How Much Is The Queen’s Patek Philippe Worth

by Barbara Wilson

The Queen’s Patek Philippe: A Case Study

Queen Elizabeth II’s Known Timepieces

Queen Elizabeth II has been seen wearing several notable watches throughout her reign, including a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse. This particular model, characterized by its distinctive oval shape and minimalist design, epitomizes elegance and sophistication. The Golden Ellipse, made of yellow gold and featuring a deep blue dial, is a testament to Patek Philippe’s mastery of timeless aesthetics.


The Golden Ellipse: Valuation Factors

Model and Rarity

The Golden Ellipse is one of Patek Philippe’s iconic models. Its rarity, especially in certain configurations, adds to its value. Limited production runs and unique features, such as specific dial colors or case materials, can significantly increase its worth.


Materials and Craftsmanship

The use of 18k yellow gold and the precision craftsmanship involved in creating the Golden Ellipse elevate its market value. Patek Philippe’s commitment to excellence ensures that even the simplest models are finished to the highest standards.



The fact that this watch is associated with Queen Elizabeth II enhances its desirability. Collectors and enthusiasts value the historical connection and the prestige of owning a timepiece linked to royalty.


Auction Records and Comparable Sales

While there might not be a public record of the exact value of Queen Elizabeth II’s Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse, we can look at comparable sales to estimate its worth. For example, similar models of the Golden Ellipse, especially those with unique features or limited production runs, have fetched prices ranging from $20,000 to over $100,000 at auction. The royal provenance could easily double or triple this estimate, potentially placing the value of the Queen’s watch in the $200,000 to $300,000 range or higher.

Let’s pay our respects to Queen Elizabeth II by looking at her awe-inspiring watch collection.

Jaeger LeCoultre 101

27 million people across the United Kingdom watched the Queen’s coronation on television, and 11 million tuned in on their radios. It was a historic movement, during which the Queen wore a Jaeger LeCoultre 101. The petite diamond watch weighs just 1 gram and is just as elegant as fine jewelry, the perfect accessory for the rest of her ornate coronation ensemble. It also happens to house the caliber 101 movement, which was launched in 1929 and still, to this day, holds the title of the world’s smallest mechanical movement. It’s the perfect watch for a freshly crowned Queen.

The watch was originally gifted to her by the former President of France and would eventually become one of Her Royal Majesty’s go-to timepieces. It adhered to the tradition that women should never look at their watch in public. If they needed to do so, it had to be as discreet as possible. For this reason, many vintage watches produced for women were small and closely resembled jewelry. Jaeger LeCoultre’s former CEO, Jérôme Lambert, presented a modern version of the 101 in white gold and diamonds to the Queen to celebrate her diamond jubilee in 2012.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse 3609/1

The Queen often wore the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse while making official appearances. It’s an ideal watch for the Queen with its practical yet elegant aesthetic. The Golden Ellipse earns its name after the “Golden Ratio,” a formula often found in nature based on harmony, balance, and divine proportion. Looking at this model’s perfectly symmetrical oval case, we can see why Patek gave the collection the moniker “Golden.” The Queen’s example features a silky white gold mesh bracelet, a diamond bezel, and a 36-jewel automatic movement. Timeless and sophisticated, just like the Queen.

Vacheron Constantin

It’s obvious that Her Majesty the Queen had exceptional taste when it came to the timepieces on her wrist. She also seemed to favor Vacheron Constantin. Her collection also included a diamond-encrusted gold Cocktail model 4481. The glamorous watch was a gift presented to her by the Swiss Federal Republic in 1947 to celebrate her wedding. She reportedly gave it to Princess Diana upon marrying Prince Charles. Diana was spotted donning the gold and diamond stunner on her wrist on multiple occasions while wearing elegant, floor-length ballgowns.

Omega Ladymatic

The Omega Ladymatic joined the Queen’s watch collection in the early 1970s and was pictured in her official portrait in 1992. The lovely 14k yellow gold 20mm model is feminine and chic – a suitable companion while meeting with other world leaders and attending exclusive Royal engagements. Omega released the Ladymatic collection in 1955. It is among the first automatic women’s watches, an important and historic model befitting the lovely Queen.

Patek Philippe 4975/1G

A beautiful photo of Queen Elizabeth II’s Patek Philippe 4975/1G was taken at the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition in London 2015 at the Saatchi Gallery. The watch is dripping in diamonds, with brilliant-cut gems on the bezel, lugs, and crown, and baguette-cut stones serving as the hour markers. It wears on a stunning multi-strand pearl bracelet and, just like her coronation watch, mimics fine jewelry. The Queen wore the stunning Patek on multiple occasions, once with George IV’s famous state diadem.


Determining the exact value of Queen Elizabeth II’s Patek Philippe watch involves several factors, including the specific model, materials, craftsmanship, and, most importantly, its royal provenance. While pinpointing an exact figure is challenging without specific details, understanding these valuation elements provides a clearer picture of its potential worth.

For those interested in exploring further, auction house websites like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, as well as watch collecting forums and websites, offer valuable resources. These platforms provide insights into the valuation and sale of high-end watches, including those with royal connections, satisfying both the curiosity about royal possessions and the intrigue with their monetary value.

In the world of luxury watches, a piece owned by Queen Elizabeth II not only represents impeccable craftsmanship but also a rich historical narrative, making it a prized possession for any collector.


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