Apple Watch Ultra 2: Price, Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

by Barbara Wilson

1. Apple Watch Ultra 2: Pricing and Availability

Announcement Date: The Apple Watch Ultra 2 was officially announced at the Wonderlust event on September 12, 2023.


Preorder and Shipping: Customers can preorder the Apple Watch Ultra 2 immediately after its announcement, with orders expected to start shipping on September 22, 2023.


Price Point: The starting price for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is set at $799, which places it as one of the more expensive options in the smartwatch market.


Target Demographic: The pricing strategy for the Ultra 2 aligns with its target demographic, which is primarily focused on individuals who engage in outdoor activities. This specific focus justifies its premium price tag.


2. What’s New in the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Apple S9 Processor: The most significant internal upgrade in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the inclusion of the Apple S9 processor, which offers substantial improvements in performance over its predecessor. With 60% more transistors and up to 30% faster GPU performance, this processor enhances overall smartwatch functionality.

Quad-Core Neural Engine: A key highlight of the Apple S9 processor is the quad-core neural engine, which enables faster machine learning tasks. This improvement allows Siri to operate entirely on the device, providing quicker responses and more accurate dictation, even when offline.

Double Tap Feature: The introduction of the “double tap” feature enhances user interaction. This feature allows users to control the watch using gestures, making it more accessible. The enhanced neural engine in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 improves the accuracy and speed of detecting double tap gestures, making it a valuable addition for all users.

Precision Finding: The Ultra 2 includes a new U2 chip for ultra-wideband communication, enabling “Precision Finding.” This feature assists users in locating compatible devices, such as the iPhone 15, with precise directions and audio and haptic signals for easier identification.

Brighter Display: The Ultra 2 boasts a significantly brighter display, reaching up to 3,000 nits, which is 50% brighter than its predecessor. This brightness enhancement improves visibility, especially in bright outdoor environments.

Modular Ultra Watch Face: The new “Modular Ultra” watch face takes advantage of the increased screen brightness. It displays real-time data and supports a multitude of complications, providing users with a wealth of information at a glance.

3. watchOS 10

Inclusion of watchOS 10: The Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with watchOS 10 pre-installed. While this update will also be available for most modern Apple Watch models, having it out of the box ensures that Ultra 2 users can immediately benefit from its features.

Visual Overhaul: watchOS 10 brings a visual overhaul to many built-in apps, replacing plain text and black backgrounds with more colorful and intricate designs, creating a livelier user experience.

Smart Stack: This update introduces the “Smart Stack” feature, allowing users to quickly access information below the watch face by scrolling down, enhancing convenience.

Real-Time Workout Data: watchOS 10 enables the real-time mirroring of workout information to the user’s iPhone, providing a seamless fitness tracking experience.

4. A Carbon-Neutral Design

Sustainability Efforts: Similar to the Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Both models are the first Apple Watches to be labeled as carbon neutral.

Materials: The Ultra 2 incorporates sustainable materials, including a case made of 95% recycled titanium and a battery using 100% recycled cobalt. These efforts contribute to reducing the watch’s carbon footprint.

Carbon Credits: Apple also utilizes carbon credits to offset any remaining carbon emissions, ensuring that the Ultra 2 has a minimal environmental impact. However, this applies when paired with specific bands, such as the Trail Loop and Alpine Loop, which consist of 30% recycled content.

No Leather: To further reduce its carbon footprint, Apple has ceased the use of leather across its product portfolio, including Apple Watch bands. Instead, it introduces the FineWoven material, which incorporates 68% post-consumer recycled content.

5. Is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Worth the Upgrade?

Assessing the Value: The decision to upgrade to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 depends on individual preferences and needs. While it offers several significant improvements, such as faster performance, a brighter display, and enhanced features like Double Tap and Precision Finding, many of these are also available in the Apple Watch Series 9.

Consideration: For those who do not already own the original Apple Watch Ultra and prioritize these new features, the Ultra 2 may be a compelling option, even though it comes with a premium price tag of $799.

In summary, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 introduces notable upgrades in terms of hardware and features, and its focus on sustainability aligns with contemporary environmental concerns. However, whether it’s worth the upgrade depends on individual preferences and whether the new features justify the higher price point.


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