Apple Watch Series 10 Rumored to Feature Larger Display and Thinner Design

by Barbara Wilson

As anticipation builds for Apple’s next release, rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 10 suggest exciting changes in store. Expected to launch in September 2024, the Series 10 is rumored to boast a larger display and a thinner design compared to its predecessor, the Series 9.


If Apple adheres to its traditional release schedule, the Series 10 should hit the market during the fall. However, until official information is released, speculation and leaks are providing insight into potential updates for the popular wearable.


Bigger Display, Sleeker Design

One of the most prominent rumors regarding the Series 10 is its larger screen size and a thinner overall profile. Analysts suggest that the two available case sizes could increase to 45mm and 49mm, up from 41mm and 45mm in the Series 9, to accommodate the larger display. Whether this increase in screen size will be accompanied by reduced bezels remains unclear, potentially offering users even more screen real estate.


Advanced Display Technology

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has hinted at advancements in display technology for the upcoming Apple Watch. The Series 10 might feature a new 2.1-inch microLED display, known for its energy efficiency, longevity, rapid response times, superior contrast, and vivid colors. This technology could significantly enhance the user experience and set new standards for smartwatch displays.


Thinner Profile

Apple is also reportedly working to make the Series 10 thinner. Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman have both suggested that Apple is aiming to reduce the thickness of its smartwatches. Kuo highlighted benefits such as reduced motherboard thickness and a simplified drilling process, thanks to the absence of fiberglass components.

New Magnetic Band System

In addition to a thinner design, the Series 10 is expected to feature a new magnetic band system. This change could mean that current Apple Watch bands may not be compatible with the new design. However, the magnetic bands could offer a slimmer profile and potentially make band changes easier and faster.

Apple Watch Ultra and 3D Printing Technology

Kuo also mentioned that the Apple Watch Ultra is expected to remain largely unchanged this year. However, there’s a possibility of a new dark/black case color option if production yields meet expectations. Furthermore, Apple is set to begin using 3D printing technology to manufacture Apple Watch components later this year. This move follows extensive testing that has significantly improved production efficiency, with BLT slated to be the supplier of 3D-printed components.

Final Thoughts

While these rumors paint an exciting picture of what’s to come, it’s essential to remember that they are based on speculation. It’s advisable to wait for official confirmation from Apple before making any decisions regarding the Apple Watch Series 10.


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