Which Apple Watches Have ECG

by Barbara

In recent years, wearable technology has taken a significant leap forward, integrating health monitoring features into everyday accessories. Apple, a pioneer in this field, introduced the Electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality in its smartwatches, providing users with a valuable tool for monitoring their heart health. In this article, we will delve into the Apple Watch models equipped with ECG capabilities, offering an in-depth exploration of their features.


Understanding ECG Technology

Before we explore which Apple Watches offer ECG, let’s briefly understand the technology behind Electrocardiograms. An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart, providing valuable insights into its rhythm and detecting irregularities. Apple’s implementation of ECG on its watches has empowered users to take charge of their cardiovascular health, allowing for early detection of potential issues.


Apple Watch Series 4: Pioneering ECG Integration

The Apple Watch Series 4 marked a significant milestone for the tech giant, introducing the ECG feature for the first time. This groundbreaking addition allowed users to take ECG readings directly from their wrists, revolutionizing personal health monitoring. Key features of the ECG on the Series 4 include:


Single-Lead ECG: The Series 4 employs a single-lead ECG, capturing essential heart data with impressive accuracy.


Irregular Rhythm Notifications: Beyond just providing ECG readings, the watch can also alert users to irregular heart rhythms, promoting proactive healthcare.

Apple Watch Series 5: Continuous ECG Monitoring

Building on the success of the Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 5 maintained and enhanced the ECG functionality. This iteration introduced continuous ECG monitoring, allowing users to record their heart’s electrical activity over a more extended period. Key features include:

Background ECG Monitoring: With the Series 5, users could take ECG readings in the background, providing a more comprehensive overview of their heart health.

Fall Detection and Emergency SOS: The watch’s additional safety features complemented the ECG functionality, making it a robust health and safety companion.

Apple Watch Series 6: Blood Oxygen Levels and ECG Unveiled

The Apple Watch Series 6 took health monitoring to new heights, introducing not only ECG capabilities but also the measurement of blood oxygen levels. This dual functionality allowed users to gain more insights into their overall cardiovascular and respiratory health. Notable features include:

Blood Oxygen App: In addition to ECG, the Series 6 included a dedicated Blood Oxygen app, providing users with on-demand measurements.

Enhanced ECG App: The ECG app on the Series 6 received improvements, ensuring more accurate and detailed readings.

Apple Watch SE: Affordable ECG Monitoring

Recognizing the need for a more budget-friendly option, Apple introduced the Apple Watch SE. Despite its more affordable price point, the SE did not compromise on essential health features, including ECG monitoring. Key aspects include:

ECG for a Wider Audience: The inclusion of ECG on the SE model made this vital health feature accessible to a broader audience.

Family Setup: The SE, like other compatible models, supported the Family Setup feature, allowing family members to monitor each other’s health data.

Compatibility and Requirements

It’s crucial to note that while Apple Watches have evolved in terms of ECG capabilities, there are specific requirements and compatibility factors to consider. To use the ECG feature, users must ensure the following:

WatchOS Compatibility: ECG functionality requires a compatible version of WatchOS. Regular updates are essential to access the latest features and improvements.

Region Availability: ECG may not be available in all regions due to regulatory approvals. Users should check Apple’s official documentation for regional availability.

Wrist Placement: Correct positioning of the watch on the wrist is essential for accurate ECG readings. Users should follow Apple’s guidelines for optimal placement.


In conclusion, Apple’s integration of ECG capabilities into its smartwatches has transformed personal health monitoring. From the pioneering Series 4 to the feature-rich Series 6 and the budget-friendly SE, users now have a range of options to choose from based on their preferences and budget. As technology continues to advance, it’s exciting to anticipate further innovations in health monitoring that Apple may introduce in future iterations of its iconic smartwatches. The journey towards a healthier future is indeed on our wrists.


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