Choosing the Perfect Apple Watch Face for Kids

by Barbara Wilson

In the realm of wearable technology, Apple Watch stands as a pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly blending functionality and style. While it’s renowned for its health and fitness features, the Apple Watch has also captured the hearts of the younger generation. Choosing the ideal watch face for kids isn’t just about telling time—it’s about sparking their creativity, fostering learning, and ensuring safety. This guide takes you on a journey through the enchanting world of Apple Watch faces for kids, exploring fun designs, customization options, educational features, character themes, and adventure-inspired choices.


I. Fun and Interactive Apple Watch Faces for Kids

The beauty of the Apple Watch lies in its ability to transform a piece of technology into a canvas of imagination. For kids, watch faces like “Toy Story,” “Kaleidoscope,” and “Mickey Mouse” add a playful touch to their wrists. Animated characters and dynamic graphics bring the watch face to life, making time-telling an engaging experience. From tapping to see animations to customizing colors, these interactive faces create a world of wonder that kids will adore.


1. Toy Story: The “Toy Story” watch face features beloved characters from the iconic Pixar movie franchise. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other characters animate and interact with the watch’s movements. Tapping on the watch face triggers various animations and surprises.


2. Kaleidoscope: The “Kaleidoscope” watch face turns the watch into a colorful and dynamic kaleidoscope. With every raise of the wrist, the patterns change, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that sparks curiosity.


3. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse: The “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse” watch faces bring the beloved Disney characters to life on the wrist. Mickey or Minnie can tell the time with their moving arms and legs, adding a touch of whimsy.

4. Fire and Water: The “Fire and Water” watch face offers interactive visuals where users can swipe across the watch face to control the movement of flames and water droplets. It’s a playful way for kids to engage with the watch face.

5. Color: The “Color” watch face lets kids customize the watch face’s appearance with a range of vibrant hues. By using the digital crown, they can cycle through colors and create a watch face that matches their mood.

6. Infograph Modular: The “Infograph Modular” watch face is highly customizable, allowing kids to add their favorite complications, shortcuts, and even photos. This gives them a sense of ownership over their watch face.

7. Solar Dial: The “Solar Dial” watch face displays the sun’s position based on the time of day and the wearer’s location. It’s an educational tool that also adds a dynamic visual element.

8. Motion: The “Motion” watch faces feature dynamic, animated backgrounds that respond to the watch’s motion and the user’s interaction. These watch faces bring movement and life to the wrist.

Interactive Apple Watch faces provide an immersive and entertaining experience for kids while introducing them to the concept of time-telling in a creative way. With animations, colors, and customization options, these watch faces can turn the Apple Watch into a playful accessory that sparks imagination and joy.

II. Latest Trends in Apple Watch Faces for Kids: What’s Hot Right Now?

The world of Apple Watch faces is ever-evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends can make the selection process even more exciting. Lately, trends such as “Analog” watch faces with artistic twists, “Numerals Duo” faces that offer a sleek modern look, and “Photos” faces that allow kids to personalize their watch with favorite images have gained popularity. Staying in the know ensures that kids have a watch face that’s not only fun but also aligned with their style.

1. Analog Watch Faces with Artistic Twists: Analog watch faces are making a comeback, but with a creative twist. These watch faces often feature unique and artistic interpretations of traditional analog time-telling. Elements like hand-drawn illustrations, watercolor effects, and playful animations can turn a classic design into a work of art.

2. Numerals Duo Faces: “Numerals Duo” watch faces offer a modern and minimalist approach. These faces display large, easy-to-read numerals for the hours, and a smaller set of numerals for the minutes. The clean design and bold numbers make time-telling quick and straightforward.

3. Photos Faces with Personalization: The “Photos” watch face trend involves using personal photos as the background. Kids can choose images of their favorite characters, pets, family members, or any other image that resonates with them. This trend adds a personalized touch to the watch face.

4. Gradient and Colorful Backgrounds: Vibrant and gradient backgrounds are gaining popularity. These watch faces often feature dynamic color transitions that catch the eye and create a visually engaging experience. Customizable color options allow kids to choose a gradient that suits their mood.

5. Characters from Popular Media: Watch faces featuring characters from popular movies, TV shows, and video games continue to be in demand. These faces not only bring beloved characters to life but also cater to kids’ interests and fandoms.

6. Activity and Fitness-Inspired Faces: As health and fitness tracking become more important, watch faces with activity rings, step counts, and workout progress are becoming trendy. These faces encourage kids to stay active and engaged with their physical well-being.

7. Complications for Quick Access: Complications are small widgets on the watch face that display various types of information, such as weather, calendar events, and activity data. The trend is leaning toward customizable complications, allowing kids to choose what information is most important to them.

8. Dynamic and Animated Elements: Dynamic and animated elements on watch faces are captivating and add an element of surprise. Moving backgrounds, interactive animations, and lively graphics make the watch face feel alive and engaging.

By keeping an eye on these trends, kids can choose watch faces that reflect their personality and interests. The ever-evolving nature of Apple Watch faces ensures that there’s always something new and exciting to explore, making the watch-wearing experience even more enjoyable for young users.

III. How to Customize Apple Watch Faces for Kids: Tips and Tricks

Customization is key to making the Apple Watch a personalized accessory. For kids, customizing watch faces involves selecting colors, complications, and even adding stickers. Enabling the “Schooltime” feature, which limits access to certain apps during school hours, is a practical customization for parents. Guiding kids through these options empowers them to create a watch face that’s uniquely theirs.

Choosing Watch Face Styles:

1.Begin by discussing with the child what style they prefer. Apple Watch offers a variety of watch face designs, ranging from digital and analog to more whimsical and colorful options.

2.Depending on the child’s age and preferences, you can choose a simple or more intricate design.

Selecting Colors:

1.Once you’ve settled on a watch face style, explore the color customization options. Apple Watch allows you to adjust background colors, elements, and complications to suit your child’s taste.

2.Help your child select colors that resonate with them or match their favorite outfits.

Adding Complications:

1.Complications are small widgets that display various information on the watch face. Help your child choose complications that are relevant and interesting to them. For instance, you might add weather, activity rings, or a calendar event.

Adding Stickers:

1.Stickers can add a touch of personalization and playfulness to the watch face. These can include animated characters, emojis, or icons.

2.Guide your child through the process of adding stickers to the watch face. They can tap on the “+” sign to access the sticker selection.

Enabling “Schooltime” Feature:

1.The “Schooltime” feature is designed to limit distractions during school hours by only displaying a simplified watch face.

2.Parents can set specific times for “Schooltime” and customize which apps and complications are accessible during that period.

3.Discuss with your child the importance of focusing on schoolwork during these hours and how this feature can help them stay on track.

Exploring Kid-Friendly Complications:

1.There are complications designed specifically for kids, such as activity rings, timer, and upcoming events.

2.Explain to your child how these complications work and let them choose ones that align with their interests and daily activities.

Teaching Responsibility:

1.While customizing the watch face is exciting, it’s also an opportunity to teach responsibility. Discuss appropriate use of the watch, including not getting distracted by apps during school hours.

Regularly Updating:

1.Kids’ interests change over time, so make it a routine to update the watch face. This can be a fun activity that you both do together.

Encouraging Creativity:

1.Encourage your child to experiment with different color combinations, stickers, and complications. Let them express their creativity and make the watch face truly unique.

Privacy and Online Safety:

1.Take this opportunity to talk about privacy and online safety. Remind your child not to share personal information or passwords related to the watch.

By following these steps and tips, you can help your child create a personalized and practical Apple Watch face that reflects their personality while also integrating helpful features for their daily routine.

IV. The Best Character-themed Apple Watch Faces for Kids: A Must-Have List

Character-themed watch faces are a favorite among kids, bringing beloved icons to their wrists. From “Snoopy” to “SpongeBob SquarePants,” these watch faces celebrate their favorite characters while also introducing a dose of nostalgia for parents. Character-themed faces transcend age, adding a delightful charm to the Apple Watch experience.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse:

Classic Disney characters that bring a touch of nostalgia and playfulness to the watch face. Mickey and Minnie can tell the time by pointing their hands to the hour and minute.

Toy Story Characters:

Characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Forky can bring the magic of Toy Story to the watch face. These characters add a sense of adventure and imagination.

Snoopy and Friends:

The “Snoopy” watch face features animated versions of Snoopy, Woodstock, and other Peanuts characters. It’s a charming choice that appeals to both kids and adults.

SpongeBob SquarePants:

SpongeBob and his underwater friends can adorn the watch face with their vibrant and fun personalities. This watch face is perfect for fans of the show.

Disney Princesses:

For kids who love Disney princesses, there are watch faces featuring characters like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and more. Each princess brings her unique charm to the watch face.

Pixar Characters:

Characters from Pixar movies like “Finding Nemo,” “Cars,” and “The Incredibles” can make the watch face a mini celebration of Pixar’s creativity.

Hello Kitty:

The adorable Hello Kitty and her cute companions can make the watch face cute and colorful, appealing to fans of this iconic character.

Star Wars Characters:

Star Wars enthusiasts can enjoy watch faces with characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, and BB-8. These faces bring a touch of the galactic adventure to the wrist.

Marvel Superheroes:

Marvel fans can showcase their favorite superheroes, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America, on their watch faces.

Nintendo Characters:

Nintendo-themed watch faces can feature characters from games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon, adding a gaming twist to the watch.

Pusheen the Cat:

Pusheen, the chubby gray tabby cat, is known for its adorable expressions and playful antics. A Pusheen-themed watch face is sure to bring smiles.

Paw Patrol:

Featuring characters from the animated series, a Paw Patrol watch face is ideal for kids who love rescue missions and teamwork.

When selecting a character-themed watch face for a child, consider their favorite characters, shows, and movies. This personal touch can make the watch even more special and enjoyable. Remember that Apple frequently updates its watch face options, so keep an eye out for new character themes that might be added in the future.

V. Exploring the Educational Apple Watch Faces for Kids: Enhancing Learning on the Go

In the digital age, learning knows no boundaries. Educational watch faces, such as “Explorer” and “Numerals Mono,” offer opportunities for kids to engage with numbers, letters, and geography while on the move. These faces make learning feel like play, encouraging curiosity and knowledge-building even outside the classroom.

Explorer Watch Face:

The “Explorer” watch face features a dynamic 3D globe that can be rotated and zoomed in on. This is a fantastic way to introduce kids to geography and different parts of the world. They can explore continents, countries, and bodies of water right from their wrist.

Numerals Mono Watch Face:

The “Numerals Mono” watch face is not only stylish but also educational. It displays the time using large numerals, helping kids practice reading and recognizing numbers. This is especially useful for young children who are learning to tell time.

Activity Rings:

While not a traditional watch face, the activity rings on the Apple Watch promote physical activity and healthy habits. Kids can learn about setting goals, tracking their movement, and understanding the importance of staying active.

Weather Watch Face:

The weather watch face provides real-time weather updates and forecasts. This can spark discussions about different weather conditions, seasons, and how to interpret weather information.

Analog Watch Face:

The classic analog watch face helps kids learn about time in a traditional way. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about hours, minutes, and the concept of the clock’s hands.

Count Up Watch Face:

This watch face can be used to track elapsed time. It’s a simple way for kids to practice time measurement, such as timing activities or tasks.

Timer and Stopwatch Complications:

While not watch faces themselves, adding timer and stopwatch complications can help kids with time management. They can learn about setting timers for activities, tracking durations, and managing tasks.

Calendar Watch Face:

The calendar watch face displays upcoming events and appointments. This can help kids become more aware of scheduling and time management.

Memojis and Emojis:

While not strictly educational, Memojis and emojis can be used to spark creativity and language exploration. Kids can express emotions, create stories, and communicate using these visual elements.

Translate Watch Face:

For older kids, the Translate watch face can assist in language learning by providing quick translations and promoting vocabulary expansion.

These educational watch faces can seamlessly integrate learning into a child’s daily routine. Whether it’s exploring geography, practicing time-telling skills, or understanding weather patterns, these features make learning engaging and enjoyable. Parents and caregivers can take advantage of these tools to supplement formal education and encourage a curious and inquisitive mindset.

VI. Safety First: Apple Watch Faces for Kids with Built-in Parental Controls

Technology and safety go hand in hand, and Apple recognizes the importance of ensuring a secure digital experience for kids. With parental controls, parents can manage which apps and features their kids can access. Enabling the “Schooltime” mode during class hours prevents distractions, and the “Always On” feature ensures that only essential information is visible at all times.

Guided Access:

Guided Access allows parents to limit the watch to a single app and control which features are accessible. This is particularly useful for younger kids, ensuring they stay within a specific app or activity.

Schooltime Mode:

Schooltime mode is designed to minimize distractions during school hours. It restricts access to apps and complications, displaying only the time. Parents can customize which apps are available during Schooltime.

Always On Display Mode:

The “Always On” feature is designed to show a simplified version of the watch face even when the wrist is down. This is helpful to ensure that only essential information is visible without revealing potentially sensitive data.

App Restrictions:

Parents can use Family Sharing settings to manage app downloads and purchases. This ensures that kids only access age-appropriate content and apps.

Notifications Management:

Parents can control which apps send notifications to the child’s Apple Watch. This helps in curbing distractions and ensuring that notifications are relevant and not overwhelming.

Location Sharing:

Parents can use location sharing to keep track of their child’s whereabouts. This feature can provide peace of mind and safety, especially for younger kids.

Emergency SOS:

The Emergency SOS feature allows kids to quickly contact emergency services and selected contacts in case of a crisis.

Screen Time Limits:

While not specific to watch faces, the Screen Time feature on iOS devices can also extend to the Apple Watch. Parents can set limits on usage time, schedule downtime, and manage app usage.

Setting Up Family Sharing:

Family Sharing enables parents to create Apple IDs for kids and set up parental controls across all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.

Communication Restrictions:

Parents can manage communication features like messages and FaceTime to ensure that kids are interacting with approved contacts.

By utilizing these built-in parental controls and features, parents can create a safe and controlled environment for their children while using the Apple Watch. It’s important to have open conversations with kids about responsible technology use and why certain restrictions are in place to ensure they understand and cooperate.

VII. Adventure-inspired Apple Watch Faces for Kids: Encouraging Playfulness and Imagination

Every day is an adventure for kids, and their watch face can reflect that spirit of playfulness. Adventure-themed watch faces like “Timelapse” and “California” encapsulate the beauty of the outdoors and inspire kids to explore the world around them. Whether it’s the changing skyline or the vibrant beaches, these watch faces invite kids to dream and imagine.

Timelapse Watch Face:

The “Timelapse” watch face features stunning time-lapse videos of iconic landscapes. From cityscapes to natural wonders, these watch faces showcase the beauty of the world, encouraging kids to appreciate the outdoors.

California Watch Face:

The “California” watch face features a playful, colorful design with animations that change throughout the day. It can evoke the feeling of a sunny day and inspire kids to engage in outdoor activities.

Solar Watch Face:

The “Solar” watch face displays a dynamic, animated representation of the sun’s position relative to your location. It’s a great way for kids to understand the concept of time passing and the movement of the sun in the sky.

Photos Watch Face:

The “Photos” watch face allows kids to set a photo from their favorite outdoor adventure as the watch background. This can serve as a reminder of their real-life explorations and experiences.

Motion Watch Faces:

There are various motion watch faces that depict natural elements like water, fire, and earth in motion. These watch faces can spark conversations about the elements and the environment.

Typography Watch Face:

The “Typography” watch face allows you to display a word or phrase against a backdrop of dynamic animations. Kids can choose adventure-related words or quotes to keep them inspired.

Gradient Watch Faces:

Some gradient watch faces offer a blend of colors reminiscent of sunsets, forests, oceans, and more. These watch faces can evoke a sense of calm and curiosity.

Astronomy Watch Face:

For budding astronomers, the “Astronomy” watch face provides real-time data about celestial bodies and their positions. It’s a great way to nurture an interest in space and science.

Kaleidoscope Watch Face:

The “Kaleidoscope” watch face creates intricate patterns that can resemble the beauty of nature. It’s a unique and mesmerizing way to express creativity.

Weather Watch Faces:

Watch faces that display weather conditions can encourage kids to observe and appreciate changes in the weather and seasons.

These adventure-inspired watch faces can spark conversations about nature, travel, and exploration. They can also serve as a source of inspiration for kids to go out and discover the world around them. Remember to tailor the watch face choice to the child’s interests and preferences for the most engaging experience.


Selecting the perfect Apple Watch face for kids is an opportunity to nurture their creativity, learning, and sense of wonder. From interactive characters to educational tools and safety features, the Apple Watch becomes a companion that enriches their lives. As you guide kids in choosing and customizing their watch faces, you’re providing them with a slice of technology that’s not just functional, but also full of magic and joy. The world of Apple Watch faces for kids is a world of endless possibilities—it’s a canvas that celebrates their individuality, curiosity, and boundless imagination.


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