What Is The Most Expensive Omega Watch

by Barbara Wilson

Omega is a Swiss luxury watchmaker with a storied history dating back to 1848. Renowned for its precision, innovation, and association with numerous significant events and personalities, Omega has firmly established itself as one of the leading brands in the horological world. From being the first watch on the moon to its role as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, Omega’s legacy is marked by groundbreaking achievements and a commitment to excellence.


Criteria for Determining the Most Expensive Watch

Several factors contribute to a watch’s high value:

  • Materials: The use of precious metals, gemstones, and other high-quality materials.
  • Craftsmanship: The level of intricacy and skill involved in the watch’s creation.
  • Limited Editions: Watches produced in limited quantities often hold higher value due to their rarity.
  • Historical Significance: A watch associated with historical events or famous personalities can command a premium price.
  • Brand Prestige: The reputation and heritage of the brand play a crucial role in the watch’s value.

Description of the Most Expensive Omega Watch

The title of the most expensive Omega watch is often attributed to the Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1, which is a rare and highly coveted model among collectors. This particular reference is one of the earliest versions of the Speedmaster, a line that gained fame as the first watch worn on the moon.


Features and Materials

  • Case: Stainless steel case, 38mm in diameter.
  • Dial: Black dial with broad arrow hands and luminous markers.
  • Movement: Omega Caliber 321, a manual-winding chronograph movement known for its reliability and precision.
  • Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet with a vintage clasp.

Unique Attributes

  • Design: The broad arrow hands and distinctive tachymeter scale on the bezel are iconic features.
  • Heritage: As one of the earliest Speedmasters, the Ref. 2915-1 represents a significant piece of Omega’s history.

Historical Significance and Provenance

The Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1 holds immense historical value as it is part of the Speedmaster lineage that was later selected by NASA for space missions. This particular reference, produced between 1957 and 1959, predates the “moon watch” but laid the foundation for its success. Its rarity and connection to the early days of the Speedmaster make it a highly desirable piece.


Auction Records and Sales

In November 2021, an Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1 was sold at auction by Phillips for a staggering CHF 3,115,500 (approximately USD 3.4 million), setting a new world record for the most expensive Omega watch ever sold. This sale highlighted the extraordinary value collectors place on this model and underscored its significance in the watch world.

Comparisons with Other High-End Omega Models

While the Ref. 2915-1 holds the record for the most expensive Omega watch, several other models are also highly valued:

  • Omega Speedmaster “Ultraman”: Limited edition with unique orange accents and a cult following among collectors.
  • Omega Seamaster 300 “Spectre” Limited Edition: Associated with the James Bond film “Spectre,” this watch features a distinctive lollipop seconds hand and a limited production run.
  • Omega Constellation “Grand Luxe”: Known for its luxurious design and use of precious metals, this model is highly sought after.

Market Trends and Investment Potential

The luxury watch market has seen significant growth in recent years, with vintage and rare models fetching record prices at auctions. The Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1’s sale is indicative of this trend, as collectors seek out historically significant and rare timepieces. Investing in such watches can be lucrative, but it requires careful consideration of market trends, provenance, and the watch’s condition.


The Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2915-1 stands out as the most expensive Omega watch ever sold, thanks to its historical significance, rarity, and iconic design. Its record-breaking auction price reflects the high esteem in which it is held by collectors and enthusiasts. As the luxury watch market continues to evolve, the value of such exceptional timepieces is likely to remain strong, making them prized assets for both collectors and investors.


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