Apple Watch Series 10: Everything We Know So Far

by Barbara Wilson

Apple’s smartwatch has enjoyed immense popularity since its debut nearly a decade ago. As the company gears up to celebrate this milestone, speculation about a special 10th-anniversary edition is rife. With the anticipated release of the Apple Watch Series 10 (or Apple Watch X) approaching, rumors and leaks have begun to emerge. Here’s a comprehensive look at what we know so far about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10.


Design Rumors for Apple Watch Series 10

Following a lukewarm reception to the Apple Watch Series 9, expectations are high for a fresh design in 2024. Since its introduction, the Apple Watch has maintained a consistent design, making it ripe for an upgrade. As the watch reaches its 10-year milestone, calls for a redesign have grown louder.


Noted analyst Mark Gurman has suggested that Apple might introduce a thinner version of the Apple Watch, though it’s unclear whether this will happen in 2024 or 2025. This year, Apple released its thinnest product yet, the 13-inch iPad Pro M4, hinting at a possible trend towards ultra-slim designs across its product range.


In June 2024, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a significant redesign for the Series 10, featuring a larger display and thinner profile. Kuo anticipates new size options of 45mm and 49mm, a notable increase from the current 41mm and 45mm sizes.


CAD renders released last month suggest a larger model with a 2-inch display, slightly bigger than the 1.93-inch display on the Apple Watch Ultra. The overall dimensions are projected to be 46 x 39.7 x 11.6mm, making the Series 10 larger than Series 9 but smaller than the Ultra.

Despite earlier rumors of a dramatic redesign, these renders show a continuation of the Series 9 design, with a square display, similar Digital Crown, and Side button. The renders do not indicate a thinner case or a new magnetic band attachment system, which has been rumored.

Health Features

The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to introduce several new health features. One major addition could be blood pressure monitoring, enabling the watch to detect hypertension. While it may not provide specific systolic and diastolic readings, it could alert users to rising blood pressure levels.

Another anticipated feature is sleep apnea detection. The watch would use sleep data and breathing patterns to identify signs of sleep apnea. There are also ongoing efforts to develop blood glucose measurement capabilities. Although this technology may not be ready for the 2024 model, Apple aims to use infrared sensors for non-invasive glucose monitoring.

Magnetic Band Attachment System

Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is developing a magnetic attachment system for the watch bands, which would free up space currently occupied by the cutouts for band attachments. This could allow for a larger display or additional internal components, potentially leading to a thinner watch case. However, this new system might not be compatible with older bands, and it’s unclear if it will be ready for the Series 10 launch.

Battery Life

A consistent criticism of the Apple Watch is its battery life. Most models offer up to 18 hours of use, with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 extending to 36 hours. While low-power mode can extend usage, users still crave longer battery life.

Apple might address this with the Series 10 by incorporating low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. This could make the OLED display more power-efficient, potentially improving battery life.

Expected Release Date and Price

Apple traditionally unveils new watch models in September alongside the latest iPhones. If this pattern holds, the Apple Watch Series 10 could be released in September 2024. However, there is some uncertainty about whether Apple will choose 2024 or 2025 for the anniversary edition.

If the Series 10 follows previous pricing, it might start at $399 for the 41mm model, with the 45mm model at $429. Versions with cellular support could cost $499 for the 41mm model and $529 for the 45mm model.


As rumors and leaks continue to surface, excitement builds for the Apple Watch Series 10. Whether we see it this year or next, the possibility of new features and a fresh design has fans eagerly awaiting the next iteration. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.


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