How To Adjust Cartier Panthere Watch

by Barbara Wilson

The Cartier Panthère watch is a timeless piece known for its elegant design and sophisticated craftsmanship. Adjusting your Panthère watch properly ensures both comfort and functionality. This guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to adjusting various aspects of the Cartier Panthère watch, including the bracelet size, time, date, and other features. By following these detailed instructions, you can achieve the perfect fit and accurate timekeeping for your Cartier Panthère watch.


Adjusting the Bracelet Size

1. Identifying the Type of Bracelet

The Cartier Panthère watch typically features a metal bracelet with a fold-over clasp. The adjustment process varies depending on whether your bracelet has removable links or an expandable clasp.


2. Tools Required

To adjust the bracelet, you will need:


A small screwdriver or a pin pusher tool.


A soft cloth or watch holder to avoid scratches.

3. Removing or Adding Links

Locate the Links: Turn the watch over to locate the pins or screws on the bracelet links.

Pin Removal: If your bracelet has pins, use a pin pusher to gently push out the pins from one side of the link.

Screw Removal: If your bracelet has screws, use a small screwdriver to unscrew the links.

Adjust Length: Remove or add the necessary number of links to adjust the bracelet length to fit your wrist.

Reassemble: Reinsert the pins or screws and ensure they are securely fastened.

4. Adjusting the Clasp

Adjustable Clasp: Some Cartier Panthère watches feature a clasp with adjustable links. To adjust, simply open the clasp and move the adjustment pin to the desired position.

Setting the Time

1. Pulling Out the Crown

First Position: Pull the crown to the first position for manual winding.

Second Position: Pull the crown to the second position to set the time.

2. Manual Winding

Winding: Turn the crown clockwise to wind the watch. Continue winding until you feel resistance.

3. Setting the Time

Adjust Time: Turn the crown to set the correct time. Be sure to move the hands in a clockwise direction to avoid damaging the movement.

Push Crown Back: Once the time is set, push the crown back into its original position.

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Setting the Date

1. Pulling Out the Crown

First Position: Pull the crown to the first position to set the date.

Second Position: Pull the crown to the second position to set the time.

2. Setting the Date

Date Adjustment: Turn the crown in one direction to advance the date. Ensure you do this when the hands are not close to midnight to avoid damaging the date mechanism.

Push Crown Back: After setting the date, push the crown back into its original position.

Adjusting the Chronograph (If Applicable)

1. Understanding the Chronograph Functions

The Cartier Panthère may include a chronograph feature, which allows for time tracking in addition to regular timekeeping.

2. Starting and Stopping the Chronograph

Start: Press the top button to start the chronograph.

Stop: Press the top button again to stop the chronograph.

3. Resetting the Chronograph

Reset: Press the bottom button to reset the chronograph to zero.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

1. Inaccurate Timekeeping

Check the Battery: Replace the battery if the watch is running slow or not at all.

Service: If timekeeping issues persist, consider a professional service.

2. Date Not Changing

Manual Adjustment: Ensure the date is set correctly and not near midnight.

Service: Consult a professional if the date function is not working.

Regular Maintenance

1. Cleaning the Watch

Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to clean the watch and bracelet. Avoid using water or harsh chemicals.

2. Professional Servicing

Service Intervals: Have your Cartier Panthère watch serviced every 3-5 years to ensure optimal performance.


Adjusting your Cartier Panthère watch involves understanding its features and following precise steps to ensure it fits perfectly and functions accurately. By regularly maintaining your watch and addressing any issues promptly, you can enjoy the elegance and reliability of your Cartier Panthère for years to come.


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