OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial: A Timeless Modern Classic

by Barbara Wilson

In a world where colorful and ornate watch designs are increasingly popular, OMEGA’s new Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial offers a refreshing return to elegance with its monochromatic simplicity. This update to the classic dive watch collection underscores OMEGA’s commitment to timeless design and functionality.


A Sleek Monochrome Update

The Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial stands out for its understated sophistication, featuring a sleek black varnished dial with a lacquered finish—a first for this line. Available in three sizes—34mm, 38mm, and 41mm—the new models maintain the Aqua Terra’s versatile nature, straddling the line between a robust dive watch and a refined daily accessory.


Distinctive Features

Despite the size variations, the new models share several key attributes:


Design: The 34mm model has a round date window without a minute track, while the 38mm and 41mm models feature a trapezoidal date window and sharp triangular indexes.


The 34mm and 38mm sizes are powered by OMEGA’s calibre 8800, known for its precision and 55-hour power reserve.
The 41mm model houses the calibre 8900, offering a slightly longer 60-hour power reserve and visible through a stunning sapphire case back.
Both calibres are Master Chronometer certified and equipped with a silicon hairspring, ensuring resistance to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss.

A Nod to Timeless Elegance

The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial exudes a classic charm reminiscent of James Bond’s suave style, albeit unintentionally. The monochrome palette, paired with its refined design, reflects OMEGA’s ethos of enduring luxury and timelessness.


Brand: OMEGA
Model: Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial
Reference: (34mm) / (38mm) / (41mm)
Diameter: 34mm / 38mm / 41mm
Movement: OMEGA Calibre 8800 (34mm/38mm) / OMEGA Calibre 8900 (41mm)
Water Resistance: 150m
Power Reserve: 55 hours (34mm/38mm) / 60 hours (41mm)
Price: AUD$10,975 each


The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial is available at OMEGA boutiques and online, offered in three sizes at AUD$10,975 each. Each watch comes with a redesigned three-link bracelet and a five-year international warranty.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra Black Dial exemplifies how classic design principles can remain relevant in contemporary times, proving that sophistication never goes out of style.


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