Missing Brit Jay Slater Linked to Alleged Rolex Theft Before Disappearance

by Barbara Wilson

Tenerife, Canary Islands – Jay Slater, a 19-year-old British tourist, vanished while on holiday in Tenerife, sparking an extensive search effort. New revelations suggest his disappearance may be connected to the theft of a £12,000 Rolex watch.


Slater, from Oswaldtwistle, was in Tenerife with friends attending a music festival when he disappeared on June 17. Reports now indicate that he allegedly informed friends via Snapchat that he had taken a Rolex watch the night before his disappearance.


Disappearance Linked to Rolex Theft
On the night of June 16, a man reported his Rolex stolen on one of Tenerife’s bustling bar strips. The connection between this theft and Slater’s disappearance was confirmed by British detective Mark Williams-Thomas. Speaking to numerous witnesses both in the UK and Tenerife, including Slater’s friends, Williams-Thomas has been actively involved in the investigation.


Williams-Thomas, a seasoned investigator of high-profile missing person cases, has been assisting Slater’s family in Tenerife. He confirmed that Slater left the Veronica Strip in Playa de Las Americas in a Seat Leon hire car with two men he knew casually shortly before 6 a.m. on June 17.


Last Known Movements
Slater and his friends had spent the previous days with these individuals, traveling together to a holiday rental, Casa de Abuela Tina, about an hour’s drive away. It was during this trip that Slater allegedly posted on Snapchat about stealing the Rolex. While this claim remains unverified, his friends assert that he was not lying and had discussed the watch in subsequent conversations.

Despite an intensive search that concluded on June 30, the Civil Guard continues to pursue leads and tips regarding Slater’s whereabouts.

Investigation Details
Williams-Thomas disclosed that upon arriving at the rental property, Slater contacted three different people and took various photos, including one showing him holding a cigarette on the doorstep. “I am confident that the photo on the doorstep is him, wearing a throw from the apartment and black and green Air Max trainers which he had on, on the night he went out,” he said.

The search for Slater ended on June 30 after two weeks of intensive efforts in the area where his phone was last detected. Despite no significant findings, the Civil Guard remains vigilant in following up on any new information.

Ongoing Search Efforts
Williams-Thomas emphasized that Slater appeared to be scared and chose not to return to the rental property to charge his phone or wait for a bus. “We’ve received information suggesting Jay left the rental property feeling scared,” he explained. “He did not return to the rental even though it would have been the most sensible course of action.”

The investigation has ruled out hostage or kidnapping scenarios due to the absence of ransom demands or evidence of third-party criminal involvement.

Community Appeal
Williams-Thomas has appealed to local landowners to inspect their outbuildings and properties, hoping that volunteer-led searches in unexplored areas will uncover new clues. The search for Jay Slater continues, with the hope that further efforts will bring clarity to his mysterious disappearance.


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