How to See Apple Watch Live Cycling Metrics on iPhone with iOS 17

by Barbara

Apple continues to enhance the fitness tracking capabilities of its devices, and with iOS 17, cycling enthusiasts can now enjoy live cycling metrics directly on their iPhones. This guide explores the step-by-step process to access and view real-time cycling data from your Apple Watch on your iPhone while engaged in your biking adventures.


I. Enabling Cycling Metrics on Apple Watch

1. Update to iOS 17: Before diving into live cycling metrics, ensure both your iPhone and Apple Watch are running iOS 17. This update introduces new features and improvements, including enhanced fitness tracking capabilities. Check for updates in the Settings app on your iPhone.


2. Activate Cycling Workout on Apple Watch: On your Apple Watch, open the Workout app and select “Cycling” as your preferred workout. Initiate a cycling session by tapping “Start” and wear your Apple Watch throughout your ride to capture accurate data.


3. Allow Location and Motion Data: For precise metrics, grant the necessary permissions on both your Apple Watch and iPhone. Enable location services and motion tracking to ensure the devices capture essential data such as distance, speed, and elevation.


II. Viewing Live Cycling Metrics on iPhone

1. Access Fitness App: Unlock your iPhone and open the Fitness app. This centralized hub provides comprehensive insights into your daily activity, workouts, and health metrics. Ensure that your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone for seamless data synchronization.

2. Navigate to Cycling Workout: Within the Fitness app, locate the “Workouts” tab. Under the “Workouts” section, you’ll find a detailed summary of your recent workouts. Look for the specific cycling session you want to review and tap on it to access the detailed metrics.

3. Explore Live Metrics: As you delve into the details of your cycling workout, iOS 17 introduces live metrics that provide real-time feedback. This includes information such as your current speed, distance covered, heart rate, and more. Swipe through the screens to explore different metrics during your cycling session.

III. Customizing Cycling Metrics Display

1. Tailor Metrics for Your Ride: iOS 17 allows you to customize the metrics displayed during your cycling workout. In the Fitness app on your iPhone, go to the “Workouts” tab, select “Cycling,” and tap on “Edit.” Here, you can choose the specific metrics you want to see in real-time on your iPhone screen.

2. Arrange Metric Priority: Prioritize the metrics based on your preferences and the information most crucial for your cycling sessions. Whether it’s speed, heart rate, or elevation gain, arrange the metrics to align with your fitness goals and the data you find most motivating during rides.

3. Syncing Data with Health App: All cycling metrics captured by your Apple Watch seamlessly sync with the Health app on your iPhone. This centralized data hub ensures that your fitness journey is recorded accurately and can be accessed over time for a comprehensive overview of your cycling performance.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Can I view live cycling metrics on my iPhone while my Apple Watch is in Power Reserve mode?

A1: No, the live cycling metrics feature requires an active connection between your Apple Watch and iPhone. If your Apple Watch is in Power Reserve mode, real-time metrics won’t be accessible on your iPhone until the connection is restored.

Q2: Are the cycling metrics available for all Apple Watch models with iOS 17?

A2: Yes, iOS 17 brings the live cycling metrics feature to all Apple Watch models compatible with the update. Whether you have the latest Series 7 or an earlier model, you can enjoy real-time cycling data on your iPhone.

Q3: Can I share my cycling workout metrics with third-party fitness apps?

A3: Yes, iOS 17 supports data sharing with compatible third-party fitness apps. Check the settings within the Fitness app on your iPhone to manage data sharing preferences and connect with your preferred fitness platforms.

Q4: How accurate are the live cycling metrics on iPhone compared to the Apple Watch display?

A4: The live cycling metrics on your iPhone align closely with the data displayed on your Apple Watch. Both devices use advanced sensors and algorithms to provide accurate real-time information. However, individual variations may occur based on factors such as device placement and user movements.

Q5: Can I use the live cycling metrics feature without an Apple Watch?

A5: No, the live cycling metrics feature is specifically designed to work in conjunction with an Apple Watch. The watch captures essential data during your cycling workout, and this data is then displayed in real-time on your iPhone.

In conclusion, iOS 17 brings an exciting enhancement for cycling enthusiasts, allowing them to seamlessly view live metrics from their Apple Watch directly on their iPhones. Whether you’re tracking speed, distance, heart rate, or other key metrics, the integration between the Apple Watch and iPhone provides a holistic approach to monitoring and improving your cycling performance. By following the steps outlined in this guide and exploring the customization options, you can make the most of this feature and elevate your cycling experience with Apple’s innovative fitness technology.


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