What Cartier Watch Did Princess Diana Wear

by Barbara Wilson

Princess Diana, the “People’s Princess,” was a style icon whose fashion choices continue to inspire even decades after her tragic death. Among her many accessories, her watches held a special place. She was often seen wearing exquisite timepieces from renowned brands, each symbolizing various milestones and relationships in her life. This article explores the different watches Diana wore, with a particular focus on her beloved Cartier timepieces.


Patek Philippe: A Royal Birthday Gift

One of Princess Diana’s earliest significant watches was a yellow gold Patek Philippe. This luxurious timepiece was a gift from Prince Charles for her 20th birthday. The watch quickly became one of her favorites, frequently seen on her wrist during the early years of their marriage. The elegance and sophistication of Patek Philippe’s designs matched Diana’s own style, making it a perfect accessory for her numerous royal engagements and public appearances.


Wedding Gifts: Tokens of Love and Respect

Asprey Timepiece from Saudi Royalty

For her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana received numerous lavish gifts, including several exquisite watches. One of the most notable was a gemstone-laden Asprey timepiece from the royal family of Saudi Arabia. This watch was not only a symbol of luxury but also of the esteem in which Diana was held by foreign dignitaries. In a creative turn, Diana later had this timepiece converted into an iconic choker necklace, demonstrating her unique sense of style and practicality.


Vacheron Constantin from Queen Elizabeth II

Another significant wedding gift was from Queen Elizabeth II herself, who presented Diana with a diamond-set Vacheron Constantin watch from 1947. This vintage timepiece was a testament to the royal family’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The Vacheron Constantin watch, with its intricate detailing and sparkling diamonds, perfectly complemented Diana’s regal bearing and her role as a prominent member of the British royal family.


Cartier Watches: Timeless Elegance

Following her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana’s style evolved to reflect her newfound independence and personal taste. During this period, she was often seen wearing her cherished Cartier watches. These timepieces not only symbolized her refined taste but also became a part of her signature look.

Tank Louis Cartier

One of the most iconic watches in Diana’s collection was the Tank Louis Cartier. This watch featured a yellow gold case and a black alligator strap, exuding classic elegance and sophistication. The Tank Louis Cartier is renowned for its sleek, rectangular design, which has been a favorite among many style icons over the years. Diana’s choice to wear this watch highlighted her affinity for timeless, understated luxury.

Tank Française

Another beloved Cartier watch in Diana’s collection was the Tank Française. Also crafted in yellow gold, this watch was a gift from her father, John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer. The Tank Française is characterized by its integrated bracelet and streamlined design, making it a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions. This particular watch held significant sentimental value for Diana, and upon her death, Prince William chose the Tank Française as his personal keepsake.

The Cartier Tank Française’s sleek rectangular case and integrated bracelet design epitomize understated luxury and refinement, qualities that resonated deeply with Diana’s own sense of style. The watch’s elegant simplicity made it a perfect match for her chic outfits, whether she was attending a formal event or engaging in charitable activities.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Style and Elegance

Princess Diana’s watch collection was a reflection of her life’s journey, from royal gifts symbolizing her status and relationships to personal choices that marked her independence and refined taste. Among these, her Cartier watches stand out as enduring symbols of her timeless elegance and sophisticated style. Whether it was the classic Tank Louis Cartier or the sentimental Tank Française, these watches were more than mere accessories; they were an integral part of Diana’s identity and legacy. Today, they continue to inspire fashion enthusiasts and admirers of the People’s Princess around the world.


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