by Barbara Wilson

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, Berner has bestowed upon Snoop Dogg a distinctive Rolex timepiece, signifying gratitude for their shared journey on the High School Reunion Tour. Culminating in Irvine, California on Sunday night (August 27), the San Francisco native presented the Tha Doggfather with an elegant gold watch and accompanying bracelet, marking the culmination of an unforgettable musical voyage.


Berner chose the virtual realm of Instagram to immortalize this moving exchange, where he offered insights into his bond with Snoop Dogg and the profound significance of the tour, a collaborative venture with Wiz Khalifa, within his heart.


“In closing the curtains on the High School Reunion tour, it was imperative for me to bestow my esteemed elder brother, Snoop Dogg, with a graduation token,” Berner conveyed through his Instagram post. “This gesture encapsulates my deep gratitude for your authenticity, your willingness to uplift every one of us through your platform, and extends congratulations for the new business chapters we embark upon.”


The sentiment echoed further as Berner expressed how the tour had deeply resonated with him on a personal level, unexpectedly weaving into the fabric of his life in ways he hadn’t foreseen.


“Unbeknownst to me, this tour became a pivotal juncture in my existence. The sentiment of sharing the stage with you, creating harmonious melodies, forging business connections, and cementing the bond of friendship—these have all seamlessly merged to craft an unforgettable summer spectacle. Establishing synergy with and christening Snoop Dogg as a friend, collaborator, and esteemed elder is a life aspiration fulfilled.”

Peering into the horizon, Berner tantalizingly hinted at the future, foreshadowing forthcoming projects and endeavors which stand to unfold in the year ahead.

“Stay attuned, for the enigma of our forthcoming endeavors is poised to unravel in the upcoming year. The journey has merely begun, and the crescendo promises to astound the world. Thank you, dear big brother. The gratitude resonating from me and my crew is beyond measure, as we collectively tip our hats to you and your team. Anticipate the marvels that shall unfurl in the near future!”

The intimate video captures Berner engaging Snoop Dogg with heartfelt words as he extends the gleaming watch—a gift imbued with significance due to its engraved date, commemorating the final show of the tour.

“Brother, in acknowledgment of our journey, I bear a modest gift. Allow this token to encapsulate my gratitude. Its distinctiveness lies in the date—today, the closing act. Your generous spirit has consistently extended a helping hand to all, an attribute that has sculpted our understanding of the industry. Your sage guidance, especially in your nurturing of your son’s artistic voyage, serves as an inspiring beacon for me.”

The video captures Snoop Dogg’s joy as he tries on the Rolex, amusingly noting, “Never have I adorned a Rolex watch before. Now, I have no need to fumble for my phone to discern the time. Berner’s benevolent act—authenticity in action. Today, we embrace the notion of progression.”

The resounding success of the High School Reunion Tour—an artistic odyssey embarked upon alongside Wiz Khalifa—brought the melodious talents of the duo to 33 cities, drawing applause and admiration from audiences far and wide. Featuring supporting artists including Too $hort, Warren G, Berner, and DJ Drama, the tour achieved its crescendo in California’s ethereal backdrop.

Rewinding to 2018, Wiz Khalifa effusively praised his kinship with Snoop Dogg, hailing him as both a guiding light and an invaluable mentor.

“Snoop is the epitome of friendship. A mentor, a confidant, and a co-adventurer on life’s grand voyage, he exemplifies the ideals of companionship. In his wisdom, Snoop continually encourages me to embrace my authentic self. He champions my unique essence and stresses the significance of being unapologetically Wiz. This counsel remains paramount, instilling confidence and paving the path to authenticity.”

As the curtains close on this chapter of artistic synergy, Berner’s golden tribute stands as a shimmering testament to the profound bonds forged through creativity, mentorship, and the pursuit of one’s genuine self.


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