in sleep tracking, users can still monitor their sleep using alternative methods:

Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps available on the App Store can help track sleep on the Apple Watch Series 3. These apps use the watch’s existing sensors to estimate sleep duration and quality. Some popular sleep tracking apps include:

AutoSleep: This app automatically tracks sleep without requiring manual input. It provides detailed sleep analysis, including sleep quality and duration.

Pillow: Pillow offers sleep analysis and integrates with Apple Health, providing insights into sleep stages and quality.

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Cycle uses advanced algorithms to track sleep patterns and provide personalized sleep insights.

Manual Tracking

Users can manually log their sleep patterns by using notes or other health tracking apps in conjunction with the Apple Watch Series 3. This method involves recording sleep times and quality manually and reviewing the data periodically.

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Benefits of Sleep Tracking

Health and Wellness Insights

Sleep tracking can provide valuable insights into sleep patterns and overall health. Monitoring sleep helps identify potential issues such as sleep apnea, insomnia, or poor sleep quality, which can be addressed with lifestyle changes or medical consultation.

Improved Sleep Quality

Understanding sleep patterns can lead to improved sleep quality. By analyzing data from sleep tracking, users can adjust their bedtime routines, optimize sleep environments, and make lifestyle changes that contribute to better rest.

Enhanced Fitness Goals

For those using their Apple Watch Series 3 for fitness tracking, integrating sleep data can provide a more comprehensive view of health. Quality sleep is crucial for muscle recovery, energy levels, and overall fitness performance.

Comparing with Newer Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch Series 4 and Beyond

The Apple Watch Series 4 and later models feature native sleep tracking functionality with the introduction of watchOS 7. These models come with built-in sensors and software designed to monitor sleep stages, duration, and quality accurately.

Advantages of Upgrading

Upgrading to a newer Apple Watch model offers enhanced sleep tracking features, including:

Sleep Analysis: Detailed insights into sleep stages (REM, deep, and light sleep).

Sleep Goals: Ability to set and track personalized sleep goals.

Integration with Health App: Seamless integration with the Apple Health app for a comprehensive view of overall health.


While the Apple Watch Series 3 does not have native sleep tracking capabilities, users can still monitor their sleep using third-party apps or manual methods. Understanding sleep patterns is essential for maintaining good health and achieving fitness goals. For those seeking advanced sleep tracking features, considering an upgrade to a newer Apple Watch model with native sleep tracking might be beneficial.

This comprehensive overview of sleep tracking on the Apple Watch Series 3 highlights the limitations of the device while providing alternative solutions for users interested in monitoring their sleep. As technology advances, future Apple Watch models will continue to offer enhanced health and wellness features, including more sophisticated sleep tracking capabilities.


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