What Will Rolex Discontinue In 2024

by Barbara Wilson

Rolex, a name synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance, remains one of the most coveted watch brands in the world. Every year, Rolex enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the brand’s new releases, as well as any announcements regarding discontinued models. For 2024, speculation abounds about which models might be phased out, making way for new innovations and designs. This article delves into the potential discontinuations, offering detailed insights and expert analysis.


Overview of Rolex’s Approach to Discontinuations

Historical Perspective

Rolex has a history of discontinuing models to keep their collection fresh and to maintain exclusivity. Discontinuation often leads to increased desirability and value of the outgoing models in the secondary market.


Reasons for Discontinuation

Technological Advancements: Incorporating new technologies and materials.


Design Refresh: Updating aesthetics to align with current trends.


Market Strategy: Ensuring a balanced product lineup.

Supply Chain Management: Streamlining production processes.

Speculated Discontinuations in 2024

Submariner Models

Submariner Date 116610LN

Reason: The introduction of the 41mm Submariner lineup with updated movements.

Impact: Expected surge in secondary market value for the 40mm models.

Submariner No Date 114060

Reason: Alignment with the new 41mm series.

Impact: Increased collector interest due to its classic design.

Daytona Models

Daytona 116500LN (Ceramic Bezel)

Reason: Potential introduction of new materials or updated movements.

Impact: Current models may see a spike in demand and value.

Explorer Models

Explorer I 214270

Reason: Potential update to a 41mm size or movement upgrade.

Impact: Collectors might seek the 39mm models for their compact design.

Datejust Models

Datejust 36mm Models (Specific References)

Reason: Introduction of newer dials and bracelet combinations.

Impact: Classic references may become more sought after.

Oyster Perpetual Models

Oyster Perpetual 41mm (Specific Dial Colors)

Reason: Refresh of dial color options.

Impact: Certain discontinued colors may become highly collectible.

Detailed Analysis of Potential Discontinuations

Submariner Models

Evolution of the Submariner Line

The Submariner has evolved significantly since its inception in 1953. The transition from 40mm to 41mm models in recent years reflects Rolex’s commitment to enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Submariner Date 116610LN

Technical Features: 40mm case, Caliber 3135 movement, Cerachrom bezel.

Market Position: Popular among divers and collectors alike.

Predicted Discontinuation: To fully transition to the new 41mm models introduced in 2020.

Submariner No Date 114060

Technical Features: 40mm case, Caliber 3130 movement, minimalist design.

Market Position: Favored for its clean, symmetrical look.

Predicted Discontinuation: Aligning with the new 41mm Submariner series for consistency in sizing and technology.

Daytona Models

Historical Significance

The Daytona, introduced in 1963, has become an icon in the watch world, particularly due to its association with racing and its robust chronograph functionality.

Daytona 116500LN

Technical Features: 40mm case, Cerachrom bezel, Caliber 4130 movement.

Market Position: Extremely popular, often with waiting lists.

Predicted Discontinuation: To potentially make way for new materials or updated movements, continuing Rolex’s tradition of innovation.

Explorer Models

The Legacy of the Explorer

The Explorer line, rooted in the brand’s association with mountaineering and adventure, has remained a staple for enthusiasts seeking robustness and simplicity.

Explorer I 214270

Technical Features: 39mm case, Caliber 3132 movement, updated lume.

Market Position: Appreciated for its understated elegance and historical significance.

Predicted Discontinuation: Possible update to a larger size or new movement, reflecting current market preferences.

Datejust Models

Classic Elegance

The Datejust, introduced in 1945, is one of Rolex’s most versatile and recognizable models, known for its date function and Cyclops lens.

Datejust 36mm Models

Technical Features: 36mm case, variety of dials and bracelets, Caliber 3235 movement.

Market Position: Popular as both a dress and everyday watch.

Predicted Discontinuation: Specific references might be updated with new dial options or bracelet styles, keeping the line fresh and contemporary.

Oyster Perpetual Models

The Entry-Level Rolex

The Oyster Perpetual is often seen as the entry point into the Rolex family, offering robust construction and classic design without complications.

Oyster Perpetual 41mm

Technical Features: 41mm case, variety of vibrant dial colors, Caliber 3230 movement.

Market Position: Attracts both new buyers and seasoned collectors for its simplicity and modern updates.

Predicted Discontinuation: Certain dial colors may be phased out to introduce new, trendy options, maintaining the model’s appeal.

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Market Impact of Discontinuations

Collector Dynamics

Increased Demand: Discontinued models often see a surge in demand and secondary market prices.

Rarity and Exclusivity: Discontinued status enhances the perceived rarity and exclusivity, making these models more desirable.

Investment Potential

Value Appreciation: Historical data shows that discontinued Rolex models typically appreciate in value over time.

Strategic Acquisitions: Savvy collectors may focus on acquiring models anticipated to be discontinued.

Brand Strategy

Innovation and Refresh: Discontinuations allow Rolex to innovate and refresh their lineup, ensuring they stay relevant and desirable.

Balancing Tradition and Modernity: By phasing out older models, Rolex can introduce new technologies while respecting their heritage.


The potential discontinuation of certain Rolex models in 2024 is a significant event for collectors and enthusiasts. Understanding the reasons behind these changes and their impact on the market can help in making informed decisions, whether for collecting, investing, or simply appreciating the craftsmanship and legacy of Rolex. As always, the world of Rolex remains dynamic, blending tradition with innovation, and continuing to captivate watch aficionados worldwide.


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