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by Barbara Wilson

The Apple Watch has revolutionized the wearable technology market since its debut. With each iteration, Apple has introduced new features, improvements, and refinements to enhance the user experience. The latest operating system, watchOS 10.5, continues this trend, bringing a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Released in May 2024, watchOS 10.5 builds upon the foundation laid by previous versions, including watchOS 10.4 and the major update of watchOS 10. This article will delve into the specifics of watchOS 10.5, its new features, improvements, and bug fixes, and how it compares to its predecessors.


watchOS 10.5: The Latest Version

New Features

Pride Radiance Watch Face


One of the standout features of watchOS 10.5 is the introduction of the “Pride Radiance” watch face. This watch face is a vibrant tribute to the LGBTQ+ community and culture, showcasing Apple’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Pride Radiance watch face is designed with dynamic, colorful patterns that change and animate, reflecting the spirit of pride and celebration. This feature not only adds aesthetic value but also allows users to express their support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.



Enhanced Notification Expansion


watchOS 10.5 includes several improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience. One notable improvement is the ability to double-click to expand notifications. This feature addresses user feedback and makes interacting with notifications more intuitive and efficient. With this enhancement, users can quickly access detailed information within notifications, improving the overall usability of the Apple Watch.

AssistiveTouch Enhancements

Another significant improvement in watchOS 10.5 is related to AssistiveTouch, a feature that provides an alternative way to interact with the Apple Watch. The update now requires a password when using AssistiveTouch for Apple Pay transactions. This added layer of security ensures that only authorized users can make payments, enhancing the safety and security of Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.

Bug Fixes

Resolving False Touches on the Display

watchOS 10.5 also addresses several bugs and issues reported by users. One of the key bug fixes is the resolution of false touches on the display. Some users had experienced unintended touch inputs, which could interfere with the overall functionality of the device. This update ensures that the touch screen operates accurately and responsively, providing a smoother user experience.

Contact Syncing Issues

Another critical bug fix in watchOS 10.5 is the resolution of issues related to contact syncing. Some users had reported that their contacts were not syncing correctly to their Apple Watch, leading to discrepancies between their iPhone and Apple Watch contact lists. This update ensures that contacts sync seamlessly, maintaining consistency across devices.

watchOS 10.4: A Look Back

Before diving deeper into the specifics of watchOS 10.5, it’s essential to understand the context provided by its predecessor, watchOS 10.4. Released in March 2024, watchOS 10.4 brought its own set of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features in watchOS 10.4

New Emojis

One of the highlights of watchOS 10.4 was the introduction of new emojis. These emojis expanded the options available to users, allowing for more expressive and diverse communication. The new emojis included various symbols, faces, and objects, reflecting the evolving nature of digital communication.

Improvements in watchOS 10.4

Double-Click Notification Expansion Switch

watchOS 10.4 introduced a switch for the double-click notification expansion gesture. This feature gave users the option to enable or disable the gesture based on their preferences. By providing this customization, Apple enhanced the user experience, allowing for greater control over how notifications are managed on the Apple Watch.

Bug Fixes in watchOS 10.4

Ghost Touches Issue

One of the significant bug fixes in watchOS 10.4 addressed an issue where some users experienced ghost touches on their Apple Watch. These unintended touch inputs could disrupt the user experience, causing frustration and inconvenience. The update resolved this issue, ensuring that the touch screen responded accurately to user inputs.

watchOS 10: A Major Update

To fully appreciate the advancements in watchOS 10.5 and watchOS 10.4, it’s essential to look at watchOS 10, which marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the Apple Watch operating system. Released as the biggest update to Apple Watch since its launch, watchOS 10 brought a new look to nearly every app, new ways to navigate, and several innovative features.

New Look and Navigation

watchOS 10 introduced a redesigned interface, giving a fresh look to nearly every app. This new design aimed to make the apps more intuitive and visually appealing, enhancing the overall user experience. Alongside the new look, watchOS 10 brought new ways to navigate the Apple Watch. Users could now access information more efficiently, making the device even more user-friendly.

Smart Stack

One of the standout features of watchOS 10 was the introduction of the Smart Stack. This feature allowed users to customize their watch faces with stacks of widgets that could display relevant information. The Smart Stack intelligently displayed the most pertinent information based on the user’s context and usage patterns. This feature made it easier for users to access the information they needed without having to navigate through multiple apps.

Enhanced Cycling and Hiking Features

watchOS 10 also introduced enhanced features for cycling and hiking enthusiasts. These features included improved tracking and metrics, providing users with more detailed information about their activities. For cyclists, watchOS 10 offered advanced tracking for metrics such as speed, distance, and elevation. Hikers benefited from enhanced navigation features, including detailed maps and route planning.

Mindfulness App

Another significant addition in watchOS 10 was the Mindfulness app, which offered a new mental health experience. This app provided users with tools and exercises to help manage stress, improve focus, and promote overall well-being. The Mindfulness app included guided meditations, breathing exercises, and reflective practices, making it a valuable addition for users seeking to improve their mental health.

Daytime Activity Tracking

watchOS 10 also introduced the ability to track daytime activity time. This feature allowed users to monitor their activity levels throughout the day, providing insights into their overall health and fitness. By tracking metrics such as steps, calories burned, and active minutes, users could gain a better understanding of their daily activity patterns and make informed decisions to improve their health.

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Comparing watchOS 10.5, watchOS 10.4, and watchOS 10

New Features

When comparing the new features introduced in watchOS 10.5, watchOS 10.4, and watchOS 10, it’s clear that each update brought valuable additions to the Apple Watch ecosystem. watchOS 10.5’s Pride Radiance watch face highlights Apple’s commitment to inclusivity, while watchOS 10.4’s new emojis enhanced digital communication. watchOS 10, as the most significant update, introduced a range of features, including the Smart Stack, enhanced cycling and hiking features, and the Mindfulness app.


In terms of improvements, watchOS 10.5’s enhanced notification expansion and AssistiveTouch enhancements stand out as significant usability upgrades. watchOS 10.4’s double-click notification expansion switch provided customization options, enhancing user control. watchOS 10’s new look and navigation improvements laid the foundation for a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of any operating system. watchOS 10.5’s resolution of false touches and contact syncing issues addressed common user complaints, improving overall functionality. watchOS 10.4’s fix for ghost touches ensured that the touch screen responded accurately, reducing user frustration. watchOS 10, being a major update, focused more on introducing new features and enhancements, with subsequent updates addressing specific issues.


watchOS 10.5 is the latest iteration of Apple’s wearable operating system, building upon the advancements of previous versions. With its new features, including the Pride Radiance watch face, and improvements such as enhanced notification expansion and AssistiveTouch enhancements, watchOS 10.5 continues to enhance the Apple Watch experience. Bug fixes addressing false touches and contact syncing issues further improve the functionality and reliability of the device.

As the Apple Watch continues to evolve, each new version of watchOS brings valuable additions and refinements. From the major update of watchOS 10 to the incremental improvements in watchOS 10.4 and the latest advancements in watchOS 10.5, Apple remains committed to delivering a superior wearable experience. Users can look forward to continued innovation and enhancements in future updates, ensuring that the Apple Watch remains a leading wearable technology.

With watchOS 10.5, Apple once again demonstrates its dedication to creating a versatile, user-friendly, and inclusive wearable operating system. Whether you’re a long-time Apple Watch user or new to the ecosystem, watchOS 10.5 offers something for everyone, making it an exciting update worth exploring.


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