Nivada Grenchen Unveils Time Capsule: The Antarctic 35mm Watch Takes a Retro Expedition

by Barbara

In a nod to its illustrious past, Nivada Grenchen, the Swiss watchmaking icon with roots dating back to 1926, continues its journey through time with the launch of the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic 35mm. This vintage-inspired timepiece pays homage to the brand’s historic Antarctic model that accompanied explorers to the frozen landscapes of Antarctica during the 1950s.


The Antarctic Expedition and Timeless Design:


During Operation Deep Freeze in the 1950s, explorers braved the icy terrains of Antarctica equipped with wristwatches that fused elegance with durability. Leading the expeditions was Admiral Richard E. Byrd, sporting a Nivada Grenchen Antarctic watch—a symbol of endurance that became a cornerstone in the brand’s legacy.


True to its heritage, Nivada Grenchen’s latest release faithfully recreates the original Antarctic’s design. Crafted from 316L stainless steel, the watch maintains vintage proportions with a 35mm diameter, 7mm thickness, and 18mm lugs. The case’s high-polished surfaces, brushed sides, and a domed sapphire crystal capture the essence of the 1950s classic.


Under the Hood:

Powering the Antarctic 35mm is the Swiss Landeron 21 manual-wind movement, embodying the charm of manually wound vintage timepieces. With a frequency of 28,800vph and a 36-hour power reserve, this movement allows for a slim case profile, enhancing the watch’s overall elegance.

Customization and Modern Touches:

Nivada Grenchen offers enthusiasts a chance to personalize their Antarctic 35mm with three dial colors—black, white, and eggshell. The choice between classic white luminescent material or orange-tinted lume adds a touch of vintage flair. Additionally, the black dial version provides options for polished steel or gold-plated hands and hour markers.

Strapped for Adventure:

The watch comes with a two-piece leather strap, featuring a perforated design that complements its vintage aesthetics. The strap, available in black or brown, effortlessly connects to the lugs with integrated quick-release spring bars.

Price and Availability:

With an official retail price of $850 USD, the Nivada Grenchen Antarctic 35mm brings vintage charm within reach. In an era where luxury watches often command four-figure sums, this release offers a compelling combination of history, craftsmanship, and affordability.

In an age of constant innovation, Nivada Grenchen’s Antarctic 35mm stands as a timeless tribute to a bygone era, seamlessly blending heritage with modern wearability. To embark on your journey through time with the Antarctic 35mm, visit Nivada Grenchen’s official website.


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