How Much Does A Rolex With Diamonds Cost

by Barbara Wilson

Rolex watches are renowned for their luxury, precision, and timeless elegance. Adding diamonds to these already prestigious timepieces enhances their appeal, making them even more desirable. If you’re considering purchasing a Rolex with diamonds, it’s essential to understand the various factors that influence their cost. This comprehensive guide will cover the average price, price range, popular series, and specific examples of Rolex watches with diamonds.


Average Price

The average price of a Rolex watch with diamonds is about $12,000. This figure can vary significantly based on factors such as the model, the number of diamonds, the type of diamonds used, and whether the diamonds are factory-set or aftermarket. Factory-set diamonds, which are set by Rolex, tend to be more expensive due to the brand’s meticulous standards and the assurance of authenticity.


Price Range

The price of a Rolex watch with diamonds can range widely, from as low as $2,000 to as high as $184,000. This range depends on several factors:

  • Model and Series: Different models and series have varying base prices, which significantly impact the final cost when diamonds are added.
  • Type and Size of Diamonds: Larger and higher-quality diamonds will increase the watch’s price.
  • Customization: Customization and aftermarket diamond settings can affect the price, often making it more affordable but potentially compromising authenticity.

Popular Series

Rolex has several popular series that feature diamond-set models. Some of the most sought-after series include:



The Datejust is one of Rolex’s most iconic and versatile series, known for its classic design and elegance. The average price of a diamond-set Datejust is about $9,000. This series offers a wide range of styles, from understated diamond markers to fully diamond-encrusted dials and bezels.


The Submariner is a popular choice for those who want a sporty yet luxurious timepiece. The price for a Submariner with a factory diamond dial can be around $17,230. This series combines the robustness of a dive watch with the elegance of diamond accents.


The GMT-Master series is favored by frequent travelers for its dual-time zone functionality. Diamond-set GMT-Master models offer a unique blend of practicality and luxury. Prices for these models can vary, but they generally fall within the mid-to-high range of Rolex’s offerings.


The Daytona series, known for its association with motorsports, features models that are both sporty and luxurious. Diamond-set Daytona watches can be quite expensive, reflecting their high demand and intricate design.

Specific Examples

To give you a better idea of the costs associated with specific models, here are a few examples of Rolex watches with diamonds:

Submariner with Factory Diamond Dial

  • Price: $17,230
  • Description: This Submariner model features a factory-set diamond dial, adding a touch of luxury to the classic dive watch.

Lady-Datejust 28mm with Mother-of-Pearl Dial and Diamonds

  • Price: $16,735
  • Description: The Lady-Datejust 28mm is a smaller, elegant model that features a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond markers, making it a popular choice for women.

Day-Date 40 Platinum with Ice Blue Rectangular Diamond Dial

  • Price: $73,875
  • Description: This Day-Date 40 Platinum model features an ice blue dial set with rectangular diamonds, offering a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Rolex with Diamonds

Several factors can influence the cost of a Rolex watch with diamonds. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision when purchasing such a timepiece.

Factory-Set vs. Aftermarket Diamonds

Factory-set diamonds are set by Rolex during the manufacturing process. These diamonds are selected and set to meet Rolex’s stringent quality standards. As a result, watches with factory-set diamonds are typically more expensive than those with aftermarket diamonds. Aftermarket diamonds are added to the watch after purchase by a third party. While this can make the watch more affordable, it may affect the watch’s authenticity and resale value.

Quality and Size of Diamonds

The quality and size of the diamonds used in the watch significantly impact its price. Rolex uses high-quality diamonds that are carefully selected for their clarity, color, and cut. Larger diamonds or those with higher clarity and color grades will increase the watch’s overall cost.

Model and Series

Different Rolex models and series have varying base prices, which influence the final cost when diamonds are added. For example, a diamond-set Submariner will generally be more expensive than a diamond-set Datejust due to the Submariner’s higher base price.

Customization and Unique Features

Customization options and unique features can also affect the price of a Rolex with diamonds. For example, a watch with a custom diamond bezel or a unique dial design may be more expensive than a standard diamond-set model.

Investing in a Rolex with Diamonds

Purchasing a Rolex watch with diamonds can be a significant investment. These watches often retain their value well and can even appreciate over time. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Authenticity and Documentation

Ensure that the watch comes with the necessary documentation and certifications, especially if it features factory-set diamonds. This documentation can include the original purchase receipt, warranty card, and certificates of authenticity.

Condition and Maintenance

The condition of the watch is crucial when considering its value. A well-maintained watch will retain its value better than one that has been poorly cared for. Regular servicing by an authorized Rolex service center can help maintain the watch’s condition and functionality.

Market Trends

Stay informed about market trends and fluctuations in the luxury watch market. Prices for Rolex watches, especially those with diamonds, can vary based on demand and availability.



Rolex watches with diamonds are a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Whether you’re looking for a classic Datejust, a sporty Submariner, or a prestigious Day-Date, there’s a diamond-set Rolex to suit your style and preferences. With prices ranging from $2,000 to $184,000, there’s a wide variety of options available. By understanding the factors that influence the cost and carefully considering your investment, you can find the perfect Rolex watch with diamonds to add to your collection.

This comprehensive guide has provided an overview of the average price, price range, popular series, and specific examples of Rolex watches with diamonds. With this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision and choose a timepiece that will bring you joy and prestige for years to come.


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