How to Share Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 7

by Barbara Wilson

Sharing Apple Watch faces is a great way to personalize your watch and stay connected with friends. watchOS 7 has introduced exciting features for sharing your custom watch faces with others. In this guide, we will explore the process of sharing Apple Watch faces and dive deeper into customization options and privacy considerations.


I. Understanding the Watch Face Sharing Feature

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide, let’s discuss the significance of the watch face sharing feature in watchOS 7.


1.1 Personalization and Creativity

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Apple Watch is its level of personalization. The watch face is where users can truly express themselves, showcasing their style and preferences. With the watch face sharing feature, this personalization extends beyond your wrist, allowing you to share your unique style with others.


1.2 Seamless Sharing

Sharing your custom watch faces can be more than just a style statement. It’s a practical solution for simplifying the setup process. If you’ve carefully configured a watch face with various complications to monitor your fitness goals, display your daily schedule, or provide real-time weather updates, sharing this configuration with someone else can save them time and effort.


1.3 Community and Expression

The watch face sharing feature fosters a sense of community among Apple Watch users. It provides a platform for expressing your creativity and sharing it with a broader audience. This feature is especially popular among social and fitness groups who want to synchronize their watch faces for specific events or activities, creating a sense of unity and fun.

1.4 Privacy Considerations

While sharing watch faces is fun and convenient, it’s important to consider privacy. Avoid sharing watch faces that contain sensitive or personal information, such as complications displaying your calendar events, health data, or confidential reminders. Always be mindful of what you’re sharing and ensure it doesn’t compromise your privacy or the privacy of the recipient.

FAQ: Can I share my watch face with someone who doesn’t own an Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, the watch face sharing feature is exclusive to Apple Watch users. You can only share watch faces with individuals who have a compatible Apple Watch and are running watchOS 7 or a later version.

II. MSharing a Watch Face

Now that we understand the significance of watch face sharing, let’s explore how to share a custom watch face.

2.1 Creating Your Ideal Watch Face

To start sharing your watch face, you need to create the perfect one. Customize it with your preferred watch face style, complications, colors, and everything that suits your lifestyle and needs. You can choose from various templates like Infograph, Modular, and more to craft the watch face of your dreams.

2.2 Accessing the Share Sheet

Once your watch face is ready for the world to see, follow these steps to share it:

1. Swipe from right to left on the watch face you’d like to share.

2. Look for the “share” icon, a small square with an arrow pointing upwards, typically located below the watch face.

2.3 Share Your Watch Face

You have several options for sharing your watch face with others:

Messages: You can select a contact or enter their name to send the watch face directly to them through iMessage.

Mail: Alternatively, you can share the watch face as an attachment in an email.

Third-Party Apps: Depending on the messaging apps you have installed, you can use options like WhatsApp, Slack, or any other compatible platform to share the watch face with your contacts.

2.4 Customizing the Message

When you share a watch face, you can add a personal message along with it. This is a great way to explain the watch face’s purpose or simply express your thoughts to the recipient. It’s also an opportunity to share any special information about the watch face’s design or use.

2.5 Receiving and Applying a Shared Watch Face

If someone shares a watch face with you, you’ll receive it as a message or an email attachment. By tapping the watch face icon, you’ll open the Watch app on your paired iPhone. From there, you can preview the watch face and tap “Add” to apply it to your own Apple Watch.

FAQ: Can I edit a shared watch face before adding it to my watch?

No, you can’t edit a shared watch face before adding it to your watch. The shared watch face will appear exactly as it was originally configured by the sender. However, once it’s added to your watch, you can customize it to your liking by changing the complications, colors, or any other settings.

III. Customizing and Managing Shared Watch Faces

3.1 Editing a Shared Watch Face

Once you’ve added a shared watch face to your collection, it’s entirely customizable. You can change the complications, colors, style, or any other aspect to make it uniquely yours. To start customizing a shared watch face, press and hold on the watch face, tap “Edit,” and you’re ready to personalize it to your heart’s content.

3.2 Deleting a Shared Watch Face

If you no longer wish to keep a shared watch face on your Apple Watch, you can easily remove it. To do so, swipe to the watch face you want to delete, press and hold it, and then tap “Remove.” Keep in mind that this action won’t affect the watch face on the sender’s watch; it will only remove it from your watch.

3.3 Managing Privacy

When sharing a watch face, it’s crucial to consider privacy and the information displayed. Avoid sharing watch faces that contain sensitive or personal information, such as complications displaying your calendar events, health data, or confidential reminders. Always be mindful of what you’re sharing and ensure it doesn’t compromise your privacy or the privacy of the recipient.

In Conclusion: Sharing the Apple Watch Experience

Sharing watch faces in watchOS 7 is a fantastic way to connect with other Apple Watch users, express your creativity, and simplify the process of setting up a complex watch face. It’s a feature that encourages personalization and collaboration within the Apple Watch community. So, whether you’re coordinating with friends for a fitness challenge or simply sharing your sense of style, enjoy the experience of sharing Apple Watch faces in watchOS 7. It’s a fun and practical feature that exemplifies the essence of the Apple Watch experience.


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