NORQAIN’s Wild ONE: A Timepiece with a Roaring Purpose

by Barbara Wilson

Swiss Watchmaker NORQAIN Teams Up with Wildlife Ambassador Dean Schneider for Limited-Edition Watch


In a daring fusion of horology and wildlife conservation, NORQAIN, the independent Swiss watch company known for its innovative designs and independent spirit, has unveiled its latest masterpiece: The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition. This exclusive timepiece, a collaboration with wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider, packs a punch of style and substance.


A Limited Edition with a Noble Cause

With only 300 units available, the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition marks NORQAIN’s third partnership with Dean Schneider, a 30-year-old wildlife ambassador who traded a promising finance career to establish the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, a haven for zebras, giraffes, lions, and more in South Africa. Schneider’s fearless dedication resonates with NORQAIN’s ethos of “your life, your way.”


Legendary Influence

The Wild ONE is NORQAIN’s maiden creation under the guidance of Jean-Claude Biver, a luminary in the luxury watch industry. Biver, renowned for his emphasis on innovative materials and modern aesthetics, joined NORQAIN’s board of advisors to play a pivotal role in product strategy.


NORTEQ Material Innovation

Central to the Wild ONE’s allure is the use of NORTEQ, NORQAIN’s proprietary carbon-fiber composite. NORTEQ strikes the perfect balance between density, elasticity, and shock resistance while being six times lighter than steel and three and a half times lighter than titanium. This innovative material can also be dyed in various colors, a rarity in the carbon fiber world.

Design with Heart

The watch’s design pays homage to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis, with a golden brown palette mirroring the regal King Dexter. A lion’s fur pattern adorns the dark brown laser-etched dial, featuring the Hakuna Mipaka logo. Red-gold-plated skeleton hands and indices evoke the Oasis’s dusky evening ambiance.

Engineering Marvel

Crafted from 25 modular parts, the 42 mm case not only showcases a dynamic design but also ensures exceptional lightness and shock resistance. Weighing a mere 84 grams, the Wild ONE has withstood shock tests up to 5000g and boasts a water resistance rating of 200 meters.

Precision from Within

Behind the sapphire caseback lies the Kenissi Caliber NN20/1, a chronometer-certified Swiss self-winding movement with a remarkable 70-hour power reserve. Engraved around the caseback window is Dean Schneider’s poignant mission statement: “We need to learn to love them exactly the way they are and not the way we wish them to be!”

A Unique Blend of Innovation and Familiarity

Jean-Claude Biver’s influence is evident in the Wild ONE’s DNA, but it retains its distinct identity. The watch is both groundbreaking and approachable, an impressive feat in the world of horology.

A Timepiece with a Purpose

Priced at $5,590 USD, the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition comes with a sand-colored Hakuna Mipaka cap and special packaging. Notably, 10 percent of the proceeds from its sales will support Dean Schneider’s mission for animal preservation.

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition is more than just a watch; it’s a symbol of innovation, conservation, and purpose. Discover the watch and its inspiring backstory on NORQAIN’s website.


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