Arcanaut Unveils Artistry: ARC II Klint and Havender Watches Redefine Craftsmanship

by Barbara

In a celebration of Scandinavian design excellence, Arcanaut introduces the ARC II Klint and Havender watches, pushing the boundaries of innovation and aesthetics. Beyond their cushion-shaped stainless steel cases and Soprod A10 automatic movements, these timepieces redefine luxury with distinctive dials crafted from unconventional materials.


Crafting Time: Unique Materials for Unique Watches

Arcanaut’s commitment to uniqueness extends to its dial materials, setting it apart in the watchmaking realm. The ARC II Klint dazzles with a pristine white colorway, its dial made from titanium oxide in a meticulous process that yields a pure, textured surface. On the other hand, the ARC II Havender takes an adventurous leap with its exclusive purple dial, crafted from Scandinavian mussel shells. This unique material, named Havender, represents a limited edition of only 33 pieces, making it a rare and collectible timepiece.


A Symphony of Design: Case and Straps

Both Klint and Havender models boast micro-blasted stainless steel cases, measuring 40.52mm in diameter. The cases feature polished edges, brushed steel bezels, domed sapphire crystals, solid screw-on casebacks, and 100 meters of water resistance. Their distinctive rectangular “Pentablock” crowns showcase Arcanaut’s dedication to precision.


The watches come equipped with the same integrated rubber strap, offering eight vibrant colors, including Axe Red, Void Blue, Fett Green, Rex Brown, Kakarot Orange, Bondi Blue, Replicant White, and Black. This variety allows wearers to personalize their timepieces according to their unique style.


Movement and Precision: Soprod A10 Automatic Movement

Under the hood, both Klint and Havender models are powered by the reliable Soprod A10 automatic movement. Operating at a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours, these watches deliver precision and performance.

Distinguishing Features: Dial and Hands

The ARC II Klint places a spotlight on purity, with its clean white dial. The “Chevron” set redesign of the luminous-tipped hands ensures visibility against the white canvas. In contrast, the Havender model showcases an unusual purple dial created through an intricate process involving Scandinavian mussel shells. The “Grand Paw” hands, adorned with white Lumicast tips, offer a harmonious contrast against the lavender backdrop.

Limited Edition Elegance

While both models share a retail price of $3,950 USD, the Havender variant stands as a one-time limited edition, with only 33 pieces available. In contrast, the Klint model will be an ongoing offering, with an annual availability of 25 examples. The exclusivity of the Havender edition lies in its labor-intensive production process, making it a rare gem in the world of luxury timepieces.

Arcanaut continues to redefine the boundaries of craftsmanship, offering watch enthusiasts a chance to embrace individuality and artistry on their wrists. For more information and to explore these exceptional timepieces, visit the Arcanaut website.


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