How To Set Walkie Talkie On Apple Watch

by Barbara

The Apple Watch, a remarkable piece of wearable technology, goes beyond traditional functionalities to offer innovative communication features. One such feature is the Walkie-Talkie app, allowing users to communicate seamlessly with friends or family directly from their wrists. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the steps to set up and use the Walkie-Talkie feature on your Apple Watch, transforming it into a convenient communication tool.


1. Understanding the Walkie-Talkie Feature: A Brief Overview

Before diving into the setup process, it’s crucial to understand what the Walkie-Talkie feature entails.


Real-Time Communication: Walkie-Talkie enables real-time voice communication between Apple Watch users, akin to the traditional push-to-talk communication method.


Availability Requirement: Both users need to have Apple Watch Series 1 or later models and be running watchOS 5.3 or later to use the Walkie-Talkie feature.


Connection via FaceTime: Walkie-Talkie leverages FaceTime Audio technology for its communication, ensuring clear and secure voice transmissions.

2. Activating Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch: Setting the Stage

To make the most of the Walkie-Talkie feature, you first need to activate and set it up on your Apple Watch.

Access Walkie-Talkie App: Locate the Walkie-Talkie app on your Apple Watch. If you don’t see it on your watch face, you can find it by pressing the Digital Crown and searching for the app icon.

Tap on Walkie-Talkie App: Open the Walkie-Talkie app by tapping on its icon.

Initiate Setup: Upon opening the app for the first time, you may need to initiate the setup process by tapping “Add Friends” and selecting contacts you want to connect with via Walkie-Talkie.

3. Adding Friends to Walkie-Talkie: Building Your Network

The Walkie-Talkie feature relies on having contacts who also use Apple Watch and have activated the Walkie-Talkie app.

Tap “Add Friends”: In the Walkie-Talkie app, tap on “Add Friends” to select contacts from your list.

Invite Friends: You can invite friends to use Walkie-Talkie by tapping on their names and sending them an invitation. They will receive a notification on their Apple Watch.

Accepting Invitations: Friends who receive invitations need to accept them to establish the Walkie-Talkie connection.

4. Enabling Walkie-Talkie Availability: Ready for Communication

Once friends have been added, make sure you are available and ready to receive Walkie-Talkie calls.

Toggle Availability Switch: In the Walkie-Talkie app, toggle the switch to make yourself available for communication. This switch ensures you are ready to receive voice messages.

Notification Settings: Adjust your notification settings to receive alerts for Walkie-Talkie calls. You can choose to receive notifications “Always,” “While Using,” or “Never.”

5. Initiating and Receiving Walkie-Talkie Calls: Communication in Action

With Walkie-Talkie set up, you can now initiate calls with friends and receive calls from them.

Initiating a Call: To initiate a Walkie-Talkie call, open the Walkie-Talkie app, select a friend, and press and hold the Talk button while speaking. Release the button when done talking.

Receiving a Call: When a friend initiates a Walkie-Talkie call, you will receive a notification. Tap on the notification to open the Walkie-Talkie app and respond by holding the Talk button.

6. Adjusting Walkie-Talkie Volume: Fine-Tuning Your Experience

To ensure optimal communication, it’s essential to adjust the volume settings for Walkie-Talkie calls.

Use Digital Crown: During a Walkie-Talkie call, turn the Digital Crown to adjust the volume. This allows you to control the audio output to suit your preferences.

Conclusion: Elevating Communication with Apple Watch

In conclusion, the Walkie-Talkie feature on Apple Watch is a powerful tool that enhances communication by offering real-time voice transmissions. Setting up and using Walkie-Talkie is a straightforward process, allowing users to connect with friends or family directly from their wrists. As you explore the convenience of Walkie-Talkie, remember to respect the privacy and preferences of your contacts, ensuring a positive and efficient communication experience. Whether you’re coordinating plans, checking in on loved ones, or simply enjoying the novelty of Walkie-Talkie, this feature adds a new dimension to the capabilities of your Apple Watch, transforming it into more than just a timekeeping device but a versatile communication tool on your wrist.


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