Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds: Ultimate Guide

by Barbara Wilson

The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds is a testament to Omega’s commitment to innovation and creativity. This timepiece seamlessly combines classic design elements with advanced horological technology, making it a symbol of the brand’s enduring excellence. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the unique features that define this watch, including its Co-Axial escapement, Master Chronometer certification, and small seconds subdial. We will also explore its precision, anti-magnetic properties, and the impact of its design choices.


I. The Unique Features of Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Co-Axial Escapement:


The beating heart of this timepiece is the Co-Axial Caliber 8802, a movement renowned for its revolutionary escapement design. The Co-Axial escapement, an Omega innovation, reduces friction, enhancing the watch’s precision and extending its longevity. This technology is a testament to Omega’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.


Master Chronometer Certification:


The Small Seconds model proudly holds the Master Chronometer certification, a distinction reserved for timepieces that meet Omega’s strict standards for accuracy, durability, and resistance to magnetic fields. This certification ensures that the watch not only performs exceptionally but also remains unaffected by the magnetic forces encountered in daily life.

Small Seconds Subdial:

The inclusion of a small seconds subdial at the 6 o’clock position adds both functionality and elegance to the watch. This subdial allows for precise timekeeping, and its placement creates a balanced and harmonious dial layout, contributing to the watch’s overall aesthetic appeal.

II. The Accuracy of Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Precision Beyond Standards:

Omega’s commitment to accuracy goes above and beyond industry standards. The Master Chronometer certification guarantees that this timepiece remains precise even in the most challenging conditions. It undergoes rigorous testing, including exposure to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss, ensuring it maintains its exceptional accuracy.

Anti-Magnetic Properties:

Magnetic fields are a common nemesis of mechanical watches, affecting their accuracy. However, the Small Seconds model is equipped with anti-magnetic properties that shield the movement from these disruptive forces. This feature ensures that the watch consistently performs at the highest level, even in our modern, magnetized world.

III. The Design of Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Iconic Constellation Design:

The design of the Small Seconds model draws inspiration from the iconic Omega Constellation line. The watch’s “Griffes” or claws, which secure the sapphire crystal to the case, pay homage to the Constellation’s heritage. The half-moon facets on the case further enhance its visual appeal. This fusion of heritage and modernity is a testament to Omega’s commitment to timeless design.

Refined Dial Options:

Omega offers a wide range of dial options for the Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds. From classic sun-brushed patterns to vibrant blue dials and luxurious mother-of-pearl, there’s a dial to suit every taste. The diamond-polished hands and hour markers enhance legibility while adding a touch of elegance.

IV. The Materials Used in Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Stainless Steel and Sedna Gold:

The choice between stainless steel and Sedna gold allows you to tailor the watch to your style. Stainless steel models exude a modern and sporty feel, while Sedna gold options offer warmth and luxury. The materials not only impact aesthetics but also durability, ensuring that your watch remains as stunning as the day you acquired it.

Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal:

Protecting the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, treated with an anti-reflective coating. This crystal guarantees clear visibility of the dial while preserving its pristine condition, even in the face of daily wear and tear.

V. Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds: Moonphase Edition Unveiled

Moonphase Complication: Omega has expanded the Small Seconds model line with the introduction of a Moonphase edition. This exquisite complication adds a celestial touch to the watch, depicting the phases of the moon in a subdial at 6 o’clock. It’s a poetic fusion of horology and astronomy, appealing to those with an appreciation for both.

VI. Customization Options for the Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Personalization: Omega understands that each wearer is unique, and thus, offers customization options for the Small Seconds model. You have the freedom to choose the case material, dial color, and bracelet type, allowing you to create a timepiece that truly resonates with your style and personality. This level of personalization ensures that your Omega watch is as distinctive as you are.

VII. Diamond-Set Versions of the Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds

Luxurious Diamond Embellishments: For those seeking opulence and extravagance, Omega presents diamond-set versions of the Small Seconds model. These watches feature meticulously placed diamonds on the bezel, dial, or both, transforming the timepiece into a dazzling work of art. The brilliance of diamonds adds a touch of luxury that is sure to captivate the eyes and hearts of onlookers.

VIII. What Is the Difference Between Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds and Other Omega Constellation Models

Unique Small Seconds Subdial:

The most distinctive feature that sets the Small Seconds model apart from other Constellation watches is its small seconds subdial. This complication adds an element of complexity and sophistication to the dial, appealing to those who appreciate the finer details of watchmaking.

Variety of Sizes:

While the Small Seconds model offers a choice between 34mm and 39mm, other Omega Constellation models may come in different sizes and proportions. This variety allows you to select the size that best suits your wrist and style preferences.

Design Variations:

The Omega Constellation collection encompasses a wide range of designs, from the classic and timeless to the contemporary and bold. Each model within the collection boasts its own unique aesthetic, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with your personal taste.

Complications and Functions:

The Constellation collection includes models with various complications and functions, such as date displays, day-date features, and chronographs. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can explore different Constellation models that offer the specific functionalities you desire.

Materials and Finishes:

Omega offers Constellation watches in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, Sedna gold, and two-tone combinations. Additionally, you can find models with different finishing techniques, such as polished, brushed, or a combination of both. This diversity ensures that you can discover a Constellation watch that aligns with your desired material and finish.

Bracelet and Strap Options:

The Constellation collection provides a range of bracelet and strap options, from classic stainless steel bracelets to luxurious leather and textile straps. Your choice of bracelet or strap can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the watch, allowing you to tailor it to your comfort and style.

IX. Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds 34mm vs. 39mm Comparison

34mm Version: The 34mm version of the Small Seconds model exudes a classic and timeless charm. Its proportions are well-balanced, creating an elegant and understated presence on the wrist. This size is ideal for those who appreciate a traditional and refined look.

39mm Version: In contrast, the 39mm version offers a more contemporary and sportier aesthetic. It provides a larger canvas for the dial design, making it bolder and more eye-catching. If you prefer a watch with a substantial wrist presence and a modern feel, the 39mm version is a compelling choice.

Dial Proportions: The 34mm version maintains a balanced dial layout with its smaller case size. The 39mm version, on the other hand, offers a more expansive dial, which can enhance the visual impact of the watch. Your choice should consider your preference for dial proportions and legibility.

Bracelet Comfort: Another factor to consider is the comfort and fit of the bracelet. The 34mm and 39mm versions may have different bracelet sizes and proportions, so trying both options can help you determine which one feels more comfortable on your wrist.

Wrist Presence: The 39mm version tends to have a more substantial wrist presence, making it a bold statement piece. The 34mm, on the other hand, offers understated elegance. Your choice should align with your personal style and comfort.


The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer Small Seconds stands as a remarkable testament to Omega’s dedication to innovation, precision, and timeless design. Its unique features, exceptional accuracy, and extensive customization options ensure that it caters to the individual tastes of discerning watch enthusiasts. Whether you opt for the classic 34mm or the contemporary 39mm, you’re choosing a timepiece that combines heritage and modernity, making it a standout choice in the world of luxury watches. As you explore the Constellation collection, you’ll discover that every detail of this exceptional watch reflects Omega’s commitment to horological excellence. Whether you choose the 34mm or 39mm version, you’re acquiring a watch that exemplifies Omega’s mastery of the art of watchmaking.


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