Can You Swim With Omega Speedmaster

by Barbara Wilson

The Omega Speedmaster, often referred to as the “Moonwatch,” is one of the most iconic timepieces in the world. Known for its association with NASA’s Apollo missions, the Speedmaster has a rich history and a reputation for precision and durability. However, watch enthusiasts often wonder about the water resistance of this legendary watch. Can you swim with an Omega Speedmaster? This article provides a detailed, point-by-point analysis of the Omega Speedmaster’s water resistance, its suitability for swimming, and best practices for maintaining the watch’s condition.


Understanding Water Resistance

What is Water Resistance?

Water resistance in watches is the ability to withstand water penetration under specific conditions. It is measured in atmospheres (ATM), bars, or meters (m). One ATM is equivalent to 10 meters of water pressure. However, these measurements are not straightforward indicators of the watch’s capability to withstand real-life conditions, such as swimming or diving.


Water Resistance Ratings

30 meters / 3 ATM / 3 Bar: Suitable for splashes of water and rain. Not recommended for swimming or submersion.


50 meters / 5 ATM / 5 Bar: Suitable for light swimming in shallow water. Not ideal for extended periods in water.


100 meters / 10 ATM / 10 Bar: Suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not for diving.

200 meters / 20 ATM / 20 Bar: Suitable for recreational diving.

300 meters / 30 ATM / 30 Bar and above: Suitable for professional diving.

Omega Speedmaster’s Water Resistance

The Omega Speedmaster generally has a water resistance rating of 50 meters (5 ATM). This rating indicates that the watch can handle light swimming but is not designed for prolonged or deep water activities.

Can You Swim with an Omega Speedmaster?

Light Swimming

Yes, you can swim with an Omega Speedmaster, but only under specific conditions. The 50-meter water resistance rating allows for light swimming in shallow water. However, it is essential to avoid prolonged submersion and high-impact water activities.

Factors to Consider

Duration in Water

Short Duration: A few minutes of submersion in shallow water is acceptable.

Extended Duration: Prolonged exposure to water can compromise the seals and increase the risk of water damage.

Water Depth

Shallow Water: Suitable for swimming in shallow pools.

Deep Water: Not recommended for deep water activities like diving or snorkeling.

Water Type

Freshwater: Safer for the Speedmaster as it is less corrosive.

Saltwater: More corrosive and can damage the watch over time. Rinse with fresh water after exposure.

Best Practices for Swimming with an Omega Speedmaster

Check the Seals

Before swimming, ensure that the watch’s seals are intact. Regular maintenance checks by a professional watchmaker can help identify and replace worn-out seals.

Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Sudden changes in temperature can cause the metal to expand and contract, compromising the watch’s seals. Avoid moving from hot environments to cold water abruptly.

Rinse After Exposure

If exposed to chlorinated or salt water, rinse the watch with fresh water immediately after swimming to prevent corrosion and buildup of harmful residues.

Regular Maintenance

Regular servicing is crucial to maintaining the water resistance of the Omega Speedmaster. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing intervals.

Avoid Using Pushers and Crown Underwater

Using the pushers and crown while the watch is submerged can allow water to enter the case. Ensure the crown is fully screwed down before swimming.

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Technical Specifications of Omega Speedmaster

Case Material

The Speedmaster typically features a stainless steel case, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. However, extended exposure to water, especially saltwater, can still affect the metal over time.


The Speedmaster uses either Hesalite (acrylic) or sapphire crystal. While both are robust, sapphire crystal is more scratch-resistant but can still be susceptible to impact damage under certain conditions.


The Speedmaster houses a mechanical movement, which requires meticulous care to maintain its precision and longevity. Water ingress can severely damage the movement, necessitating costly repairs.

Alternatives for Swimming

Omega Seamaster

If you are looking for a watch specifically designed for swimming and diving, consider the Omega Seamaster. With water resistance ratings ranging from 300 meters to 1200 meters, the Seamaster is built to withstand aquatic activities.

Divers Watches

Other brands like Rolex Submariner, Tudor Black Bay, and Seiko Prospex offer excellent alternatives for swimming and diving enthusiasts.


While the Omega Speedmaster can handle light swimming, it is not designed for extensive water activities. Adhering to best practices and understanding the limitations of its water resistance can help you enjoy your Speedmaster without compromising its integrity. For more robust water resistance, consider dedicated diving watches such as the Omega Seamaster or other reputable brands. Always ensure regular maintenance and take precautions to preserve the watch’s condition.


Is the Omega Speedmaster waterproof?

No watch is entirely waterproof. The Omega Speedmaster is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it suitable for light swimming but not for prolonged submersion or deep-water activities.

Can I shower with my Omega Speedmaster?

It is not recommended to shower with the Speedmaster due to the combination of water, soap, and heat, which can compromise the seals over time.

How often should I service my Omega Speedmaster?

Omega recommends servicing your watch every 5 to 8 years. However, if you frequently expose the watch to water, more regular checks may be necessary.

What should I do if water enters my Omega Speedmaster?

If you suspect water ingress, immediately take the watch to a professional watchmaker for inspection and servicing to prevent significant damage.

Can the Omega Speedmaster handle rain?

Yes, the Speedmaster can handle rain and minor splashes due to its 50-meter water resistance rating.

Are there Omega Speedmasters with higher water resistance?

Most Speedmasters have a 50-meter rating. For higher water resistance, consider other Omega models such as the Seamaster.

How can I improve the water resistance of my Omega Speedmaster?

Regular maintenance, ensuring seals are intact, and following best practices can help maintain and slightly improve water resistance. However, the fundamental design limits its water resistance capabilities.

Is it safe to swim with the Speedmaster on a regular basis?

Occasional light swimming is acceptable, but regular exposure to water can accelerate wear and compromise the watch’s seals. It is better to use a watch specifically designed for swimming.

What are the risks of swimming with an Omega Speedmaster?

Prolonged water exposure can damage the seals, leading to water ingress, which can harm the movement and other internal components, resulting in costly repairs.

Can I wear my Omega Speedmaster while washing my hands?

Yes, washing hands poses minimal risk, but ensure the crown is fully screwed down to maintain water resistance.

In conclusion, while the Omega Speedmaster is a durable and iconic timepiece, it is not ideally suited for extensive aquatic activities. Understanding its water resistance limitations and following best practices can help you enjoy the watch without compromising its integrity. For those seeking a watch for regular swimming and diving, the Omega Seamaster and other dedicated diving watches are excellent alternatives. Regular maintenance and care are crucial to preserving the watch’s condition and functionality.


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