Navigating the WatchOS 10 Galaxy: The Good, the Gripe, and the Glitch Fix”

by Barbara

Apple’s latest watchOS 10 has brought a constellation of changes to the Apple Watch lineup, but not all stars are aligning perfectly. While boasting groundbreaking features like a Smart Stack of widgets, mental health tracking, and fresh gestures for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, the update has also sparked frustration with some unconventional decisions.


The Dark Side of watchOS 10: Three Major Gripes

Gesture Game-Changer: Muscle memory took a hit as watchOS 10 revamped Apple Watch gestures. The introduction of widgets clashed with the Control Centre, leading to accidental swipes and a learning curve for users.


Grid View Dilemma: For loyalists of the Grid View, disappointment looms as it transforms into what can only be described as a List View with icons. The once dynamic and zoomable grid is now a scrollable stack, leaving users nostalgic for the older, more interactive layout.


Stopwatch App’s Whiteout: Aesthetic preferences are personal, but the Stopwatch app’s shift from a black background to white has stirred controversy. The change not only affects the visual appeal but also practicality, with the watch face glowing conspicuously in low-light conditions.


Glitch Fix in the Spotlight

Swipe to a New Face: One major gripe that’s getting a fix is the ability to swiftly swipe between Watch Faces. Initially missing in watchOS 10, the upcoming 10.2 update, currently in beta, allows users to reinstate this beloved gesture. A welcomed change for those who missed the seamless face-switching experience.

How to Bring Back Swipe to Switch Watch Face

If you’re eager to embrace the return of the Swipe to Switch Watch Face feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

2. Scroll down and tap Clock.

3. Toggle Swipe to Switch Watch Face on.

The Upside of watchOS 10

Despite the glitches, watchOS 10 brings several commendable features, including:

Useful Widgets: The new widgets offer quick access to favorite apps and shortcuts from any Watch Face, allowing customization without clutter.

NameDrop Feature: Enabling seamless contact sharing among Apple users by bringing devices close together.

Mental Health Tracking: New options allow users to log moods and track mental health trends, emphasizing holistic well-being.

While the current gripes might linger, Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience is evident. As we await the 10.2 update, the Apple Watch community anticipates a smoother celestial journey through the watchOS 10 galaxy.


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