Cartier Panthère Small (small size): Review

by Barbara Wilson

The Cartier Panthère Small (small model) watch emerges as a radiant jewel within the esteemed Panthère de Cartier collection, celebrated for its refined aesthetics and timeless elegance. This collection bears the quintessential Cartier signature: a square case, adorned with a square bezel featuring eight rivets, a square dial graced by the traditional black Roman numerals, and an enduring allure that has come to define Cartier. In this comprehensive review, we will embark on a captivating journey to explore the exquisite details that make the Cartier Panthère Small an exemplary masterpiece. We will traverse its sturdy steel construction, its unwavering quartz movement, its precise dimensions, an array of captivating colors, the fusion of premium materials with meticulous craftsmanship, and finally, the accessibility and personalized possibilities that cater to the discerning tastes of connoisseurs and aficionados.


I. Iconic Panthère de Cartier Design

The square dial of the Panthère Small is a canvas of elegance, featuring black Roman numerals that provide a stark yet tasteful contrast against the backdrop. This choice of numerals not only enhances legibility but also adds a touch of traditional sophistication to the watch. The use of Roman numerals is a nod to Cartier’s heritage and its commitment to preserving the classic elements of horology.


Signature Square Case: The Cartier Panthère Small proudly showcases the hallmark square case—a testament to modern sophistication. This distinctive shape is an immediate indicator of its affiliation with the revered Panthère de Cartier collection, making a bold statement of refined taste.


Square Bezel with Rivets: The square bezel is adorned with eight distinctive rivets, each meticulously crafted to perfection. These rivets not only enhance the watch’s visual appeal but also serve as an homage to Cartier’s heritage of impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Square Dial with Roman Numerals: The watch’s square dial elegantly displays bold black Roman numerals. This harmonious combination of the square case and Roman numerals creates a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic that resonates with admirers of fine horology.

Artistic Hour and Minute Hands: Complementing the Roman numerals, the Cartier Panthère Small features hour and minute hands designed with the utmost artistry. Their sleek, sword-like shapes exude elegance and ensure impeccable readability.

II. Steel Case and Quartz Movement

Durable Steel Case: Fashioned from stainless steel, the case of the Cartier Panthère Small exemplifies both durability and visual allure. Stainless steel is chosen not only for its robustness but also for its inherent ability to maintain a lustrous shine over time, symbolizing enduring beauty.

Quartz Movement Precision: The watch is powered by a precise quartz movement—a hallmark of reliability and accuracy in the world of horology. Quartz movements are celebrated for their ability to keep impeccable time and require minimal maintenance, offering peace of mind to wearers.

Dependable Battery Life: With its quartz movement, the Cartier Panthère Small boasts a dependable battery life that ensures uninterrupted timekeeping for an extended duration before requiring a battery replacement.

III. Dimensions of the Cartier Panthère Small

One of the defining features of the Cartier Panthère Small (small model) watch is its thoughtfully considered dimensions. With a case size that strikes a balance between elegance and wearability, it appeals to a broad range of wrist sizes. Its modest thickness allows it to slip seamlessly under cuffs, making it suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. This versatility is a hallmark of Cartier’s commitment to creating timepieces that cater to diverse lifestyles.

For those who seek a touch of opulence, Cartier offers versions of the Panthère Small adorned with a diamond bezel. The addition of these precious gems elevates the watch’s aesthetic appeal to new heights. The diamonds not only catch the light beautifully but also showcase Cartier’s expertise in gem-setting. Each diamond is carefully selected for its quality and brilliance, ensuring that the Panthère Small with a diamond bezel is a true work of art.

IV. Available Colors

The Cartier Panthère Small (small model) watch is a canvas of colors, allowing you to choose a timepiece that resonates with your personal style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of stainless steel, the luxurious warmth of rose gold, or the striking contrast of two-tone variations, Cartier offers a palette of options to suit every taste and occasion.

The stainless steel option exudes a classic and understated charm, making it a versatile choice that can complement both formal attire and casual wear. Its neutrality allows it to be a reliable daily companion. On the other hand, the rose gold variation exudes opulence and warmth, adding a touch of extravagance to any ensemble. The two-tone options provide a captivating fusion of steel and gold, creating a dynamic visual contrast that is both modern and timeless.

V. Materials and Craftsmanship

The Cartier Panthère Small (small model) watch is a manifestation of Cartier’s unwavering commitment to excellence in materials and craftsmanship. Every element of the watch is meticulously crafted to meet the brand’s exacting standards, resulting in a timepiece that is not only visually stunning but also built to last.

The Maison’s emblematic feline, the panther, subtly graces the Panthère Small in various ways. In some iterations, the links of the bracelet feature the sinuous form of the panther, creating a seamless integration of design elements. This attention to detail is a testament to Cartier’s dedication to infusing artistry into every aspect of their creations. Additionally, some models feature a discreet panther motif on the dial, further emphasizing the watch’s connection to Cartier’s iconic symbol.

VI. Availability and Pricing

The Cartier Panthère Small (small model) watch is available through Cartier’s official boutiques and authorized dealers worldwide, ensuring accessibility for discerning watch enthusiasts. When it comes to pricing, the Panthère Small offers a range of options to cater to different preferences and budgets.

The price of the Cartier Panthère Small can vary depending on several factors. The choice of materials, such as stainless steel, rose gold, or two-tone combinations, plays a significant role in determining the price. Additionally, models with diamond bezels are positioned at a higher price point due to the exquisite gem-setting involved. However, Cartier’s pricing strategy ensures that there are entry-level options for those looking to embark on their journey into the world of Cartier without compromising on quality and style.

For those seeking a more personalized touch, Cartier offers customization options for the Panthère Small. This allows you to create a watch that truly reflects your individuality. Whether it’s selecting a specific bracelet type, choosing between different dial options, or adding a personal engraving, Cartier ensures that your watch is a unique masterpiece that speaks to your taste and style.


The Cartier Panthère Small (small model) embodies Cartier’s dedication to seamlessly blend timeless design with contemporary elegance. With its iconic square case, resilient steel construction, precise quartz movement, and meticulous craftsmanship, it stands tall within the esteemed Panthère de Cartier collection. Offering a spectrum of colors and customization possibilities, it invites wearers to express their individuality while embodying the luxury and artistry that are hallmarks of Cartier. Whether it graces the wrist daily or adorns it for special occasions, the Cartier Panthère Small is a steadfast symbol of refined taste and horological excellence, a timeless companion to life’s most precious moments.


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