What Rolexes Are Readily Available In 2024

by Barbara Wilson

Rolex Watch Series

Rolex, one of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world, offers a diverse array of watch series catering to different tastes and needs. Each series has its unique features, making them suitable for various occasions, from daily wear to professional use.


Classic Series

The Classic series of Rolex watches are renowned for their timeless elegance and versatile design, making them ideal for everyday wear. These models often feature a sophisticated aesthetic that suits both formal and casual settings.


Day-Date: Known as the “President’s Watch,” the Day-Date is famous for its iconic design and being the first wristwatch to display both the date and the day of the week spelled out in full. Crafted from precious metals, it epitomizes luxury and prestige.


Datejust: One of Rolex’s most recognizable models, the Datejust is celebrated for its classic design and versatility. It was the first automatic wristwatch to feature a date display and is available in a variety of sizes and materials.


Oyster Perpetual: The Oyster Perpetual line is the purest expression of the Oyster concept, offering a minimalist design that combines functionality and elegance. It is often considered the entry point to the Rolex brand.

Sky-Dweller: This model is one of Rolex’s most complex watches, featuring dual time zones and an annual calendar. It’s designed for frequent travelers and those who appreciate intricate horological engineering.

1908: A nod to Rolex’s heritage, the 1908 series combines vintage aesthetics with modern watchmaking techniques, offering a refined and nostalgic appeal.

Professional Series

Rolex’s Professional series are engineered for specific activities and environments, providing robust functionality alongside their sophisticated designs. These models are favored by athletes, explorers, and professionals who demand reliability and precision.

Submariner: Perhaps the most iconic dive watch, the Submariner is built for underwater exploration with its exceptional water resistance and rotatable bezel for tracking dive times.

Air-King: Originally designed for pilots, the Air-King is known for its legible dial and robust construction, embodying Rolex’s ties to aviation history.

GMT-Master II: A favorite among travelers, the GMT-Master II allows the wearer to track multiple time zones simultaneously, featuring a distinctive 24-hour rotatable bezel.

Yacht-Master: Combining nautical tradition with luxury, the Yacht-Master is designed for sailing enthusiasts, featuring a bidirectional rotatable bezel and a distinctively elegant design.

Cosmograph Daytona: Designed for professional racing drivers, the Daytona is equipped with a chronograph and a tachymetric scale, allowing for precise timing and speed measurement.

Sea-Dweller: An advanced dive watch, the Sea-Dweller is capable of withstanding extreme underwater pressures, making it ideal for deep-sea exploration.

Deepsea: Taking dive watches to the next level, the Deepsea is engineered for the most extreme depths, with a water resistance of up to 3,900 meters.

Explorer: Designed for adventurers, the Explorer series is built to withstand harsh environments, featuring robust construction and excellent legibility in low-light conditions.

Availability of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are highly coveted, and their availability can vary significantly based on the model and demand. In recent years, some models have become notoriously difficult to find due to their immense popularity and limited supply.

2024 Releases

In 2024, Rolex introduced several new models, adding to their extensive collection. These include updates to both their Classic and Professional series:

GMT Master II: The latest iteration of this travel watch continues to attract attention with its updated design and advanced features.

Rolex Deepsea: Known for its extraordinary depth rating, the 2024 Deepsea model offers enhanced durability and functionality for professional divers.

1908: This series, which pays homage to Rolex’s historical designs, received new additions that blend vintage charm with modern craftsmanship.

Sky-Dweller: The updated Sky-Dweller models feature refined aesthetics and improved functionality, appealing to frequent travelers.
Cosmograph Daytona: The 2024 Daytona models boast new materials and design tweaks, maintaining their status as a favorite among motorsport enthusiasts.

Day-Date: The latest Day-Date models continue to exude luxury with new dial variations and precious metal options.

Easily Available Models

Some Rolex models are relatively easier to find on the retail market, though availability can still be inconsistent depending on the region and dealer.

Oyster Perpetual: The Oyster Perpetual models are generally more accessible than other Rolex watches. However, certain versions, especially those with vibrant dials introduced in 2020, such as the Turquoise dial, have become highly sought after and more challenging to acquire.

Day-Date 36: This model is typically easier to purchase from authorized Rolex dealers compared to other high-demand models. Its classic design and various precious metal options make it a popular choice for those seeking an elegant dress watch.

Why Are Rolex Watches So Difficult to Buy Now?

The demand for Rolex watches has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to a significant supply-demand imbalance. Several factors contribute to the difficulty of purchasing a Rolex:

High Demand for Steel Sports Models

Rolex’s steel sports watches, also known as “Professional” models, are among the most coveted timepieces in the world. Models such as the Submariner, GMT-Master II, Explorer, and Daytona have waiting lists that can span several years. These watches are favored for their robustness, iconic designs, and versatility, making them highly desirable for both enthusiasts and collectors.

Limited Production

Rolex maintains strict control over its production processes to ensure the highest quality standards. This meticulous attention to detail means that only a limited number of watches are produced each year. While this approach guarantees exceptional craftsmanship, it also limits the availability of new watches.

Brand Prestige

Rolex has cultivated an image of exclusivity and prestige over decades. This reputation not only fuels demand but also encourages the brand to maintain a degree of scarcity. By limiting the supply of certain models, Rolex enhances their desirability and perceived value.

Secondary Market Dynamics

The robust secondary market for Rolex watches further complicates availability. Many buyers purchase new Rolexes not for personal use but to sell them on the secondary market at a premium. This practice exacerbates the scarcity of popular models at authorized dealers and drives up prices in the pre-owned market.

Global Distribution

Rolex’s global distribution network means that availability can vary significantly by region. Some markets may have higher demand or fewer authorized dealers, leading to longer waiting times and greater difficulty in acquiring specific models.


Rolex continues to be a beacon of luxury and precision in the watchmaking industry. While certain models are more accessible than others, the overall availability of Rolex watches remains influenced by high demand, limited production, and strategic brand management. Understanding these dynamics can help potential buyers navigate the market more effectively, whether seeking a readily available model like the Oyster Perpetual or aiming to secure a coveted piece from the Professional series.


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