How To Put Whatson Apple Watch

by Barbara Wilson

The Apple Watch is a powerful extension of your iPhone, bringing many of your phone’s functions to your wrist. Among the essential apps that users want to access on their Apple Watch is WhatsApp. While there’s no official WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch, you can still receive and respond to WhatsApp notifications on your watch. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to set up and use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch.


Setting Up WhatsApp Notifications on Your Apple Watch

Step 1: Open the Watch App on Your iPhone

To start receiving WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to adjust some settings in the Watch app on your iPhone. Begin by opening the Watch app, which you can find on your iPhone’s home screen.


Step 2: Enable Notifications for WhatsApp

  1. Scroll Down to Notifications: Once you’re in the Watch app, scroll down and tap on “Notifications.”
  2. Find WhatsApp: Scroll down to find the list of apps. Locate WhatsApp in this list.
  3. Toggle on Mirror iPhone Alerts: Ensure that WhatsApp is toggled on under “Mirror iPhone Alerts.” This setting allows WhatsApp notifications to appear on your Apple Watch in the same way they do on your iPhone.

Viewing WhatsApp Notifications on Your Apple Watch

Once you have enabled notifications for WhatsApp, any new messages you receive will be mirrored to your Apple Watch. Here’s how to view them:


Step 1: Receive a Notification

When a WhatsApp message arrives, you will feel a tap on your wrist, and a notification will appear on your watch screen. The notification will display the sender’s name and a preview of the message.


Step 2: Read the Message

To read the full message, simply raise your wrist to wake the watch and tap on the notification. This action will display the entire message, allowing you to see the content without needing to check your iPhone.

Replying to WhatsApp Messages from Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch provides several convenient ways to respond to WhatsApp messages directly from your wrist. You can use quick replies, voice messages, or the small keyboard. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Notification

Tap on the WhatsApp message notification on your Apple Watch to open it. You will see options to reply at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Use Quick Replies

  1. Select a Quick Reply: Apple Watch offers a set of suggested quick replies based on the context of the message. These can include responses like “Hello,” “What’s Up?,” “OK,” or “On my way.”
  2. Send the Reply: Tap on one of the quick replies to send it immediately. This is the fastest way to respond if the suggested replies are appropriate for the conversation.

Step 3: Record a Voice Message

  1. Tap on the Microphone Icon: If the quick replies don’t fit your needs, you can record a voice message. Tap the microphone icon to start recording.
  2. Speak Your Message: Dictate your response clearly into the watch’s microphone.
  3. Send the Voice Message: Once you finish speaking, the watch will convert your speech into text. You can then review the text and tap “Send” to send the message. If you prefer to send an actual voice recording, you can tap to send it as an audio message.

Step 4: Use the Keyboard

  1. Tap on the Keyboard Icon: For those who prefer typing, the Apple Watch includes a small on-screen keyboard. Tap the keyboard icon to bring it up.
  2. Type Your Message: Use the tiny keyboard to type out your response. While this may be slower than other methods, it’s useful for more precise messages.
  3. Send the Typed Message: Once you’ve typed your message, tap “Send” to deliver it.

Additional Tips for Using WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch

Managing Notification Settings

To ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by notifications, you can customize how and when you receive WhatsApp alerts on your Apple Watch. Go back to the Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to “Notifications,” and adjust settings for individual apps to suit your preferences.

Using Siri for Hands-Free Operation

Siri can be a great tool for managing WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. Simply raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri, send a WhatsApp message to [contact’s name]” followed by your message. Siri will handle the rest, allowing you to send messages without touching your watch.

Customizing Quick Replies

You can customize the quick replies available on your Apple Watch. In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to “Messages” and then “Default Replies.” Here, you can add, remove, or edit the quick replies to better fit your communication style.

Maintaining Battery Life

Receiving and responding to notifications can drain your Apple Watch’s battery more quickly. To manage battery life, consider turning off notifications for less critical apps, and ensure that your watch is charged regularly.


If you’re not receiving WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch, make sure that your iPhone is connected to your watch, and that both devices have the latest software updates installed. Restarting both your iPhone and Apple Watch can also resolve many common issues.


While there isn’t a dedicated WhatsApp app for the Apple Watch, you can still effectively manage your messages and notifications through the steps outlined in this guide. By setting up notifications, viewing messages, and using quick replies or voice messages, you can stay connected and responsive directly from your wrist. The Apple Watch’s integration with WhatsApp enhances your ability to communicate efficiently, making it a valuable tool for staying in touch while on the go.


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