Time Travelers’ Delight”: Omega’s ‘Planet Omega’ Pop-Up Unveils Iconic Watches Worn by Legends

by Barbara Wilson

Swiss Watch Mastery Takes Center Stage in NYC with Exclusive Omega Exhibition


In a celebration of horological history and innovation, Omega unveils the “Planet Omega” pop-up exhibition at the Chelsea Factory in New York City. Opening its doors on Nov. 9, the showcase pays homage to the iconic Swiss watch brand’s journey since its establishment in 1848, featuring watches worn by legends like John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley.


Horological Icons on Display


“Planet Omega” is not just a temporary exhibit; it’s a time-traveling experience. Vintage timepieces from the Omega Museum in Biel, Switzerland, take center stage, including the Omega Slimline worn by JFK during his presidential inauguration in 1961 and a model sported by Elvis Presley both onstage and off. The display also features a chronograph used to time the 1932 Olympic Games.


Omega’s Extraterrestrial Legacy

A dedicated section highlights Omega’s profound contributions to space exploration, with its timepieces chosen by NASA for manned missions in 1965. This extraterrestrial legacy remains a cornerstone of Omega’s appeal, showcased through the wildly successful “MoonSwatch” collaboration with sister brand Swatch.

Beyond Timekeeping: CEO’s Perspective

Omega’s Chief Executive Officer, Raynald Aeschlimann, emphasizes the importance of showcasing the brand’s legacy and innovation in prime locations. In an interview with Bloomberg, Aeschlimann states, “In the watch industry, it’s very important to be where there’s the traffic—to attract people to tell them about who we are.” He highlights the significance of presenting the Omega experience, going beyond just seeing and hearing about the watches.

Thriving in the US Market

Aeschlimann reveals that the US is Omega’s second-largest market, with double-digit sales growth over the past five years. While China remains the biggest market, the focus on New York reflects the brand’s commitment to a global presence and resilience, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Limited-Time Spectacle

For watch enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike, the “Planet Omega” pop-up exhibition offers a time-limited spectacle, open to the public until Nov. 19. Don’t miss the chance to witness firsthand the artistry and legacy behind Omega’s timeless masterpieces.


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