Rugged Apple Watch Ultra 2: A Revamped Beast on the Horizon

by Barbara Wilson

Is the long-awaited upgrade of the robust Apple Watch Ultra finally approaching its debut? Speculations are rife about the potential launch of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its arrival, wondering if it will coincide with the unveiling of the iPhone 15 series.


Thanks to accessible information in the Bluetooth database, it’s no secret that a new Apple Watch model is imminent in 2023. While the Apple Watch Series 9 is anticipated, the burning question is whether the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will make a grand entrance as an enhanced iteration of Apple’s pinnacle GPS timepiece. This could mark a substantial move for Apple in the realm of competitive sports watches. So, what’s the buzz surrounding the impending second-generation release of the ruggedized and larger-than-life Apple Watch?


In the previous year, the predecessor of the speculated Apple Watch Ultra 2 made its debut in tandem with the Apple Watch Series 8 and the second-generation Watch SE. It was positioned as a more upscale alternative, designed to rival the premium offerings from eminent sports watch manufacturers like Garmin and Polar. With its enlarged 49mm dimensions, an additional Action Button, improved GPS capabilities, and a sturdier titanium casing, among other refinements, it established itself as a contender in the high-end segment. It’s projected that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will uphold a parallel pricing strategy, aligning closely with its predecessor at $799/£849.


The Prospective Unveiling Date for Apple Watch Ultra 2 Mark your calendars, for Apple has set the stage for its much-anticipated Wonderlust launch event on September 12, 2023. Enthusiasts can likely anticipate the availability of the newly launched devices by either September 22 or September 29, 2023.


As the event unfolds, all eyes are on the anticipated debut of the iPhone 15 series and this year’s lineup of Apple Watches, which is expected to encompass the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second-generation Watch Ultra. While the prospects of new Macs are dim, there’s a glimmer of hope for a new iPad Air. The grapevine has also hinted at the potential arrival of an upgraded version of the AirPods Max. Nevertheless, some speculations suggest that patience might be in order before we can embrace the latest iterations of these audio accessories.

Shortened Wait: Confirmation of the 2023 Apple Watch The organizational database diligently records every new Bluetooth device that emerges. An intriguing entry surfaced on August 13, labeled as the WatchOS Profile Subsystem 2023. While the context remains cryptic, leaving us in suspense regarding whether it pertains to the Watch Series 9, an Ultra 2 variant, or even a fresh rendition of the laudable Watch SE, there’s prior information that hints at the impending arrival of the new Watch Ultra version in 2023. Earlier, Bloomberg had already disseminated reports of the forthcoming Watch Ultra iteration, bolstering the air of excitement.

Instances of entries like the one in the Bluetooth organization’s repository are routine and arise due to mandatory certification prerequisites. Correspondingly, similar filings are frequently observed at regulatory bodies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Metamorphosed Design Elements of Apple Watch Ultra 2 While it’s improbable for a second-generation Watch Ultra to deviate significantly from its predecessor in terms of aesthetics, it’s safe to presume that the button layout, including the novel Action Button, will maintain continuity. The flat display, which has become a hallmark, is anticipated to endure.

Renowned serial leaker ShrimpApplePro has ignited anticipations by hinting that the upcoming watch might emerge in an array of hues, most notably a sleek black variant. The titanium case is poised to persist, preserving the existing finish alongside the new black variant. This closely resonates with an earlier revelation from Bloomberg, which indicated that Apple once explored a Titanium Black finish but later shelved the idea. Notably, the Watch 7 had previously embraced a Space Black titanium case, paving the way for this evolution.

An intriguing disclosure comes from Setsuna Digital, a prominent leaker, suggesting that the weight of the Ultra could undergo a reduction. At present, the 61g weight is nearly twice that of the smaller Apple Watch Series 8 version. Nonetheless, once worn, the weight of the Ultra scarcely poses a concern for most users, rendering it a non-issue.

The weight reduction, in part, might be attributed to the integration of 3D printed components, as per insights from seasoned Apple observer Ming-Chi Kuo. These components could encompass the Digital Crown, Side Button, and Action Button, all of which currently undergo CNC machining.

Evolving Specifications of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Esteemed Apple analyst Mark Gurman offered early 2023 prognostications, hinting at a new processor for this year’s Apple Watch lineup, one that would share kinship with recent iPhone chips. If history is a guide, the device might house an S9 processor in conjunction with a W3/4 wireless chip and the U1 chip.

Speculations are rife regarding the possibility of a novel display technology making its debut. While the current iteration already boasts an impressive brightness of up to 2000nits, the potential transition to Micro LED technology has emerged as a subject of discourse. However, industry expert Ross Young leans toward 2025 for the adoption of Micro LED, citing the likelihood of an augmented price tag due to the higher costs associated with this cutting-edge display technology.

While rumors allude to a potential enlargement of the display size from 1.9 inches to 2.1 inches, such a leap appears improbable. The current dimensions of the Watch Ultra are substantial, and even though Apple has reimagined various facets of the watchOS, an immediate increase in the display size seems implausible, even if it becomes a consideration in the future.

One of the critical areas of contention with the original Watch Ultra was its battery life. Despite claims of lasting three days, practical usage often dwindled to a mere two days over time. Notably, the general usage battery life is poised for enhancement, especially in comparison to GPS watches from stalwarts like Garmin, with the intention of offering a more competitive performance.

In conclusion, the anticipation for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is palpable, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival and speculating on the potential enhancements it might offer. While the design might not deviate dramatically, the integration of 3D printed components and potential improvements in specifications like processing power and battery life could usher in a new era for this rugged timepiece. As the tech world keeps a vigilant watch, all eyes are on Apple’s impending Wonderlust event, where revelations about the Apple Watch Ultra 2’s fate could finally be unveiled.


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