6 Effective Ways to Boost Apple Watch Battery Life

by Barbara Wilson

Key Takeaways:

Updating the Apple Watch software can enhance battery life and efficiency.


Utilizing Low Power Mode during workouts or when the battery is low can extend usage time.


Disabling the Wake Screen and enabling Optimized Battery Charging are effective methods to conserve battery life.


The Apple Watch is renowned for its seamless integration with the iPhone, extensive features, and robust performance. Despite these advantages, one common issue persists: the battery life. Standard Apple Watch models typically offer up to 18 hours of use, often falling short of a full waking day. The Apple Watch Ultra 2, designed for extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, boasts a 36-hour battery life, which can be extended to 72 hours with Low Power Mode, but this model comes with a hefty price tag.


Achieving a full week of battery life is unrealistic with current Apple Watch models, unlike some rival smartwatches. However, improvements may come with the Series 10 Watch, potentially offering a day or two of battery life. Meanwhile, several strategies can help conserve battery life on the Apple Watch Series 9 and older models.

1. Update the Software Regularly

Keeping your Apple Watch updated ensures it operates efficiently, potentially resolving battery-related issues through software updates. Follow these steps to update:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
Navigate to My Watch > General > Software Update.
If an update is available, download it.
Ensure the Watch is on its charger or has at least 50% battery before starting the update.

2. Use Low Power Mode During Workouts

For low-impact workouts like walking, disable non-essential sensors such as the heart rate sensor to save battery. Here’s how to enable Low Power Mode:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
Scroll to Workout and enable Low Power Mode.
Optionally, reduce GPS and heart rate readings to further conserve battery.
This trade-off means less accurate calorie tracking but extends the Watch’s battery life. Alternatively, use a chest heart rate strap connected via Bluetooth for precise heart rate monitoring.

3. Activate Low Power Mode When Battery Is Low

When the battery is low, enable Low Power Mode to extend the Watch’s operational time until it can be charged. This mode reduces functionality, such as turning off the always-on display and limiting connectivity. Manually enable it by:

Pressing the side button to open Control Center.
Selecting the battery percentage.
Tapping Low Power Mode.

4. Disable the Wake Screen

The Raise to Wake feature, which activates the screen when you raise your wrist, can drain the battery. Turn this feature off to save battery, especially during times when notifications aren’t critical. To disable:

Open Settings on the Apple Watch.
Go to General > Display & Brightness.
Turn off Wake on Wrist Raise.

5. Enable Optimized Battery Charging

This feature learns your charging habits and adjusts the charging rate to preserve battery health. Ideal for routine users, it ensures the battery is efficiently charged. Enable it by:

Opening Settings on the Apple Watch.
Selecting Battery > Battery Health.
Turning on Optimized Battery Charging.

6. Monitor Battery Health

Regularly check battery health to determine when servicing or replacement is necessary. If the Watch doesn’t charge beyond 80%, it’s time to seek repair or consider upgrading. Monitor battery health by:

Opening Settings on the Apple Watch.
Navigating to Battery > Battery Health.
These steps can help maintain and even extend your Apple Watch’s battery life, ensuring it remains a reliable companion throughout your day.


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