How Much Does Verizon Charge For Cellular Apple Watch

by Barbara Wilson

Understanding Verizon’s Charges for Cellular Apple Watch

Verizon offers customers the convenience of adding cellular capability to their Apple Watch, allowing for independent operation and enhanced connectivity. In this concise guide, we delve into Verizon’s charges for cellular Apple Watch plans, providing clarity on pricing details, available models, and potential discounts.


Apple Watch Models and Cellular Capability

Types of Apple Watch Models:

There are two types of Apple Watch models: GPS-only and GPS + Cellular. While a GPS-only model needs to be near an iPhone for functions like texting, calling, and streaming music, a GPS + Cellular Apple Watch can operate independently without the iPhone nearby.


Cost of Apple Watch Models with Cellular

Apple Watch Series 9:

  • GPS: Starts at $399.
  • GPS + Cellular: Starts at $499.

Apple Watch SE:

  • GPS: Starts at $249.
  • GPS + Cellular: Starts at $299.

Apple Watch Ultra 2:

  • GPS + Cellular: Starts at $799.

Please note that these prices reflect the device itself and do not include the cost of a cellular plan.

Verizon Cellular Plan Pricing

Monthly Cost: Verizon charges $15 per month for an Apple Watch cellular plan. This fee provides users with access to Verizon’s network, allowing them to make calls, send messages, and stream music directly from their Apple Watch.

Discounts Available: Customers may be eligible for discounts if the cellular plan is paired with a smartphone plan. In some cases, this could reduce the cost of the Apple Watch cellular plan to as low as $7.50 per month, offering additional savings for customers who bundle their services with Verizon.

In Summary: Transparent Pricing for Enhanced Connectivity

In summary, Verizon offers transparent pricing for adding cellular capability to an Apple Watch. With a range of Apple Watch models to choose from and affordable cellular plan options, customers can enjoy enhanced connectivity and convenience with their wearable device. Whether opting for a GPS-only or GPS + Cellular model, Verizon ensures that customers have access to the latest technology and reliable network coverage.

By understanding the costs associated with cellular Apple Watch plans and potential discounts available, customers can make informed decisions about adding cellular capability to their Apple Watch and enjoy the benefits of staying connected on the go.


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