Timex Launches Timex Rewound: A New Era of Watch Resalec

by Barbara Wilson

Timex Rewound: A Fresh Approach to Watch Resale

The concept of reselling watches has been deeply ingrained in the watch industry for generations. However, in a bold move, Timex is now stepping into the world of in-house resale, embracing sustainability and catering to the growing demand for pre-owned timepieces.


Embracing the Circular Economy

Timex’s new program, aptly named “Timex Rewound,” is designed to give old watches a new lease on life. Whether they are Timex watches or from other brands, Timex Rewound will accept them all. The watches received will undergo meticulous repairs, refurbishment, and, when possible, will be resold. Those beyond repair will be recycled, with their parts finding new life in future watch creations.


The impetus behind Timex Rewound is twofold, according to Shari Fabiani, Senior Vice President of Brand and Creative at Timex. Firstly, it aims to combat the wasteful practice of discarding old watches when they can often be handed down through generations. Secondly, it recognizes the rising popularity of vintage and thrifting, offering a sustainable entry point into the world of watches.


An Inclusive Approach

Unlike some other brands, Timex Rewound is not limited to Timex watches. Timex believes in a culture of sustainability and responsibility across the entire watch industry. Fabiani stressed the importance of keeping products out of landfills and hopes that other watch companies will follow suit.


Customers who participate in Timex Rewound, regardless of the watch brand they submit, will receive a 20% coupon for their next Timex purchase. The watches available through Timex Rewound range from $25 to $100 and are categorized based on their condition, with many being in excellent shape.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Timex Rewound is just one aspect of Timex’s broader sustainability strategy. By 2024, the company aims to have 50% of its products made from sustainable materials, including innovative sources like apple peel and recycled ocean waste. The program also plans to incorporate parts from ground-up watches collected through Timex Rewound.

Additionally, Timex is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, with the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and halving emissions by 2030. The brand is embracing waterless tanning processes for leather straps and opting for sea shipping to reduce emissions associated with air transportation.

A Resale Revolution

While resale is not a singular solution to sustainability, it plays a pivotal role in creating a more eco-friendly and ethical industry. Adam Siegel, co-founder of resale tech company Recurate, emphasized that understanding a product’s potential for multiple sales encourages the production of higher quality, longer-lasting items.

Timex Rewound represents not only a commitment to sustainability but also a bold step into a new era of watch resale. With Timex leading the way, the watch industry may witness a transformative shift towards a more circular and eco-conscious future.


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