Apple’s Next Move: Plastic Apple Watch SE to Lower Costs and Compete with Samsung

by Barbara Wilson

In a strategic shift aimed at boosting its competitive edge in the smartwatch market, Apple is considering a significant redesign for its Apple Watch SE. According to recent reports, Apple may transition from the current aluminum construction to a plastic design for its economically priced smartwatch. This change is expected to lower manufacturing costs and make the device more competitively priced.


Transition to Plastic Design

The Apple Watch SE, introduced in 2022, currently features an aluminum build that aligns it with the more premium Apple Watch models. However, recent insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggest a major change in material for the next iteration. Instead of the traditional aluminum, Apple is contemplating a rigid plastic housing. This shift is anticipated to reduce production expenses further, enabling Apple to offer the Watch SE at a lower price point.


Material Evolution of the Apple Watch SE

Apple has a history of adjusting the materials used in its devices to balance cost and functionality. In 2022, the company transitioned the Apple Watch SE’s back case from ceramic to a “nylon composite” material. While the current model utilizes aluminum, the proposed move to plastic represents a more drastic shift in material choice.


The change to plastic could significantly impact the overall design and functionality of the Apple Watch SE, though specific details are still emerging. The adjustment might affect the watch’s durability, weight, and aesthetic appeal, but it aims to make the device more affordable without compromising essential features.


Cost Reduction Strategy

One of the primary motivations behind this potential switch to plastic is cost efficiency. Currently, the Apple Watch SE is priced at approximately ₹20,475 (converted from $249). By adopting plastic, Apple could reduce production costs and potentially lower the retail price. This would provide a more budget-friendly option, directly competing with rivals like Samsung, whose entry-level smartwatch starts at around ₹16,355 (converted from $199).

Competitive Market Positioning

Apple’s move to reduce costs through material changes is likely a strategic response to competitive pressures. With Samsung offering more affordable smartwatch options, Apple aims to ensure that its Watch SE remains an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers. The plastic redesign could help Apple maintain its market share by offering a cost-effective alternative that still delivers a robust set of features.


The potential transition to a plastic design for the Apple Watch SE represents a significant shift in Apple’s strategy to compete more aggressively in the smartwatch market. If implemented, this change could lower production costs, reduce the retail price, and position the Watch SE as a more affordable option in a competitive landscape. As details emerge, the smartwatch market will be watching closely to see how this move impacts Apple’s market position and consumer choices.


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