Major Overhaul Rumored for Apple Watch Series 10

by Barbara Wilson

Apple Watch Series 10 is set to undergo significant changes, according to recent leaks. Historically, Apple has rolled out updates each fall with minor tweaks, but the forthcoming model, potentially named “Apple Watch X,” could mark a substantial redesign, possibly launching in 2024 or 2025.


New Band Connection System

One of the most notable rumored changes is a shift to a magnetic band connection system. This alteration would replace the traditional slot-based mechanism, potentially freeing up internal space and offering a sleeker design.


Design and Display Enhancements

Leaked renders from late June reveal a larger display with thinner bezels, giving the watch a more modern appearance while maintaining a similar size to its predecessors. Despite the redesign, the watch is expected to retain its square-ish shape with a rounded display, steering clear of a circular format.


Compatibility Concerns

Rumors suggest that older bands might not be compatible with the new model due to redesigned connectors. Although details are scarce and sources remain unverified, this aligns with earlier reports of changes to the band system. Apple has been exploring magnetic band innovations, as evidenced by several patents, including designs that allow the band to double as a protective case.


Power Efficiency and Display Technology

The Apple Watch Series 10 is anticipated to feature a more power-efficient screen. While current models already employ low power consumption and adjustable refresh rates, the new model is expected to advance this further. Reports indicate the use of LTPO thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, which would enhance power efficiency by allowing more parts of the display to operate with reduced energy consumption.

Size and Thickness Speculations

There are mixed reports regarding the new watch’s size and thickness. Some sources suggest a thinner design, in line with Apple’s trend seen in products like the iPad Pro. Conversely, other reports propose larger sizes, starting at 45mm and extending up to 49mm, and a slightly thicker build than the Series 9, potentially accommodating a larger battery for extended life.

Leaked renders hint at a thickness of 11.6mm, slightly more than the Series 9’s 10.7mm but still less than the Apple Watch Ultra. This marginal increase could provide additional space for internal components, enhancing the watch’s overall functionality.


The Apple Watch Series 10 is poised to introduce several exciting changes, from a revamped band connection system to a more efficient display and potentially larger sizes. Whether these modifications will significantly enhance the user experience remains to be seen, but they certainly add to the anticipation for the next-generation Apple Watch.


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