How to Create Your Own Apple Watch Face: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2023

by Barbara Wilson

The Apple Watch is more than just a timekeeping device; it’s a customizable accessory that reflects your style and preferences. While Apple provides a variety of watch faces to choose from, the ability to create your own Apple Watch face offers a personalized touch. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll navigate the realm of Apple Watch face customization, from design tools to sharing your creations with fellow enthusiasts.


I. The Top Tools for Creating Your Own Apple Watch Face

Apple Watch is not just a functional device; it’s also a fashion statement. One of the ways to personalize your Apple Watch is by creating your own watch face. With the right tools, you can design a watch face that matches your style, mood, or interests. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top tools you can use to create your own Apple Watch face and unleash your creativity:


1. Apple Watch Face Gallery: Apple provides an array of pre-designed watch faces that you can customize with different complications, colors, and styles. You can mix and match elements to create a watch face that suits your preferences. To access this feature, open the Watch app on your paired iPhone and navigate to “Face Gallery.”


2. Custom Photo Watch Faces: You can create a personalized watch face using your own photos. Simply select a photo from your iPhone’s gallery, customize it with complications, and set it as your watch face. This adds a personal touch to your Apple Watch and allows you to carry your memories on your wrist.


3. Third-Party Apps: Several third-party apps offer tools to design and create unique watch faces for your Apple Watch. Apps like “Facer” and “Watchsmith” provide extensive customization options, allowing you to choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and complications.

4. Photoshop and Design Software: For more advanced customization, you can use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Create intricate watch face designs, incorporate custom graphics, and experiment with typography. Once you’re satisfied with your design, you can sync it to your Apple Watch.

5. Online Watch Face Generators: Several online platforms and websites allow you to create custom Apple Watch faces without the need for design skills. These generators offer user-friendly interfaces where you can select elements, colors, and complications to build your ideal watch face.

6. Widgets and Complications: Widgets and complications are essential components of Apple Watch faces. They provide information at a glance, such as weather updates, calendar events, fitness stats, and more. Customize your watch face by choosing the most relevant widgets and complications for your daily routine.

7. Color Matching: Pay attention to color harmony when creating your watch face. Coordinate the colors of the watch face background, elements, and complications to ensure a visually pleasing and coherent design.

8. Experiment and Save: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs, layouts, and colors. You can save multiple watch face configurations and switch between them based on your mood, activity, or outfit.

9. Sync and Enjoy: Once you’ve designed your Apple Watch face, sync it to your watch via the Watch app on your iPhone. Enjoy your personalized creation every time you glance at your wrist.

10. Keep Updating: The beauty of creating your own Apple Watch face is that you can change it whenever you like. Keep updating your watch face to reflect different occasions, seasons, or personal milestones.

Creating your own Apple Watch face is a fantastic way to express your individuality and style. Whether you prefer simple designs or intricate graphics, the tools mentioned in this guide offer a range of options to suit your creativity and technical skill level. Personalize your Apple Watch and make it an extension of your personality by crafting a watch face that’s uniquely yours.

II. How to Design Your Own Apple Watch Face: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Designing your own Apple Watch face is a fun and creative way to personalize your device. With a variety of tools and customization options at your disposal, you can create a watch face that reflects your style, interests, and preferences. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to design your very own Apple Watch face:

Step 1: Choose Your Base Watch Face

1.Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2.Tap on “Face Gallery” to explore the pre-designed watch faces.

3.Browse through the available options and choose a base watch face that suits your style. Consider factors such as color, layout, and complications.

Step 2: Customize Complications

1.After selecting a base watch face, tap on “Customize.”

2.Swipe left or right to access the various complications that you can add to the watch face.

3.Tap on a complication area to select it for customization.

4.Use the digital crown to scroll through available complications and choose the one that provides the information you want at a glance.

Step 3: Add Photos or Custom Graphics

1.If your chosen watch face supports photos or custom graphics, tap on the areas designated for these elements.

2.Select “Photo” to choose an image from your iPhone’s gallery. Crop and position the image as desired.

3.If you’re using a custom graphic, ensure it’s sized appropriately for the watch face and tap “Add.”

4.Adjust the image or graphic to fit within the designated area and complement the overall design.

Step 4: Adjust Colors and Styles

1.Many watch faces allow you to adjust colors, styles, and features. Look for options that let you customize the background color, element colors, and complications.

2.Experiment with different color combinations that resonate with your personal preferences.

Step 5: Preview and Save

1.Once you’ve customized your watch face to your satisfaction, tap “Done” to preview the final result.

2.Swipe to the left or right to see how your watch face looks with different complications and colors.

3.When you’re happy with your design, tap “Set as Current Watch Face” to apply it to your Apple Watch.

Step 6: Sync Your Apple Watch

1.Your customized watch face will be synced to your Apple Watch automatically.

2.Lift your wrist to activate the watch and enjoy your newly designed watch face.

Step 7: Edit and Update

1.Don’t be afraid to make changes and updates to your watch face whenever you like.

2.Open the Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to “Face Gallery,” and choose “My Faces” to access your saved watch faces. From there, you can edit, duplicate, or delete them.

Designing your own Apple Watch face is an enjoyable process that allows you to create a unique and personalized experience on your wrist. With a base watch face, complications, photos, and color customization, you can craft a watch face that perfectly suits your style and preferences. As you explore different designs and experiment with various elements, your Apple Watch becomes a canvas for self-expression, giving you a sense of ownership and individuality with every glance.

III. The Best Design Tips for Creating Your Own Apple Watch Face

Creating your own Apple Watch face is an exciting opportunity to express your style and preferences while optimizing the watch’s functionality. To help you design a watch face that’s both visually appealing and practical, consider these design tips:

1. Prioritize Readability: Ensure that the information on your watch face is easy to read at a glance. Choose legible fonts, contrasting colors, and appropriate text sizes for complications and other elements.

2. Start Simple: Begin with a clean and simple design. Choose a base watch face that resonates with you and customize it gradually by adding complications and personal touches. Overcomplicating the design can make it visually cluttered and hard to interpret.

3. Balance and Alignment: Maintain visual balance by arranging complications symmetrically or in a way that feels harmonious. Align complications with the edges of the watch face for a polished look.

4. Complement Colors: Select colors that complement each other and reflect your personal style. Avoid using too many vibrant colors that might distract from the time and complications.

5. Coordinate with Watch Bands: Consider the color and material of your watch band when designing the watch face. Create a cohesive look by matching the watch face’s colors with the band’s tones.

6. Embrace Negative Space: Negative space, also known as white space, is essential for visual clarity. Don’t overcrowd the watch face with too many elements. Leaving areas of empty space helps the eye focus on the most important information.

7. Consider Complication Placement: Place the most essential complications in prominent areas, such as the center of the watch face or the corners. Less critical information can be placed along the edges.

8. Use Symmetry and Asymmetry: Experiment with both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. Symmetry often evokes a sense of elegance and order, while asymmetry can create a dynamic and unique look.

9. Test with Different Complications: Try different combinations of complications to see which ones provide the most relevant information for your daily activities. Customizing complications ensures your watch face is tailored to your lifestyle.

10. Preview on the Watch: Regularly preview your design on the actual Apple Watch to see how it looks on a smaller screen. Sometimes, designs that look great on a larger display might not translate well to the watch’s dimensions.

11. Match with Activities: Create multiple watch faces tailored to different activities or occasions. For example, have a sporty watch face with fitness-related complications and a more formal one for work meetings.

12. Seasonal Themes: Change your watch face design based on the season or upcoming holidays. This keeps your watch fresh and in tune with the time of year.

13. Reflect Personal Interests: Incorporate elements that reflect your hobbies, passions, or interests. Whether it’s a favorite color, sports team logo, or quote, these personal touches make your watch face truly yours.

14. Iterate and Experiment: Don’t hesitate to experiment with various designs. Create multiple watch faces and save them for easy switching. You might discover unexpected combinations that you love.

15. Stay True to Your Style: Ultimately, design a watch face that resonates with your personal style. Your watch face should be an extension of yourself, reflecting your tastes, preferences, and the way you want to interact with your Apple Watch.

Designing your own Apple Watch face is a chance to craft a digital canvas that matches your aesthetic and enhances your daily routine. By keeping these design tips in mind, you’ll create a watch face that’s not only visually pleasing but also functional and tailored to your unique needs. Your personalized watch face becomes an extension of your personality and adds a touch of artistry to your wrist.

IV. How to Use Third-Party Apps to Create Your Own Apple Watch Face

If you’re looking to take your Apple Watch customization to the next level, third-party apps offer a range of tools and features to design your own watch faces. These apps provide extensive customization options, enabling you to create watch faces that suit your style and preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use third-party apps to design your own Apple Watch face:

Step 1: Choose a Third-Party App

1.Explore the App Store on your paired iPhone.

2.Search for third-party apps that offer Apple Watch face customization. Popular options include “Facer,” “Watchsmith,” and “Pujie Black.”

Step 2: Install and Launch the App

1.Download and install the chosen app from the App Store.

2.Open the app to access its features and customization tools.

Step 3: Select a Watch Face Template

1.In the app, browse through the available watch face templates or designs.

2.Choose a template that resonates with your style and design preferences. Many apps offer a wide range of styles, from minimalistic to intricate.

Step 4: Customize Complications and Elements

1.Once you’ve selected a template, you can customize various elements, including complications, colors, and backgrounds.

2.Tap on different areas of the watch face to select and customize complications. Some apps allow you to add custom graphics or images to specific sections.

Step 5: Adjust Layout and Design

1.Experiment with the layout of complications, elements, and graphics to achieve your desired look.

2.Use the app’s intuitive tools to adjust the placement, size, and alignment of various components.

Step 6: Save and Sync

1.After customizing your watch face, save your design within the app.

2.Some apps offer direct syncing options, allowing you to send your custom watch face directly to your Apple Watch.

Step 7: Sync to Your Apple Watch

1.If the app doesn’t offer direct syncing, open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2.Navigate to the “My Watch” tab and select “Clock” to access your available watch faces.

3.Find the third-party app’s name and select your custom watch face from the list of available options.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Custom Watch Face

1.Your custom watch face will now be available on your Apple Watch.

2.Swipe through your watch faces to find and select your newly designed creation.

Step 9: Explore Additional Features

1.Many third-party apps offer additional features such as dynamic complications, animations, and weather updates.

2.Explore these features to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your custom watch face.

Step 10: Update and Experiment

1.Don’t hesitate to update and experiment with your custom watch face as often as you like.

2.Use the third-party app’s tools to fine-tune your design or create entirely new watch face variations.

Third-party apps provide a creative playground for designing personalized Apple Watch faces that cater to your individual style and preferences. With their versatile customization options, you can create watch faces that truly stand out and express your uniqueness. By following this guide, you’ll be able to navigate third-party apps with ease and design a watch face that’s as functional as it is visually appealing. Your wrist becomes a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to enjoy a personalized Apple Watch experience like never before.

V. The Best Resources for Apple Watch Face Design Inspiration

Designing a captivating and functional Apple Watch face requires inspiration and creativity. Whether you’re looking for color schemes, layout ideas, or unique complications, there are numerous resources available to spark your imagination. Here’s a guide to the best sources for Apple Watch face design inspiration:

1. Apple Watch Face Gallery: Start with the official source – the Apple Watch Face Gallery. This app provides a curated selection of pre-designed watch faces, each with its own unique style and complications. Use these designs as a starting point for your own creations.

2. WatchOS Reddit Community: Reddit has a dedicated community, r/AppleWatch, where enthusiasts share their custom watch faces, design concepts, and tips. Browse through the posts to discover innovative designs and engage with fellow Apple Watch users.

3. Pinterest: Pinterest is a treasure trove of design inspiration. Search for “Apple Watch face design” or related keywords to find boards and pins showcasing various watch face designs, color combinations, and creative layouts.

4. Design Websites and Blogs: Design-focused websites and blogs often feature articles and showcases related to Apple Watch face design. Websites like Behance and Dribbble showcase the work of designers who create custom watch faces.

5. Instagram and Social Media: Follow Apple Watch enthusiasts, designers, and influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms. Many users share their own watch face creations, offering insights into their design processes.

6. YouTube Tutorials: YouTube hosts a variety of tutorials on creating custom Apple Watch faces using different tools and apps. These tutorials guide you through the design process step by step, helping you master various techniques.

7. Online Forums and Communities: Participate in online forums and communities dedicated to Apple Watch customization. Websites like MacRumors and Apple Community are great places to connect with like-minded individuals, share your designs, and gather inspiration.

8. Design Apps and Platforms: Apps like “Facer” and “Watchsmith” have built-in features that allow users to share their custom watch face designs. Browse through the designs created by others to discover new ideas and concepts.

9. Art and Photography Websites: Explore art and photography websites for imagery and color palettes that resonate with you. Incorporate these elements into your watch face design to add a touch of artistry.

10. Observe Everyday Life: Pay attention to your surroundings, fashion trends, and nature. Everyday life can provide unexpected inspiration for color combinations, typography, and graphical elements.

11. Personal Interests: Consider your hobbies and interests. Whether it’s sports, music, movies, or travel, integrating elements from your passions into your watch face design adds a personal touch.

12. Experiment and Remix: Feel free to remix and reinterpret existing designs you come across. Combine different ideas, layouts, and complications to create a watch face that’s uniquely yours.

The world is full of inspiration waiting to be discovered. By exploring these diverse resources, you’ll find a wealth of ideas to ignite your creativity and elevate your Apple Watch face design. Remember, the key is to adapt and personalize these inspirations to create a watch face that resonates with your individual style and preferences. With the right sources at your fingertips, your Apple Watch face becomes a canvas for self-expression and an embodiment of your creative vision.

VI. How to Share Your Custom Apple Watch Face with Others: A Tutorial

Creating a stunning custom Apple Watch face is a rewarding experience, and sharing your design with friends, family, or the online community can bring your creativity to a wider audience. Whether you’ve designed a watch face using built-in tools or third-party apps, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to share your custom Apple Watch face with others:

Method 1: Sharing a Custom Apple Watch Face Using Built-in Tools:

Step 1: Design and Customize Your Watch Face

1.Use the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone to design and customize your watch face.

2.Choose a base watch face, customize complications, and add personal touches like photos and colors.

Step 2: Save the Custom Watch Face

1.Once you’ve designed the watch face to your satisfaction, tap “Done.”

.The watch face will be automatically saved as part of your available watch faces.

Step 3: Share a Screenshot:

1.Go to the watch face you want to share.

2.Take a screenshot of your Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously.

3.The screenshot will be saved to your iPhone’s Photos app.

Step 4: Share the Screenshot:

1.Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

2.Locate the screenshot of your custom watch face.

3.Tap the “Share” button and choose your preferred method of sharing, such as messages, email, or social media.

Method 2: Sharing a Custom Apple Watch Face Using Third-Party Apps:

Step 1: Design and Customize Your Watch Face

1.Use a third-party app like “Facer” or “Watchsmith” to design and customize your watch face.

2.Choose a template, add complications, customize colors, and arrange elements as desired.

Step 2: Save the Custom Watch Face:

1.In the third-party app, save your custom watch face design within the app itself.

Step 3: Share the Design:

1.Most third-party apps provide sharing options directly within the app.

2.Look for a “Share” or “Export” button to generate a shareable link or QR code for your custom watch face.

Step 4: Distribute the Shareable Link:

1.Share the link or QR code through messages, social media, or email.

2.Recipients can use the link or QR code to access and download your custom watch face directly to their Apple Watch using the third-party app.

Note: When sharing custom watch faces created with third-party apps, ensure that the recipients have the same app installed on their devices to access and apply the design.

Sharing your custom Apple Watch face is a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and connect with others who share your interests. Whether you use built-in tools or third-party apps, following these steps will help you easily share your design with friends, family, or the broader Apple Watch community. Your custom watch face becomes a source of inspiration and a unique expression of your personal style for others to enjoy on their wrists.

VII. The Best Apple Watch Face Design Communities: A Guide

Joining Apple Watch face design communities can be an enriching experience, allowing you to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share your creations, and gain inspiration from others’ designs. These communities provide a platform to discuss techniques, exchange ideas, and showcase your custom watch faces. Here’s a guide to some of the best Apple Watch face design communities:

1. Reddit – r/AppleWatch: Reddit hosts a thriving community of Apple Watch users and designers. The r/AppleWatch subreddit features discussions, design showcases, and tutorials related to Apple Watch face customization. It’s a fantastic place to connect with others, seek advice, and share your own creations.

2. Reddit – r/AppleWatchFaces: Dedicated to all things Apple Watch faces, this subreddit is a hub for sharing and discovering custom watch face designs. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or showcasing your latest creation, r/AppleWatchFaces is a vibrant community to be a part of.

3. Reddit – r/Shortcuts: While not exclusively for watch face design, the r/Shortcuts subreddit focuses on creating shortcuts and automations for iOS devices, including Apple Watch. If you’re interested in creating dynamic complications and watch face enhancements, this community can provide valuable insights.

4. Watch Face Gallery: This website offers a platform for Apple Watch enthusiasts to share their custom watch face designs. You can upload your designs to the gallery and browse through a collection of unique and creative watch faces for inspiration.

5. Facebook Groups: Search for Facebook groups dedicated to Apple Watch enthusiasts and customization. Groups like “Apple Watch Custom Faces” and “Apple Watch Users” offer spaces to discuss design ideas, share watch faces, and engage with fellow members.

6. Instagram: Instagram is a visual platform where users often share their watch face designs using the #AppleWatchFaces hashtag. By following this hashtag and connecting with fellow designers, you can explore a diverse array of watch face creations.

7. Pinterest: Pinterest boards and pins related to Apple Watch face design offer a treasure trove of visual inspiration. Discover color palettes, layout ideas, and unique watch face concepts that you can incorporate into your own designs.

8. DeviantArt: DeviantArt features a community of artists and designers who share their digital creations, including custom Apple Watch faces. Explore the platform to find innovative and artistic watch face designs.

9. Online Forums and Communities: Websites like MacRumors and Apple Community host sections dedicated to Apple Watch customization. Engage in discussions, share your designs, and gather insights from fellow enthusiasts.

10. Third-Party App Communities: If you use third-party apps to design your watch faces, explore their online communities. Apps like “Facer” and “Watchsmith” often have forums or platforms where users share their creations and techniques.

Participating in Apple Watch face design communities offers a supportive and collaborative environment to fuel your creativity. By joining these communities, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your designs, learn from others, and stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the world of Apple Watch customization. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, these communities provide a space to connect, inspire, and be inspired by the diverse world of custom watch face design.

VIII. How to Create a Custom Apple Watch Face Using Your Own Photos: A Tutorial

Designing a custom Apple Watch face using your own photos is a wonderful way to personalize your device and carry your favorite memories with you. With just a few simple steps, you can create a watch face that’s both meaningful and unique. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a custom Apple Watch face using your own photos:

Step 1: Choose a Photo

1.Open the Photos app on your paired iPhone.

2.Browse through your photo library and select the image you want to use for your watch face.

Step 2: Create a Watch Face

1.Tap on the selected photo to open it.

2.Tap the share button (box with an arrow) located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

3.Scroll down and select “Create Watch Face.”

Step 3: Choose a Watch Face Style

1.You’ll be presented with different watch face styles that support photo backgrounds.

2.Swipe left or right to preview each style and choose the one that complements your photo best.

Step 4: Adjust the Photo

1.Depending on the watch face style, you might have options to zoom, reposition, or crop the photo.

2.Use the on-screen controls to adjust the photo’s placement and size to your liking.

Step 5: Customize Complications

1.After adjusting the photo, tap “Add” or “Customize” to proceed.

2.Customize the complications (widgets) you want to display on your watch face.

3.Choose complications that provide relevant information like weather, calendar events, or activity rings.

Step 6: Name Your Watch Face

1.Tap the text area displaying the watch face name to edit it.

2.Enter a name for your custom watch face, such as “Vacation Memories” or “Family Photos.”

Step 7: Add the Watch Face

1.Tap “Add” to save and add the custom watch face to your Apple Watch.

2.The watch face will be synced to your watch and will be accessible in the watch face gallery.

Step 8: Sync Your Apple Watch

1.On your Apple Watch, press the digital crown to access the watch face gallery.

2.Swipe to find the newly added custom watch face and tap to set it as your active watch face.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Personalized Watch Face

1.Lift your wrist to activate your Apple Watch and enjoy your custom watch face featuring your chosen photo and complications.

Step 10: Change Complications and Update

1.You can further customize your watch face by changing the complications and their arrangements.

2.Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone to edit the complications and update your watch face’s information.

Creating a custom Apple Watch face using your own photos is a heartfelt way to add a personal touch to your device. By following these steps, you’ll be able to design a watch face that’s unique, meaningful, and visually appealing. Each time you check your Apple Watch, you’ll be reminded of the special memories associated with the photo you’ve chosen, making your watch face an extension of your life’s moments.

IX. The Best Apple Watch Face Design Software: A Guide

When it comes to creating intricate and unique Apple Watch faces, having the right software can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, specialized software can help you bring your creative visions to life. Here’s a guide to some of the best Apple Watch face design software available:

1. Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and versatile image editing software. With its extensive range of tools and features, you can create detailed and intricate watch face designs, manipulate images, and experiment with color palettes.

2. Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software that’s perfect for creating clean, scalable designs. It’s great for designing elements such as icons, complications, and backgrounds for your watch face.

3. Sketch: Sketch is a popular vector graphics app for macOS that’s known for its user-friendly interface and design-focused features. It’s particularly well-suited for designing user interfaces, icons, and other graphical elements for watch faces.

4. Figma: Figma is a collaborative design tool that works both online and offline. It’s excellent for creating interactive and dynamic watch face designs. You can collaborate with others in real-time and create responsive designs for different screen sizes.

5. Procreate: If you’re using an iPad, Procreate is a powerful digital painting app that lets you create intricate designs and illustrations with ease. It’s a great choice for creating custom artwork and graphics for your watch face.

6. Canva: Canva is a user-friendly design tool that offers a range of templates and design elements. It’s perfect for beginners who want to create visually appealing watch faces using pre-made elements and customization options.

7. Affinity Designer: Affinity Designer is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, offering a wide range of vector design tools. It’s known for its smooth performance and robust features, making it suitable for creating complex watch face designs.

8. Watchsmith: While not a traditional design software, Watchsmith is an app that allows you to customize complications and create dynamic watch faces using data sources like your calendar, weather, and health data.

9. Facer: Facer is both an app and a platform that allows you to design and share custom watch faces for Apple Watch and other smartwatches. It offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

10. WatchMaker: Similar to Facer, WatchMaker is another app and platform for creating custom watch faces. It provides a range of tools for designing and personalizing watch faces, including complications and animations.

In Conclusion: The choice of Apple Watch face design software depends on your level of expertise, preferences, and the complexity of the designs you wish to create. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are industry standards for graphic design, while apps like Figma and Canva offer more approachable options. Experiment with different software to find the one that best aligns with your creative process and helps you bring your unique Apple Watch face designs to life.

X. How to Create a Custom Apple Watch Face Using Third-Party Complications: A Tutorial

Apple Watch’s third-party complications allow you to personalize your watch face with dynamic and specialized information. By integrating data from apps you love, you can design a watch face that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create a custom Apple Watch face using third-party complications:

Step 1: Choose a Watch Face

1.On your Apple Watch, press the digital crown to access the watch face gallery.

2.Swipe left or right to browse through the available watch face styles and select the one you want to customize.

Step 2: Customize the Complications

1.Once you’ve chosen a watch face, firmly press the watch face to enter customization mode.

2.Look for the “Customize” button or option and tap it.

Step 3: Add Complications

1.Swipe to find the complication you want to customize. Complications are usually areas on the watch face that display additional information, such as weather, activity rings, or upcoming calendar events.

2.Tap on a complication area to open the customization options.

Step 4: Choose a Third-Party Complication

1.Swipe through the available complications to find third-party options.

2.You might see complications from apps like weather, fitness, reminders, or news.

3.Tap on a third-party complication that interests you.

Step 5: Customize the Third-Party Complication

1.Depending on the app, you may have various customization options.

2.Adjust settings like data source, appearance, and refresh rate.

3.Follow on-screen instructions to set up the complication to your liking.

Step 6: Repeat for Additional Complications

1.If you want to add more third-party complications, repeat the process by swiping to different complication areas and selecting new apps.

Step 7: Finalize and Save

1.Once you’ve added and customized all desired complications, tap “Done” or a similar option to save your custom watch face.

Step 8: Set as Active Watch Face

1.Lift your wrist or press the digital crown to exit customization mode.

2.The watch face you’ve customized will now be set as your active watch face.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Custom Watch Face

1.Enjoy the convenience of having specialized information at a glance on your wrist.

2.Swipe through your watch face to view the different complications you’ve added.

Step 10: Continue Exploring and Customizing

1.Don’t hesitate to revisit customization mode and experiment with different complications and layouts.

2.You can change complications at any time to keep your watch face tailored to your needs.

Customizing your Apple Watch face with third-party complications is a fantastic way to make your device work for you. By following this tutorial, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate data from your favorite apps, ensuring that your watch face displays the information that matters most to you. With each glance at your wrist, you’ll have access to up-to-date and relevant information, making your Apple Watch an even more valuable and personalized companion.


Creating your own Apple Watch face is a journey of self-expression, creativity, and personalization. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll unlock the tools, techniques, and insights needed to craft watch faces that resonate with your style and preferences. From design considerations to sharing your creations with a community of fellow enthusiasts, the journey of customizing your Apple Watch face is an artful endeavor that transforms your wearable into a reflection of your individuality.


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