Arcanaut Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours: A Playful Twist on Watchmaking

by Barbara Wilson

Arcanaut Unveils Its Unconventional Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours Collection

In the world of watchmaking, conformity often reigns supreme, with most brands adhering to traditional designs that blend into a sea of similarity. However, for Danish independent watchmaker Arcanaut, the pursuit of the unconventional is at the heart of their craft. With their latest release, the Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours Collection, Arcanaut boldly embraces its distinctive spirit, offering a watch characterized by an unorthodox composite dial and an array of luminescent colors that are entirely their own.


A Fusion of Innovation and Design

Arcanaut watches share a foundation of a cushion-shaped Arc case, an integrated rubber strap, and a rectangular Pentablock crown, all innovative creations by Arcanaut’s chief designer, Anders Brandt. The brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional watch design is evident in the collaboration with materials researcher James Thompson, known as Black Badger in the watch industry. For the Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours Collection, the uniqueness lies in two primary components: the dial and the luminescent color palette.


Unconventional Dial Construction

The dial of the Arc II is a striking departure from the norm. Constructed from Scandinavian slate fragments collected by James Thompson himself from an old fountain near his home in Sweden, the process involves grinding the slate into an ultra-fine powder, which is then combined with a crystal-clear resin to create the final composite used for the dial. The result is a captivating dark gray material that sets the stage for the next step in this remarkable journey.


Exclusive Luminescence

What truly sets the Arc II apart is its proprietary luminescent color palette. The watch’s stainless steel hands are laser-cut in Denmark and tipped with a custom shade of Super-LumiNova, a collaboration between James Thompson and RC Tritec. These four unique hues, named Badger Blue, Gamma Green, Hornet Yellow, and Pongo Orange, are exclusive to Arcanaut’s watches and jewelry. The combination of these vivid colors with the slate dial ensures exceptional legibility, even in low-light conditions.


Elegance in Every Detail

The Arcanaut Arc II features a stainless steel case proudly crafted in Denmark, with meticulous micro-blasting and hand-polishing, along with a brushed bezel. Measuring just under 41mm in width, it strikes the perfect balance between presence and wearability. Powering the watch is a Soprod A10 movement, ticking at 4Hz and offering a 42-hour power reserve. The watch also boasts a water resistance of 100 meters and an engraved caseback.

Availability and Purchase

The entire D’Arc Matter Colours Collection will be available for purchase, starting at 7 PM CEST on September 30th, 2023. However, for those on the D’Arc Matter waiting list or reference-specific mailing lists, a pre-sale will open one week earlier on September 23rd at the same time. Each color variant will be limited to just 25 pieces at launch, with 15 available during the pre-sale and the remaining 10 during the general release. Interested buyers can place their orders on the Arcanaut website or through their US retail partner, Collective Horology.

A Splash of Colorful Unconventionality

The Arcanaut Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours Collection reimagines the classic time-only watch format with its distinctive Scandinavian style, innovative dial material, and exclusive Super-LumiNova hues. It’s a compelling choice for watch enthusiasts seeking something refreshingly unconventional in a market dominated by traditional designs.

Pricing and More Information

The Arcanaut Arc II – D’Arc Matter Colours Collection is priced at $3,950 USD, excluding VAT. For additional details and inquiries, please visit the Arcanaut website.


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