A New Era in Luxury Timepieces: 10 Watch Brands Redefining Elegance for All

by Barbara Wilson

In a luxury watch market report by Mordor Intelligence, the notion of using accessories to enhance one’s appearance is recognized as a common fashion trend, thus contributing to the growth of the luxury watch market. While this statement may seem obvious, it prompts us to consider the gendered history of high-end timepieces, with men traditionally turning to Rolex and Patek Philippe as status symbols, while women had a broader array of options.


Contrary to popular belief, the first wristwatches were commissioned by women. In 1868, Countess Koscowicz of Hungary enlisted Patek Philippe to create a jewelry piece that also functioned as a watch, setting a trend for ornamental yet functional timepieces. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that men transitioned from pocket watches to wristwatches, with Louis Cartier often credited for designing the first official men’s wristwatch in 1904.


Today, women are reclaiming the world of luxury watches, demanding more than the stereotypical “pink and shrink” approach. They are vocal about their preferences and choices, reshaping the landscape of horology.


Here’s a list of 10 watch brands that have embraced this change and intentionally designed watches with female wearers in mind.


1. Cartier – The Hollywood Watch Brand

Cartier’s iconic Tank watch has remained gender-neutral for a century, symbolizing its creative and pioneering spirit.

2. Audemars Piguet – The Glamorous Swiss Watch Brand

AP’s Royal Oak, designed by Gérald Genta and Jacqueline Dimier, has become legendary for its gender-inclusive design.

3. Hermès – The Emerging Heritage Watch Brand

Hermès has transitioned from a “fashion watch” label to a serious contender in watchmaking, offering classy, well-designed timepieces.

4. Piaget – The Jewelry-Adjacent Watch Brand

Piaget’s creativity and style, dating back to the ’60s, have captured the hearts of fashion icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy.

5. Rolex – The Gender Agnostic Watch Brand

Rolex’s iconic models, like the Datejust, have been culturally solidified as gender-neutral, making them a timeless choice for anyone.

6. Seiko – The Starter Watch Brand

Seiko, despite its non-Swiss origins, is known for its reliability, stylish designs, and practicality, making it an excellent starting point for watch enthusiasts.

7. Gucci – The Fashion Watch Brand

Gucci offers exciting and trend-forward timepieces for those who prioritize aesthetics and style in their watch choices.

8. Bulgari – The Distinct Watch Brand

Bulgari’s Serpenti collection, with its unique design, makes a bold statement that transcends attire, from ball gowns to casual wear.

9. Jaeger-LeCoultre – The Historic Watch Brand

Founded in 1833, Jaeger-LeCoultre boasts a rich history and innovation in watchmaking, with iconic models like the Reverso and the Rendez-Vous.

10. BREDA – The Upscale-But-Affordable Watch Brand

BREDA, an independent brand from Dallas, Texas, offers stylish and affordable watches, making horology accessible to all.

These watch brands are redefining the world of luxury timepieces, emphasizing style, diversity, and inclusivity. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time watch enthusiast, there’s a brand on this list for you.


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