QNET Unveils Eco-Luxe Timepieces with the Launch of OMNI Collection by Bernhard H. Mayer

by Barbara Wilson

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable luxury, global wellness and lifestyle giant QNET has introduced its latest line of Swiss watches under the renowned Bernhard H. Mayer brand. The OMNI Collection represents a fusion of high fashion and environmental responsibility, redefining the standards of luxury without compromise.


Swiss Precision Meets Environmental Consciousness


The OMNI Collection signifies a leap forward in the commitment to a greener future, embodying the elegance and precision craftsmanship synonymous with Bernhard H. Mayer. Crafted from a minimum of 85% recycled stainless steel, these watches have achieved certification from LEED, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability. From case to buckle, each component is meticulously selected for its minimal environmental impact, ensuring the utmost in eco-friendly engineering.


Sustainable Sophistication in Design


Not just a feat in sustainable engineering, the OMNI Collection boasts a timeless design that seamlessly blends classic and modern aesthetics. Geometric shapes, a fusion of Arabic and Roman numerals, and versatile styling make these timepieces suitable for any occasion, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and environmental responsibility.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Conscious Consumers

The collection introduces straps made from recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), celebrated for its durability and non-toxic properties. Certified by the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), these straps offer a sustainable option without compromising quality or style, catering to the discerning tastes of eco-conscious consumers.

A Pledge to a Greener Tomorrow

The OMNI Collection is not just a range of watches; it’s a movement towards responsible consumption. Paul McHenry, Chief Marketing Officer at QNET, emphasized, “We believe that luxury should not come at the earth’s expense. With the OMNI Collection, we are setting a new paradigm, showing that it is possible to wear a piece of art that stands for something greater. This is our pledge to the planet and to the future generations that will inherit it.”

Planting the Seeds of Change

In alignment with its sustainability commitment, QNET has pledged to plant a tree for every watch sold in the OMNI Collection, further emphasizing the company’s dedication to leaving a positive legacy for the planet.

About QNET

Established in 1998, QNET is a pioneer in the lifestyle and wellness sector, employing a direct selling business model to offer exclusive products promoting a healthier, more balanced life. Celebrating 25 years in 2023, QNET continues to make a global impact through its diverse product offerings and e-commerce-powered business model. The company is an active member of various industry associations globally and is recognized for its commitment to excellence and global reach through sports sponsorships, including partnerships with Manchester City Football Club and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).


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