What Is The Next Rolex To Be Discontinued

by Barbara Wilson

Rolex is renowned for its iconic timepieces and enduring designs, but like any brand, it occasionally discontinues certain models. This article explores the factors behind these decisions, the challenges in predicting which models will be discontinued, potential candidates for discontinuation, how to stay informed about Rolex discontinuations, and the risks associated with buying discontinued models.


Reasons Why Rolex Discontinues Watches

Changes in Market Demand

Rolex continually monitors the market to understand consumer preferences and trends. If a particular model experiences a decline in demand, it may be discontinued. For instance, styles that were once popular might fall out of favor as tastes evolve, leading Rolex to phase them out.


New Product Launches

When Rolex releases new products, it often means that some older models will be discontinued. The introduction of new designs and innovations can render previous models obsolete, prompting Rolex to update its lineup to reflect the latest advancements in watchmaking.


Material Updates

Advancements in materials and technologies can also lead to the discontinuation of older models. For example, if Rolex starts using a new type of metal or an improved movement, it may choose to discontinue models that feature outdated materials or technology to maintain its reputation for cutting-edge quality.


Design Updates

Rolex occasionally updates the design of its watches to keep them fresh and contemporary. When a model undergoes a significant design overhaul, the older version is often discontinued. This strategy helps Rolex ensure that its watches remain stylish and relevant in the competitive luxury watch market.

Difficulty in Predicting Rolex Discontinued Watches

Predicting which Rolex models will be discontinued is notoriously difficult. Rolex is known for its secrecy and rarely announces discontinuation plans in advance. The brand’s decisions can be sudden and unexpected, adding an element of unpredictability to the market. Enthusiasts and collectors often rely on rumors and speculation, but accurate predictions are challenging to make.

Rolex Watches That May Be Discontinued

Models That Have Been Discontinued for Many Years

Certain models that have been around for many years may be candidates for discontinuation. For example, the Explorer II 16550 and the Sea-Dweller 1665 have long been out of production. While these specific models are already discontinued, their long-standing presence in the market before discontinuation serves as a pattern to consider when speculating about current models that might be next.

Low-Selling Models

Watches that do not sell well are often at risk of being discontinued. Models with niche appeal, special materials, or unique functions that haven’t resonated with a broad audience might be phased out. Rolex, like any other business, aims to optimize its product lineup based on sales performance.

Models That Are About to Be Released

When Rolex prepares to release new versions of existing models, the older versions are often discontinued. For example, if a new Datejust or Submariner is on the horizon, the current models might be retired to make way for the updated versions. This approach helps keep the brand’s offerings fresh and competitive.

It’s important to remember that this is speculative and not official news. Rolex’s exact plans remain closely guarded secrets.

Ways to Find Information About Discontinued Watches

Official Website

Rolex’s official website is a reliable source of information about its product lineup. While it may not always announce discontinuations directly, keeping an eye on the site can provide insights into which models are currently available and which have been removed.

Professional Websites and Forums

Several professional websites and watch enthusiast forums track Rolex’s moves closely. These platforms often share news, rumors, and discussions about potential discontinuations. Engaging with these communities can offer valuable insights and keep you updated on the latest trends and speculations.

Second-Hand Watch Dealers

Experienced second-hand watch dealers can be excellent sources of information. They often have their fingers on the pulse of the market and might know which models are becoming scarce. Building relationships with reputable dealers can provide early warnings about potential discontinuations.

Risks of Buying Discontinued Watches

Price Fluctuations

The prices of discontinued Rolex watches can fluctuate significantly. While some models may become highly sought after and appreciate in value, others might not see the same demand. Buyers should be prepared for potential volatility in the market.

Authenticity Identification

Discontinued watches are often targets for counterfeiters. Ensuring the authenticity of a discontinued model can be challenging, especially if the watch becomes rare. It’s crucial to buy from reputable sources and have the watch authenticated by experts.

Difficulty in Repair

Repairing discontinued watches can be more difficult and expensive. Parts for older models may become scarce, and finding skilled watchmakers capable of servicing these timepieces can be challenging. Potential buyers should consider the long-term maintenance implications.

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Other Information

Collection Value and Market Situation

Discontinued Rolex watches can hold significant collection value. Models that were only produced for a limited time or those with unique features often become highly coveted by collectors. Understanding the market dynamics and the historical context of a model can help assess its potential value.

Repair and Maintenance Suggestions

For owners of discontinued Rolex watches, regular maintenance is essential to preserve their value and functionality. It’s advisable to seek out specialized watchmakers with experience in vintage Rolex models. Keeping detailed records of all services and repairs can also enhance the watch’s provenance and value.


The next Rolex to be discontinued remains a topic of speculation, driven by factors like market demand, new product launches, material and design updates. While predicting these moves is challenging due to Rolex’s secretive nature, enthusiasts can stay informed through official channels, professional websites, forums, and second-hand dealers. Understanding the risks and rewards associated with discontinued models is crucial for collectors and buyers. Whether driven by the desire for a unique piece or an investment, being well-informed and cautious can lead to a rewarding experience in the world of Rolex watches.


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