Cartier Watch Found in Hounslow Charity Shop Raises £10,000 for British Heart Foundation

by Barbara

In a heartwarming turn of events, a small charity shop in Hounslow, London, became the center of attention when a valuable Cartier watch was discovered among the donated items. The discovery sparked excitement and intrigue among collectors and enthusiasts, leading to an impressive online auction that saw the timepiece raise a staggering £10,000. The proceeds went to the British Heart Foundation, a renowned charity organization dedicated to fighting heart disease. In this article, we will delve into the details of this extraordinary find, from the model of the Cartier watch to the process of authentication, and finally, the fortunate buyer who acquired this treasured timepiece.


I. The Cartier Watch’s Impressive Auction Price

The Cartier watch that was found in the Hounslow charity shop generated significant buzz as news of its discovery spread. Its eventual selling price at the online auction reached an astounding £10,000, far surpassing initial estimates and expectations. This price is a testament to the rarity and value of the timepiece, as well as the charitable spirit of the bidders who participated in the auction.


II. Unveiling the Cartier Watch Model

The specific model of the Cartier watch discovered in the charity shop has been revealed as the Cartier Santos. The Cartier Santos is a legendary timepiece, steeped in history and elegance, originally created by Louis Cartier in 1904. It was designed as a gift for his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. This iconic watch was one of the earliest wristwatches created, and its unique design has made it a timeless classic among luxury watch collectors.


The Cartier Santos features a distinctive square case with rounded corners, a hallmark blue cabochon on the crown, and Roman numeral hour markers on the dial. The watch’s blend of sophistication and functionality has made it a popular choice among both men and women for over a century.


III. Ensuring Authenticity: The British Heart Foundation’s Process

Before presenting the Cartier watch for auction, the British Heart Foundation took great care to authenticate the timepiece to ensure its legitimacy and value. Given the proliferation of counterfeit luxury watches in the market, verifying the authenticity of a valuable item like the Cartier Santos is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the auction.

The foundation enlisted the expertise of professional horologists and watch specialists to carefully inspect the watch’s physical attributes, movement, and serial numbers. They also verified the watch’s provenance and history, seeking any available documentation to support its authenticity.

Additionally, the Cartier watch was sent to the official Cartier workshops for an assessment. The Cartier maison is renowned for its commitment to excellence, and their evaluation provided an additional layer of assurance regarding the watch’s authenticity. The certification from Cartier further solidified the watch’s value and provided potential bidders with the confidence they needed to participate in the auction.

IV. The Thrilling Bidding Process

The online auction of the Cartier Santos watch turned out to be a thrilling affair, attracting attention from collectors, investors, and admirers of fine timepieces from all corners of the globe. The rarity and historical significance of the watch, combined with the charitable cause, created an electric atmosphere as bids poured in.

The British Heart Foundation chose a reputable online auction platform, renowned for hosting high-profile sales of luxury items. The platform’s secure and transparent bidding process allowed participants to place their bids with ease and confidence. The foundation also set a reserve price to ensure that the Cartier watch’s value would be realized, and they were delighted to see the bidding rapidly surpass that figure.

The excitement of the auction extended beyond the online platform, with news outlets covering the event and enthusiasts eagerly discussing the auction’s progress on social media. This heightened interest in the Cartier watch not only contributed to its final selling price but also raised awareness about the crucial work done by the British Heart Foundation in combating heart disease.

V. The Grateful Benefactor: Who Acquired the Cartier Santos?

The final chapter of this remarkable story culminated in the revelation of the watch’s new owner. After a flurry of competitive bids, the Cartier Santos was ultimately purchased by a private collector who wished to remain anonymous. The collector’s passion for horology and appreciation for the Cartier brand led them to bid generously for the timepiece.

In a heartfelt statement released through the British Heart Foundation, the new owner expressed their delight in acquiring such an iconic watch and conveyed their appreciation for the charity’s work. The collector also revealed that the watch would be cherished in their collection, serving as a reminder of the positive impact one small charitable act can have on the lives of others.

VI. Cartier Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the significance of the Cartier watch being the British Heart Foundation’s biggest online auction sale?

The significance of the Cartier watch being the British Heart Foundation’s biggest online auction sale lies in its unexpected nature and the substantial contribution it makes to the charity’s mission. As a reputable and trusted organization, the British Heart Foundation works tirelessly to combat heart disease, which remains one of the leading causes of death globally. While the charity receives donations of various kinds, discovering a valuable luxury item like a Cartier watch among the usual items is a rare occurrence. The unexpected nature of this find, combined with its high value, has captured public attention and triggered a wave of generous bidding during the auction, resulting in the substantial sum of £10,000. This remarkable outcome not only provides crucial financial support for the British Heart Foundation’s ongoing initiatives but also raises awareness about the importance of supporting the fight against heart disease.

Q2: Which branch of the British Heart Foundation founded the Cartier watch?

The discovery of the Cartier watch was made at one of the British Heart Foundation’s charity shops located in Hounslow. As a prominent chain of stores spread across the United Kingdom, these shops play a vital role in raising funds for the charity’s various healthcare projects, research initiatives, and public awareness campaigns. Donations from generous individuals and organizations constitute the primary source of inventory for these shops, making them a treasure trove of second-hand items ranging from clothing to household goods. The exact origin of the Cartier watch is unknown, but it is believed to have been donated by a well-intentioned individual who may have been unaware of its true value.

Q3: How did the Cartier watch end up in a bag of donations at the charity shop?

The journey of the Cartier watch from its original owner to the charity shop’s donation bag remains shrouded in mystery. It is not uncommon for people to clear out their belongings during house moves, spring cleaning, or after the loss of a loved one, and then choose to donate items to charitable organizations. In this case, the watch likely ended up in the bag of donations due to a combination of reasons. The donor might have had no idea about its true worth or its significance as a luxury timepiece. It could have been mistakenly considered as an ordinary watch among a collection of items being donated. Alternatively, the donor might have wanted to support the British Heart Foundation’s cause and decided to contribute various belongings, unknowingly including the valuable Cartier watch.

It is essential to acknowledge the dedication of the British Heart Foundation’s staff and volunteers who carefully sort through donations to ensure that valuable items are recognized and adequately priced for sale. This particular Cartier watch’s unique design and brand recognition were likely spotted by an astute staff member during the sorting process, leading to its identification as a valuable item worthy of auction.

Q4: How will the funds raised from the Cartier watch sale be used by the British Heart Foundation?

The £10,000 raised from the Cartier watch sale is a significant financial boost for the British Heart Foundation’s efforts to tackle heart disease through pioneering research, education, and community outreach programs. The charity is committed to funding groundbreaking studies that aim to improve the understanding, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart conditions.

Some of the key areas where the funds may be allocated include:

a) Research and Innovation: A substantial portion of the funds will likely be dedicated to supporting ongoing research projects and funding new studies. The British Heart Foundation invests in innovative research to uncover new treatment options, develop advanced medical technologies, and enhance patient care.

b) Heart Health Education: The charity places great emphasis on educating the public about heart health, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and raising awareness about the risk factors associated with heart disease. The funds may be used to develop and distribute educational materials, conduct awareness campaigns, and organize events focused on heart health.

c) Supporting Patients and Families: The British Heart Foundation provides support and resources to patients and their families dealing with heart conditions. This includes funding specialist nurses, helplines, and online resources to offer guidance and emotional support.

d) Public Awareness Campaigns: Part of the funds may go towards engaging in public awareness campaigns aimed at advocating for heart-healthy policies and encouraging policymakers to prioritize cardiovascular health on a national level.

e) Community Initiatives: The British Heart Foundation actively engages with local communities to promote heart health. The funds raised may support community-based initiatives such as heart screenings, health workshops, and exercise programs to encourage a heart-healthy lifestyle.


The Cartier watch found in a Hounslow charity shop has turned out to be a remarkable discovery, not only for its rarity and value but also for the tremendous impact it has made as the British Heart Foundation’s biggest online auction sale. This unexpected windfall of £10,000 will undoubtedly contribute to the charity’s tireless efforts in combating heart disease and improving the lives of countless individuals affected by cardiovascular conditions.

The journey of the Cartier watch, from its anonymous donor to the charity shop’s auction platform, serves as a powerful reminder of the generosity of people and the vital role that charity shops play in supporting worthy causes.

As the British Heart Foundation continues its mission to beat heartbreak forever, the funds raised from this auction will be utilized wisely, advancing crucial research, spreading heart health awareness, and providing essential support to patients and their families. With each step forward, the charity brings us closer to a heart-healthy future for all, made possible by the goodwill of individuals, the dedication of volunteers, and the transformative power of philanthropy.


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