Suunto Unveils 14 New SuuntoPlus Apps for Enhanced Sports Tracking

by Barbara Wilson

Latest Additions Bring Advanced Features to Suunto Watches


As September rolls on, the world of watchmaking is buzzing with innovation, and Suunto is no exception. The renowned brand has just introduced a total of 14 new SuuntoPlus apps, enhancing the capabilities of their sport-oriented smartwatches. These apps are designed to provide users with advanced data insights tailored to various sports profiles, making it easier than ever to track and improve performance.


SuuntoPlus apps act as highly advanced data pages that can be added to your chosen sport profile, whether it’s running, cycling, tennis, or any other activity. Similar to adding a page displaying elevation or heart rate graphs, these apps offer specialized data sets to enrich your training experience.


All 14 of these newly released apps are compatible with the Suunto Vertical and Suunto 9 Peak Pro. However, many of them are also compatible with other Suunto watches, including the Suunto 9 Peak, Suunto 9 Baro, Suunto 9 Nacho Cheese, Suunto 9, Suunto 5 Peak, and Suunto 3 models.


The new apps are categorized into three main areas: ‘Physiological Insights,’ ‘Racing,’ and ‘Sport Specific’ features. Each category provides valuable data to cater to different aspects of your sports journey.

Starting with the ‘Physiological Insights’ category, the Movement app stands out, designed primarily for indoor sports with acceleration values. However, it can be employed in various sports to monitor peak power/pace values throughout your workout.

Moving to the ‘Racing’ category, both the Race Nutrition and Race Companion apps offer configurable settings via the Suunto App on your smartphone, allowing for seamless integration of important race-related data.

Finally, the ‘Sport Specific’ apps offer interactive and sport-specific features. Suunto highlights their ability to even handle tiebreak situations in tennis, demonstrating their depth beyond standard heart rate graphs.

One notable aspect of these apps is their evolution beyond basic data pages. In the past, Suunto apps were criticized for being somewhat limited, often duplicating existing functionalities. However, the latest additions are breaking new ground by offering more comprehensive data and improving their overall utility.

Furthermore, Suunto has made several enhancements to the app experience, allowing for greater flexibility. Users can now have two apps active simultaneously during a sport mode, and up to 100 sport apps can be loaded onto the watch. This expanded functionality addresses previous limitations and opens up exciting possibilities for users to customize their watch’s capabilities.

Suunto is also working towards automatically pairing certain apps with specific sport modes by default, streamlining the user experience. This move aligns with the brand’s vision of seamlessly integrating these features into each sport mode.

In summary, Suunto’s release of 14 new SuuntoPlus apps represents a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of their watches. With an emphasis on data precision and versatility, these apps cater to sports enthusiasts looking to take their performance tracking to the next level. Watch enthusiasts and athletes alike can look forward to maximizing their training insights with these exciting additions.


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