Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001: Buying Guide

by Barbara Wilson

Patek Philippe, a name that resonates with horological excellence and timeless elegance, consistently mesmerizes watch enthusiasts with its extraordinary creations. Among these horological masterpieces, the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001 stands as a pinnacle of sophistication and technical innovation. In this comprehensive buying guide, we embark on a journey to explore every facet of the Gondolo 5135G-001. From its design inspiration and remarkable features to its movement, case details, dial aesthetics, strap options, and a comparison with the Gondolo 5131G-001, we uncover the allure that makes this timepiece a true collector’s delight.


I. What is the design inspiration behind the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Art Deco Elegance: The Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001 draws profound design inspiration from the Art Deco movement, an era of cultural and artistic revival in the early 20th century. The watch’s design pays homage to Art Deco’s love for geometric shapes, intricate patterns, and an overarching sense of opulence that defied convention.


Tonneau Case: A prominent embodiment of this inspiration is the watch’s distinctive tonneau-shaped case. In a horological world often dominated by round and rectangular cases, the Gondolo’s bold choice of a tonneau shape boldly harks back to the Art Deco era’s resolute preference for clean lines, structured geometry, and a deliberate departure from convention. It is a visual testimony to the movement’s rebellion against the mundane.


Intricate Details: Beyond the case shape, the Gondolo 5135G-001 meticulously integrates intricate details that echo the Art Deco spirit. From the applied Breguet numerals on the dial to the finely polished white gold case, every element is a tribute to the movement’s dedication to precision and aesthetics.


II. What are the features of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Annual Calendar: The Gondolo 5135G-001 boasts a sophisticated annual calendar complication, a testament to Patek Philippe’s technical prowess. This feature accounts for the varying lengths of months, automatically advancing the date at month ends, including February. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments for months with 30 or 31 days.

Moon Phase: Elevating its complexity, the watch also incorporates a moon phase indicator, adding a touch of celestial beauty to its dial. This complication accurately tracks the lunar cycle, exemplifying Patek Philippe’s dedication to precision and the art of watchmaking.

Dual Time Zones: Adding to its versatility, the Gondolo 5135G-001 includes a dual time zone function, allowing travelers and global citizens to easily keep track of two different time zones. This feature makes it an ideal companion for those who frequently traverse the globe.

III. What is the movement of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Caliber 324 S QA LU 24H: At the heart of the Gondolo 5135G-001 lies the remarkable Caliber 324 S QA LU 24H, an automatic movement that showcases Patek Philippe’s commitment to precision and craftsmanship. This movement not only powers the timekeeping functions but also drives the annual calendar, moon phase, and dual time zone complications.

In-House Craftsmanship: The movement is a work of art in itself, meticulously finished and decorated with Geneva stripes, beveled edges, and a 21k gold rotor. This level of craftsmanship is a hallmark of Patek Philippe’s dedication to horological excellence.

Exceptional Accuracy: The movement offers exceptional accuracy, adhering to the strictest standards of timekeeping precision. Its robust design ensures longevity and reliability, making it a dependable companion for generations.

IV. What is the case size and material of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Case Dimensions: The Gondolo 5135G-001 features a substantial yet elegantly refined case, measuring 38 mm in width and 51 mm in length. This size strikes a harmonious balance, making a bold statement on the wrist without overwhelming it.

White Gold: The case is crafted from 18k white gold, a prestigious and luxurious precious metal acclaimed for its radiant luster and enduring durability. The choice of white gold complements the watch’s overall aesthetics while preserving its understated elegance. It is an embodiment of Patek Philippe’s commitment to timeless design and superior craftsmanship.

V. What is the dial color and design of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Silvery Opaline Dial: The dial of the Gondolo 5135G-001 is a mesmerizing canvas, finished with a rich silvery opaline texture. This elegant backdrop serves as the stage for the watch’s intricate complications and is adorned with classic design elements.

Applied Breguet Numerals: The dial showcases applied Breguet numerals, adding an air of sophistication and readability. Blued steel hands sweep gracefully across the dial, pointing to the intricacies of time and calendar information. These elements are not mere adornments; they are the embodiment of functionality and artistry, paying homage to the spirit of the Art Deco era’s dedication to precision and aesthetics.

VI. What is the strap or bracelet of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Alligator Leather Strap: The Gondolo 5135G-001 is elegantly presented with an opulent alligator leather strap. The deep black hue of the strap harmonizes seamlessly with the watch’s dial and white gold case, creating a cohesive and stylish ensemble. This strap is a symbol of luxury, comfort, and a commitment to detail.

Prong Buckle: Securing the strap is a prong buckle crafted from 18k white gold, not just serving a practical purpose but exemplifying Patek Philippe’s meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of the watch, including the buckle, is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

VII. Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001 vs. Gondolo 5131G-001

Complication Comparison: The Gondolo 5135G-001 and the Gondolo 5131G-001 share the same tonneau-shaped case design and luxurious white gold construction, yet they diverge in terms of complications. While the Gondolo 5135G-001 features an annual calendar, moon phase, and dual time zone functions, the Gondolo 5131G-001 showcases a world time complication. The latter allows the wearer to simultaneously track multiple time zones across the globe. The choice between these two models hinges on your preference for complications and functionality, tailored to your lifestyle.

VIII. What are the reviews and opinions of the Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001?

Collector’s Delight: The Gondolo 5135G-001 has garnered immense acclaim from collectors and horological connoisseurs worldwide. Its timeless design, intricate complications, and Patek Philippe’s commitment to horological excellence make it a highly coveted timepiece. Owning the Gondolo 5135G-001 is akin to possessing a piece of horological history, a symbol of enduring craftsmanship.

Exceptional Craftsmanship: The watch community universally acknowledges the exceptional craftsmanship behind the Gondolo 5135G-001. Particularly, the intricacies of the annual calendar, moon phase, and dual time zone complications showcase Patek Philippe’s prowess in watchmaking. Its movement, finishing, and attention to detail set it apart as a masterpiece of the highest order.

Versatile Elegance: One of the most appreciated aspects of the Gondolo 5135G-001 is its versatility. It effortlessly transitions from formal occasions to daily wear, thanks to its silvery opaline dial, white gold case, and alligator leather strap. Its understated yet refined elegance ensures that it remains a timeless addition to any watch collection.


The Patek Philippe Gondolo 5135G-001 transcends the realm of mere horology; it is an embodiment of sophistication, a tribute to artistic inspiration, and a testament to technical achievement. When considering the acquisition of this exceptional timepiece, immerse yourself in its Art Deco design, marvel at the complexity of its complications, appreciate the harmonious aesthetics of its dial, and savor the luxury of its alligator leather strap. Whether you choose the Gondolo 5135G-001 or explore its sibling, the Gondolo 5131G-001, you align yourself with those who cherish Patek Philippe’s legacy of elegance and precision. With the Gondolo 5135G-001, you acquire not just a watch but a masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of enduring craftsmanship, an heirloom that defies the passage of time.


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