Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz (WSSA0022): The Utimate Review

by Barbara

In the illustrious realm of watchmaking, the Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz (WSSA0022) stands as a true embodiment of the brand’s heritage and commitment to timeless design. Inspired by the iconic Santos Dumont timepiece created over a century ago, this quartz-powered iteration seamlessly marries historical significance with contemporary elegance. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies that make the Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz a horological masterpiece, exploring its design, craftsmanship, materials, and the enduring legacy that defines Cartier’s presence in the world of luxury watches.


I. Design and Aesthetics:

1. Santos Dumont Heritage:

At the heart of the Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz is a design that pays homage to the aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont, for whom the original Santos watch was created. The square case with rounded corners, exposed screws on the bezel, and the iconic blue cabochon crown evoke a sense of heritage that has transcended time.


2. Ultra-Thin Profile:

One of the defining characteristics of the Santos Dumont Quartz is its ultra-thin profile. The watch embraces a minimalist aesthetic, with a slim case that seamlessly hugs the wrist. This design choice not only enhances comfort but also adds a touch of understated sophistication to the timepiece.


3. Blued Steel Hands:

The dial of the Santos Dumont Quartz features elegantly crafted blued steel hands, a hallmark of Cartier’s attention to detail. Against the backdrop of a clean dial, the blued hands provide a striking contrast, enhancing legibility while adding a subtle pop of color that is both classic and contemporary.


II. Craftsmanship and Materials:

1. Stainless Steel Construction:

Crafted from stainless steel, the Santos Dumont Quartz exudes durability and modernity. The choice of material not only ensures longevity but also adds a sense of resilience to the watch. The stainless steel case and bracelet contribute to the timepiece’s overall refined aesthetic.

2. Sapphire Crystal:

Protecting the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, emphasizing Cartier’s commitment to using high-quality materials. The crystal not only preserves the pristine clarity of the dial but also ensures that the Santos Dumont Quartz withstands the rigors of daily wear.

3. Blue Synthetic Spinel Crown:

The blue synthetic spinel set on the crown is a subtle yet impactful design element. Serving as a signature touch, the blue crown adds a touch of regality to the watch, perfectly complementing the blued hands and creating a harmonious visual balance.

III. Wearing Experience:

1. Lightweight Elegance:

The ultra-thin profile and stainless steel construction contribute to the Santos Dumont Quartz’s lightweight feel on the wrist. The watch sits comfortably, making it an ideal companion for daily wear. Its unobtrusive presence ensures that it effortlessly integrates into various styles and occasions.

2. Versatile Style:

True to the legacy of the Santos collection, the Santos Dumont Quartz epitomizes versatility. Its clean lines and classic design make it suitable for both formal and casual settings. Whether paired with a business suit or more relaxed attire, the watch seamlessly adapts to the wearer’s style.

3. QuickSwitch System:

The Santos Dumont Quartz features Cartier’s innovative QuickSwitch system, allowing for easy interchangeability of straps. This feature enhances the watch’s adaptability, enabling the wearer to personalize their timepiece according to different moods and occasions.

IV. Timekeeping Precision:

1. Quartz Movement:

Powering the Santos Dumont Quartz is a reliable quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping with minimal maintenance. The quartz caliber aligns with the modern lifestyle, offering accuracy and convenience for those who prefer a grab-and-go timepiece.

2. Long Battery Life:

The quartz movement not only provides accuracy but also offers an extended battery life. This practical feature eliminates the need for frequent battery changes, adding to the overall convenience of owning the Santos Dumont Quartz.

3. Water Resistance:

While not designed for extensive water activities, the Santos Dumont Quartz offers water resistance for everyday wear. This feature enhances the watch’s practicality, allowing the wearer to confidently navigate daily activities without compromising the timepiece’s integrity.

V. Collector’s Appeal:

1. Santos Legacy:

For collectors, the Santos Dumont Quartz holds a special place in the legacy of Cartier’s Santos collection. Its connection to the historical Santos Dumont watch, first introduced in 1904, adds a layer of significance for those who appreciate horological heritage.

2. Limited Production:

While not strictly a limited edition, the Santos Dumont Quartz’s production is curated, adding an element of exclusivity. This selective production contributes to the watch’s appeal among collectors seeking a timepiece with a unique identity.

3. Investment Value:

With its timeless design, association with the Santos heritage, and Cartier’s esteemed reputation, the Santos Dumont Quartz can have investment potential. Limited editions or well-preserved models may appreciate in value, making them not just a style statement but also a potential horological investment.

VI. FAQs – Decoding the Cartier Santos Dumont Quartz:

1. What is the significance of the Santos Dumont in Cartier’s history?

The Santos Dumont holds historical significance as one of Cartier’s pioneering watches, created for aviator Alberto Santos Dumont in 1904. Its square case and exposed screws were groundbreaking, setting the foundation for the Santos collection.

2. Is the Santos Dumont Quartz suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, the Santos Dumont Quartz is designed for everyday wear. Its lightweight construction, versatile style, and water resistance make it an ideal companion for various daily activities and occasions.

3. What sets the Santos Dumont Quartz apart from other luxury watches?

The Santos Dumont Quartz stands out with its heritage-inspired design, ultra-thin profile, blued steel hands, and the association with the pioneering spirit of aviation. Its unique blend of historical significance and modern elegance distinguishes it in the luxury watch landscape.

4. How does the QuickSwitch system enhance the Santos Dumont Quartz’s versatility?

The QuickSwitch system allows for easy strap interchangeability, enabling the wearer to customize the Santos Dumont Quartz quickly. This feature enhances the watch’s adaptability, allowing it to suit different styles and preferences effortlessly.

5. Does the Santos Dumont Quartz hold investment value?

Certain editions of the Santos Dumont Quartz, especially limited productions or well-maintained models, can hold investment value. The watch’s association with Cartier’s heritage and its timeless design contribute to its desirability among collectors, potentially increasing its value over time.


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